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On Hold


Her Mystery Guy


How the tables have turned... Tempting the rich badgirl has never been so easy yet so hard. ... When young Jaden wakes up one morning and finally gains the courage to walk up to his crush, he's brutally sabotaged from the social aspects of his life. Now, later, he still has his friends, a loving ... more info

Story about: bad girl good boy, mystery guy, heroes

On Hold: 24 Nov 6 pages
110 9

Rating: 1

#1311 in Fantasy
#4023 in Romance


When Friends Fall


The world has always been unfair but Sam falling for Dean is probably one of the most dramatic tricks ever. A tomboy in her own right, Dean's crew accepts her in as one of their own but how can she stay when her mad crush on leader, Dean, is continuously torturing her as it grows over the years... more info

Story about: highschool love humor, best friends, twist of fate

On Hold: 02 Dec 13 pages
256 22

Rating: 1

#370 in Others
#120 in Humor
#463 in Young adult
#214 in School


The Tier Family


Growing up is hard enough but it was three times more so for sixteen year old Tessa. She started off shifting from foster home to foster home landing in "Mother's Home" before finally being adopted by the Tier's. A bizarre family that just so happens to be secretive and modern with a knack fo... more info

Story about: secrets, science fantasy, the tier family

On Hold: 13 Aug 10 pages
137 3

Rating: 0

#84 in Science fiction
#1612 in Fantasy

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