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Imelda in Wonderland

Kira L. Smith

Alice and Imelda may be completely different characters, but that didn't stop me from making this fanfic! I thought I'd get creative. Don't worry, I made sure to keep Imelda in character as much as possible. In this fanfic, Imelda winds up in Wonderland and comes across strange and wacky characters ... more info

Story about: disney, pixar, coco

Complete 10 pages
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Rating: 6

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There’s Magic in the Air

Kira L. Smith

The day that Coco gets an Alebrije has finally arrived! However, the fun doesn't last long. Ernesto de la Cruz and a familiar someone have gotten their hands on magic which means trouble for the Rivera family.... more info

Story about: coco, disney, pixar

Ongoing: 27 Jun 5 pages
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Rating: 1

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