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Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

yu tanit

Book one in U-Tale series: The Ceo and Doctor Romance. ✰Tale of the unfortunate marriage... more info

Story about: doctor falls in love with businessman, contract love, strongfemalelead

Ongoing: 18 Sep 256 pages
34619 615

Rating: 118

#273 in Romance
#142 in Billionaires
#43 in Romantic suspense


The Billionaire Contract: Beautiful Temptation

Tatum Whispers

Xavien Caruso has been designed to drive any woman beyond seven sensations of pleasure. He is powerful and elegant. He is drawn to danger and will dangle his fingers in everything that is forbidden. This billionaire bad boy might have you on his speed dial, but you will never capture his heart. ... more info

Story about: billionare, contract love, temptation

Ongoing: 02 Sep 22 pages
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Rating: 13

#918 in Romance
#148 in Romantic suspense

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