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Alessandro's Betrayal

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“Man, they paid us to have fun but where is our fun object.” I heard a man spoke. I was frightened looking at them they seem really well- built. Did they sent this people to r.. ra..rape me? I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe I gave a heart to a man who was such a vile, such a person ... more info

Story about: billionaire man, blind date with a billionaire, billionaire finding true love

Ongoing: 06 Jul 128 pages
22138 447

Rating: 84

#197 in Romance
#106 in Billionaires


The Servant's Daughter


Thomas and his wife Olive lived in the servants quarters at the far back of the glorious mansion of the Richards.What happens when Joy an alluring beauty meets with Honour the rich man's son?... more info

Story about: billionaire man, obsessive and possessive love

Ongoing: 04 Jul 39 pages
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Rating: 26

#37 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy
#287 in Romance
#148 in Billionaires


Who is the bride?

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"Umm. .." he cleared his throat.  I was deep red. How can I be so stupid ?  " It was just a kiss why are you so surprised? " James said acting all normal.  " Correction. It was just a peck not a kiss. " I said confidently. Lia is a 24 year old girl who is happily leaving in her town w... more info

Story about: billionaire man, billianiare romance, bride switch

Complete 146 pages
169574 1821

Rating: 274

#381 in Romance
#192 in Billionaires


Unholy Matrimony


It's every woman's desire to meet the love of their life; to love and to be loved and cherished. It's every girl's dream to be blessed with the gift of marriage to the one she deems her soul mate; but what happens when you're born in a society where one's love is chosen for them? Where your f... more info

Story about: self discovery, forced marriage, billionaire man

Complete 49 pages
3972 149

Rating: 2

#5812 in Romance
#1984 in Billionaires
#809 in Romantic suspense

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