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Just Arranged!

Shana G

Aaron x Ai A contract marriage and a fake marriage, which supposedly existed only in movies and dramas, high society people were really absurd, she thought when her best friends' married with conditions and now in front of her was a hot Italian billionaire proposing to her for marriage but she nev... more info

Story about: love, arranged marriage, humor

Ongoing: 19 Sep 10 pages
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Rating: 22

#236 in Romance
#124 in Billionaires
#17 in Contemporary fiction


The Winter's Tale


The Winter's Tale. This story about good witch Baba Yaga and a girl from our world, and about some magic.... more info

Story about: magic, fairytale, humor

Complete 7 pages
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Rating: 5

#575 in Fantasy
#289 in Short stories

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