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Aliza Jabri

Wardah Zaman never expected to catch the attention of the Boss of Legion, Huzaifa Ibrahim. Her fierce attitude and sharp tongue land her in the crosshairs of the most notorious gangster to walk on this planet. A bloodthirsty Huzaifa desires nothing more than to annihilate Wardah. He won't back d... more info

Story about: obsession, mafia, enemies to lovers

Ongoing: 27 Jul 63 pages
16763 1130

Rating: 367

#7 in Romance
#3 in Billionaires
#4 in Contemporary Romance

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Failia Baighaan

“Call my name, if you want me to stop, Cinzel.” With a seductive hiss, His grip over me tightened, shuddering violently by the proximity and his possessive grip, a tear pricked in the corner of my eye but he didn’t spare mercy. Defeated against his allure and dominance, I whimpered his n... more info

Story about: age gap romance, suspense dark secrets, mafia possessive hatred

Ongoing: 28 Jul 100 pages
14300 527

Rating: 120

#9 in Romance
#5 in Contemporary Romance


Billionaire's Replaced Bride

Hasna Hena

Clutching her jaw, he blurted in a venomous tone, “I don't really remain a gentleman anymore nor you should expect Me to remain one after backstabbing me. Before you got challenging me, you should have been ready to learn your limits because I have none. You put me in this game and now it's my ... more info

Story about: betrayal, loveless romance, heartless billionaire

Ongoing: 28 Jul 58 pages
24033 1072

Rating: 192

#15 in Romance
#7 in Billionaires


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

"If you want to save your beloved Aai from the clutches of death, then you will have to marry me," he grinned evilly. "There is no way that I am going to marry someone like you," her eyes depicted pure anger and hatred. "Are you sure? Because your one decision can save your dead husband's mother ... more info

Story about: revenge and drama, mafialove, love and hate relationship

Ongoing: 29 Jul 55 pages
7862 621

Rating: 150

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in Romance
#10 in Contemporary Romance

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Monika Singh

Dave Francis was the richest banker in the country. I was supposed to marry someone else but he won me in the auction. I had no choice but to marry him. I didn't know how long he would treat me like trash? How many times would he crush my soul? He made me believe that I was worthless. He saw me as w... more info

Story about: billionaire, enemies to lovers, forced marriage

Complete 267 pages
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Rating: 825

#19 in Romance

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My Worth?

Manvi Upadhyay

This is a story of Elisa, who is in a loveless marriage with one of the most rich and influential figure of the country Ryan Watson . He is one those arrogant, rich character who treats others inferior to him as 'Dirt '. Elisa was anything but what he wanted his wife to be . What will happen when af... more info

Story about: romance drama, self love, billionaire toxic love

Complete 152 pages
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Rating: 483

#20 in Romance
#8 in Billionaires
#2 in Mystery
#1 in Romantic mystery


My Ceo Husband

Thëê Qúéën

"I can't let you go Lee, you're my wife?" He said. His eyes were on the verge of spilling tears and he was on his knees outside her house. "Ex-wife Harry. I'm your Ex-wife." She said confidently "I'm miserable without you. I can't live without you. Please give me a chance." He was crying while pl... more info

Story about: arrogant ceo, marriage deal, innocent nerd

Complete 244 pages
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Rating: 541

#22 in Romance
#1 in New Adult & College
#11 in Contemporary Romance


Who Is He?

Manvi Upadhyay

Destiny impelled Rose to marry a guy on wheelchair, Daniel. Soon certain strange turn of events make the uninterested Rose take keen interest on her husband and she realizes he isn't actually all what she thought he was. Will she find out who he is? Will he let her succeed doing that? All that and m... more info

Story about: thriller, suspense mystery, love romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 29 pages
6392 381

Rating: 69

#23 in Romance
#4 in Romantic suspense
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Suspense


Tainted Secrets

Riya Sarkar

"I want to love you more.” “You don’t mean it.” She shakes her head at him and pushes his body off of her but he doesn’t budge instead he catches her hand in his fist and brings it to his lips to kiss. “Let me show you that I’m capable of loving you,” he pleads with his eyes. ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, boss and maid, mafia forced marriage abuse

Ongoing: 29 Jul 38 pages
3008 408

Rating: 118

#28 in Romance
#12 in Contemporary Romance
#5 in Romantic suspense


The Ceo & The Christian Girl

Nicole Lam

ALEXANDER STEELE: Cold-hearted. Hard-headed. Absolutely jaded. And he doesn't believe in love - or expect that any of the above will change with the marriage contract he signs. KATERINA DEVEREAUX: Gentle. Selfless. Just as stubborn as her future husband. She doesn't know if she can change him - b... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire man, heartless

Ongoing: 29 Jul 130 pages
23031 605

Rating: 89

#38 in Romance
#21 in Billionaires
#1 in Inspiration romance


Thought You Could Be Mine


Adrien and Crystal are a couple who are pressured into an arranged marriage due to the untimely death of Crystal's mother. Adrien, who has had everything prestigious in his life and Crystal, who had nothing but sacrifices. Can a loveless marriage between the two last?... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire, love romance

Ongoing: 29 Jul 85 pages
15087 436

Rating: 106

#42 in Romance
#23 in Billionaires


Billionaire's Hidden Princess

Alegna Ciee

"Your smile is the best reward I can ever have." He, the owner of the country's richest conglomerate. The nation's husband. The man of every girl's dreams. Just what was it about Leticia Selene that made Livius Apollon say that? She, a penniless college student. A mere fashion intern. A... more info

Story about: contemporary romance, billionaire possessive, love between ceo and intern

Complete 148 pages
103571 1610

Rating: 216

#46 in Romance
#26 in Billionaires


He Stole My Heart


Amelia Jones, Amy's good life turned upside down when she lost both her parents in a car accident. Now she got to move in with her father's best friend The Brown's and his family. The only problem, their elder son Jason Brown is her arch-nemesis. That and her maternal uncle whom she never saw coming... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, slowburn romance, billionaire love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 252 pages
24208 490

Rating: 98

#50 in Romance
#16 in Contemporary Romance


Love Hate Relationship

Goodness Shadrach

"Three rules: Don't talk to me, Don't touch me, Stay out of my business." Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage. Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha cou... more info

Story about: love, romance, marriage

Complete 153 pages
682547 10991

Rating: 1881

#53 in Romance
#31 in Billionaires


Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

yu tanit

Ⓓ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓘ︎Ⓛ︎Ⓨ︎ Ⓤ︎Ⓟ︎Ⓓ︎Ⓐ︎Ⓣ︎Ⓔ︎ Book one in U-Tale series: The Ceo and Doctor Romance. ✰Tale of the unfortunate marriage... more info

Story about: lies and secrets, doctor falls in love with businessman, contract love

Ongoing: 29 Jul 60 pages
3998 352

Rating: 43

#54 in Romance
#32 in Billionaires


Unchain My Heart


She was the little lavender in a bunch of roses. The roses he dearly loved and the lavender he was allergic to. Yet what happens when a leap of fate brings the two completely undestined and mismatched duo together in a bond so sacred. A marriage based on wants but not choices. A relation beyo... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, heartbreak, romance drama

Ongoing: 29 Jul 264 pages
38744 831

Rating: 185

#55 in Romance
#33 in Billionaires
#8 in Romantic suspense


Forever My Husband

Thëê Qúéën

Kaylee discovers that she has lived a lie for the past 19 years of her life and now it's up to her and Harry to find out the truth. On top of that, she gets closer to Harry only for him to slip away from her hands due to his illness. "Please don't go." "Am not going anywhere Harrison. I promised... more info

Story about: second love, mentalillness, family money

Ongoing: 27 Jul 20 pages
3420 379

Rating: 114

#59 in Romance
#4 in New Adult & College
#17 in Contemporary Romance


Her Love Language

Fathia Adetola

One drunk night, Claire's already not so perfect life changes forever. What happens if after seven years, she is forced to relive the memories of that night? Secrets are gonna be revealed, hearts are gonna be broken and maybe, just maybe, something great will still come out of this... more info

Story about: onenightstand, love and past, billionaire romance billionaire passion

Complete 137 pages
36126 774

Rating: 112

#61 in Romance
#37 in Billionaires


His Only Obsession

Love Egbejale

The saying that revenge is a dish best served cold had never been truer in Richard Gilbert's case.  Orphaned at the age of ten, he had to work very hard for everything to be able to get back what was stolen from his family and to do that- he got close to the daughter of his father's enemy; Meira Da... more info

Story about: billionaire revenge friends to lovers

Ongoing: 28 Jul 156 pages
25013 534

Rating: 89

#65 in Romance
#20 in Contemporary Romance
#40 in Billionaires


With Love, xxxx.

Varshitha Kancharla

Kathleen is a simple, beautiful girl who always dreams high. She has a tender heart and always helps people. Ryan is a devilishly handsome mafia leader. Just a simple look of him can make everyone scare and bow to him. She is a creator… He is a destroyer. She holds pen… He holds gun. ... more info

Story about: billionaire, mafia leader, lifeanddeath

Complete 119 pages
50864 999

Rating: 265

#66 in Romance
#41 in Billionaires

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