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Behind the Eight Ball 2


The continuation of the Brynn and Finn's story. As Brynn faces her worst fear being diagnosed with cancer will Finn be able to keep her from pushing him away. This is book two so if you want to know how they met be sure you read book 1 Behind the Eight Ball first. All Rights Reserved © 2020... more info

Story about: teen fiction, teen romance, cancerfighter

Ongoing: 26 Sep 91 pages
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Rating: 36

#4 in Young adult
#81 in Romance


Broken Girl

Reflects you

Katherine Cynthia is a broken girl who has been in a horrible past which she can't forget. Tristan Ansing is the badass of the school. Can he fix this broken girl? Check out the story to find out ? Follow my Instagram _ann evyln... more info

Story about: a broken girl, a bad boy, teen romance

Ongoing: 03 Sep 10 pages
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Rating: 3

#109 in Young adult
#41 in School

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