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If Wishes Were Kisses

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

It was the last year of college and Ryker Pierce could safely say he had an awesome year. His hot looks were almost illegal and he was born into wealth. His grades were more than great, he was a star athlete and had more than his share of beautiful girls on campus. Went through them like a pack of c... more info

Story about: holiday, college romance, opposites attract

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Rating: 122

#445 in Romance
#33 in New Adult & College
#81 in Romantic suspense


Sarah's Secret Santa


It's Christmas Eve and last person she ever would have chosen to spend it with just asked her to dinner. Noel has been a thorn in her side from the moment he first appeared at Global Graphics. Sarah gave up everything to move out west in the hopes of advancing her career, spending every waking momen... more info

Story about: holiday, christmas, love

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Rating: 51

#919 in Romance
#22 in Short stories

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