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The Mice in the Kitchen

Monica Euen

In pursuit of a new life, three beings meet by chance without knowing that this encounter will decide their fates. Mice, spells, princes and poisoned apples. This is not a fairy tale... or is it? ... more info

Story about: magic, love, mystery

Complete 138 pages
7563 18

Rating: 4

#1915 in Fantasy
#5844 in Romance


Love And Vengeance


Set in the modern day film industry in Japan, this story follows a young girl on her quest to vengeance. Eloping with the man she loves, this small town girl runs away to Tokyo so she could support the dream and career of her beloved, only to be betrayed by him later on when he gets a bit of fam... more info

Story about: revenge, romance, love

Ongoing: 27 May 74 pages
264 17

Rating: 15

#1831 in Romance
#100 in Others
#31 in Humor


The floating castle


A young man discovers a map hidden within a draw of his late father's desk, (that is always kept locked), of a place called, "Oak Mountain". A long with a journal telling him all about his adventure in this far away land. Could the place be real? And why did his father not tell him about it? ... more info

Story about: supernatural, love, shortstory

Complete 176 pages
562 27

Rating: 2

#491 in Fantasy
#132 in Dark fantasy
#2033 in Romance
#303 in Romantic suspense

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