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How to Resolve Anger Permanently


Anger can be valid or dangerous. But we need to determine if our anger is holy or not!!!... more info

Story about: howto, self help

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Diary of Nolita


Don't bother me , And I won't bother you ... more info

Ongoing: 19 Oct 27 pages
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#110 in Thrillers & Suspense
#29 in Crime fiction
#164 in Fantasy
#14 in Action fantasy


The Last Story

Shawn J Singleton II

The Monomyth of Earth has been the keeper of humanity's stories for thousands of years. But now - the stories are disappearing, not only from his library but from his memory. He teams up with Ellecita, the deity of choice in order to discover why this is happening and to put a stop to it.... more info

Story about: science fantasy, adventure, metatextual

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Rating: 2

#170 in Short stories
#455 in Fantasy


Broken Girl

Reflects you

Katherine Cynthia is a broken girl who has been in a horrible past which she can't forget. Tristan Ansing is the badass of the school. Can he fix this broken girl? Check out the story to find out ? Follow my Instagram _ann evyln... more info

Story about: a broken girl, a bad boy, teen romance

Ongoing: 19 Oct 11 pages
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Rating: 4

#152 in Young adult
#64 in School


Stuck up billionaire


It's been about 6 months since Ashley left college and things aren't going according to how she imagined they would. Well, that's until she starts working for Maxwell Brant, the sexy CEO of Bcorp. Maxwell's character isn't as fun and sexy as he looks. He's a literal nightmare and Ashley has to find... more info

Story about: falling for a billionaire

Ongoing: 01 Oct 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#1200 in Romance


Colourland Series 6: Tournament


The tournament has started with some great fights.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 11 Oct 39 pages
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#163 in Fantasy
#107 in Young adult


My Heart Follows You

Sulagna Mitra

This is the story of the budding romance between A shy, conserved and emotional young lady, Disha and A smart, handsome and witty guy Nirvan! They met and they married! But will love blossom in their lives or their dark past destroy their flourishing future?... more info

Ongoing: 27 Oct 7 pages
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#876 in Romance
#118 in Romantic suspense


Existence Hollowed: Our Origins

David R. Quigley

A record of our outer spaces location. Revealing the secrets of how our outer space was a solid matter before it began dissolving, leaving us with the hollowed area we live in reffered to as existence. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: space, religion, matter

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#231 in Mystery
#105 in Supernaturals


19th Winter


Every day, Every time of the howling hours of midnight--Izha is told of warning by her mother "never go into the woods." For there is a monster, a horrible creature who kills for blood. Hear it? The cries, the wails, the howling of his victims is making my skin crawl. Izha...Every day, and ev... more info

Story about: adventure, darkfantasy, dark fantasy adventure

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Plume Alter

Sometimes, our mind tends to wander at the distant past--revisiting events; remembering people. And when that happens, you know that you've got the only solace you have: you remember---and then you pick up your pen...... more info

Story about: short story and poetry, new adult, college

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Rating: 4

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#1748 in Romance
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R. Diamond40

sometimes we are born in the wrong place.... ... more info

Story about: desire for love , destiny, society vs self

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simon 1982

Arthur hadn't seemed to have got to grips with the word no. Everyone was aware of this floor. ... more info

Story about: how far can a soft touch be pushed

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Rating: 5

#309 in Mystery
#282 in Short stories


Hearts Entwined


Zara and Amir are cousins and have been best of friends since their childhood days. They're now grown up to adults. You can't see Zara without Amir, they're always together. Every one knows their unbreakable bond. On the other hand, Amir sees her as more than just friends, he liked her for as long ... more info

Story about: relationship, romance, family

Ongoing: 28 Sep 44 pages
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Rating: 3

#1684 in Romance
#279 in Contemporary Romance
#149 in New Adult & College


Perfect for me

Perfect for me

Aliz Fatim who have nearly suffered a lot in her past wants to overcome her fear her anxiety and feel the world.This is only possible if she comes out of her shell her home which is actually her every thing.In order to get that outcome she comes out of her stance and heads to Canada to stay with her... more info

Story about: friendship, playboy, shygirl

Ongoing: 16 Sep 16 pages
8839 292 34

Rating: 12

#2397 in Romance
#322 in Romantic suspense
#977 in Billionaires


Arx's Re:life Side Story: Warspite's Route


This is a side story of the original Arx's RE:Life story narrating from the perspective of 'What If' Arx had chosen Warspite as his love target instead of Belfast. What will happen between him and Belfast's relationship? Find out here!!... more info

Story about: shipgirls, happy ending

Complete 43 pages
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#54 in Fanfiction
#9 in Anime Fanfiction


"I am Still, I am not Afraid"


God sends people to be angels in the world. They are pure, happy, innocent and beautiful, in body heart and soul. This book will help you see angels or goodness in everything, in people, in times or events. There are no coincidences but purpose and destiny.... more info

Story about: courage, inspirational, spiritual

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Rating: 1

#87 in Others
#18 in Non-fiction
#13 in Action & Adventures
#1 in Western


So-Called Accidents Series ((on Hold))


This is a combination of all the books of the So-Called Series. Book 1: So-Called Accidents Book 2: So-Called Suicides... more info

Story about: death, thriller, suspense

Ongoing: 29 Aug 39 pages
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Rating: 2

#153 in Thrillers & Suspense
#142 in Mystery


Working For The Lights


Rachael, a twenty two year old graduate from the university of Benin city, Nigeria, is thrown into uncertainty yet again. After losing her job due to the death of her boss who was involved in a car accident, Rachael moves in with Tolu and Peter her friends. But then she feels uneasy being the third ... more info

Story about: love, deceit, work

Ongoing: 14 Oct 24 pages
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Rating: 2

#1315 in Romance
#698 in Billionaires


Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic

David R. Quigley

A explanation of creational magic and its secrets, explained in comparison and mathematical formula. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: god, bible, religion

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#230 in Mystery
#104 in Supernaturals


Lestones. Part 1

Евгения Бацман

One morning, lestones woke up and realized that they were a new race. But why didn’t they feel it before? Who is outside their country - friend or foe? Or maybe they are enemies themselves? But there is no time for reflection. A terrible force is moving on their lands. What should they do: run, su... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, hero

Complete 150 pages
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Rating: 5

#906 in Fantasy
#107 in Epic fantasy

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