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Bidded By The Billionaire


Meet Mia, a sweet girl with a selfish dad who didn't blink an eye before auctioning her for money. Now now! You must be thinking they are poor but you can't be more wrong as he ranks 4th most rich man in the country. Well...this is not that bad because the worst part is her bidder being the richest ... more info

Story about: the billionaire’s love story., revenge of boy, the billionare boy

Ongoing: 29 Dec 25 pages
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Rating: 75

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Age is just a number


What will happen when the young billionaire business tycoon Alexander Martins find himself growing affection to the lady he sees as an elder sister figure prior to ordinary affection growing between feelings. Will he be able to express himself to the only lady he's ever loved.? Will she accept his ... more info

Story about: the billionaire’s love story.

Ongoing: 25 Jan 5 pages
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Rating: 1

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