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Gay to Guy?


Hey, guys!!! It's me Henil Jaju. My book was blocked because I broke the laws. Too sorry for breaking them. Just let me finish the story because my readers love it. Sorry once again, to the admins. ❤️ ------- Katherine Louis is an independent student, she has her own life and things to do. She ... more info

Story about: seduction, teenromance, love between two teenagers

Ongoing: 03 Dec 54 pages
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Rating: 30

#306 in Romance
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Someone like Iris

Iris rose

Waylon curtis is a skinny, blonde and cute prince from England. His life is going nowhere until he meets Iris rose, a young beautiful princess from spain. Waylon takes an instant to love Iris the way she looks at him he might die and they went to school together where she learnt during her years in ... more info

Story about: vampires, love between two teenagers

Ongoing: 16 Nov 2 pages
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Rating: 2

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#41 in Dark fantasy
#16 in Horror
#12 in Paranormal

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