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The Billionaires Too

Khanyi Mathayi

The cat is finally out of the bag, and the games have only just begun. It is a bloodbath in this sequel as the billionaires fight to keep their heads above the water. When MJ Billings finally shows who she really is, everyone's world is turned upsidedown as they start to question what is real and... more info

Story about: loss and betrayal, revenge and drama, billionaires

Complete 368 pages
2893 105 6

Rating: 4

#260 in Romance
#161 in Billionaires
#16 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in Urban life


Royalty Within

Tiana Munguti

Royalty within Mala is a young girl with strange abilities and this causes all to dislike her immensely. She is sold but the trader she is sold is ambushed in the middle of the forest. She is taken and everyone else is killed. She soon realizes that all happens for a reason and she may finally have... more info

Story about: love, redemption, loss and betrayal

Complete 11 pages
4090 129 17

Rating: 13

#406 in Short stories
#524 in Mystery
#154 in Romantic mystery

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