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Manvi Upadhyay

Never have i ever acted so desperate for anyone or anything. But now it' like i have lost control on myself. I am doing things I have no idea why? I WANT someone i never wanted before. Sighing, Some five years ago, she was my girlfriend and one can say things only went downhill from there. Just... more info

Story about: ex girlfriend, billionaire ex, billionaire boss

Ongoing: 03 Jul 99 pages
21389 763

Rating: 185

#12 in Romance
#3 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Billionaires


Who's your daddy?

Sonita Olise

Pregnant for her boyfriend, a lady gets thrown out with her child, but after some years apart, destiny brings them back together, but at what price?.. WHO'S YOUR DADDY?. ... more info

Story about: fathers absence, faithful love

Ongoing: 03 Jul 82 pages
23469 788

Rating: 101

#13 in Romance
#7 in Billionaires


Surprise Son for the Billionaire

Rina Light

“I think I’m pregnant, Lisa!” I felt shocked. “What do you mean?” My friend gasped, her eyes wide open in surprise. “How could it happen? You are a virgin. At least you were a virgin yesterday. And you don’t have a boyfriend.” “Yes, I don’t. And, yes, I’m a virgin. I mean I was... more info

Story about: hatetolove, possessive, pregancy

Ongoing: 01 Jul 34 pages
12824 820

Rating: 127

#14 in Romance
#4 in Contemporary Romance
#8 in Billionaires


Mistaking A Billionaire For A Gigolo 2

Teddy Lam

Second series of Mistaking A Billionaire For A Gigolo... more info

Story about: contemporary romance, betrayal, first love

Ongoing: 04 Jul 9 pages
2580 437

Rating: 67

#20 in Romance
#11 in Billionaires


His Triantafyllo


Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decide... more info

Story about: firstlove, arraged marraige, billionaire romance billionaire passion

Ongoing: 01 Jul 634 pages
284657 2903

Rating: 574

#21 in Romance
#2 in Romantic suspense
#12 in Billionaires


An Impossible Attraction

Goodness Shadrach

Should age be a barrier when it comes to love? For as long as Nathan could remember, Tracy has always been by his side, protecting him, caring for him and loving him. She was there when he opened his eyes as a baby and she had remained by his side since then and everything has been perfect, sweet... more info

Story about: romance, agegap, fobiddenlove

Ongoing: 02 Jul 102 pages
19230 664

Rating: 143

#24 in Romance
#7 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Young adult


Sebastian's Obsession

Pushpa Naik

"Please don't do this , I don't want to marry you" pleaded the girl , "You don't have choice but to obey me , my flower" announced Sebastian. "But you are......... Sebastian who's obsessed with his friends daughter, wants to protect her , wants her to his side forever....... Sebastian D'Angelo a... more info

Story about: obsession possessive, forcedmarrige, billionaire boy innocent girl

Complete 121 pages
170131 2569

Rating: 490

#25 in Romance
#4 in Romantic suspense
#13 in Billionaires


Eternal Obsession

Failia Baighaan

It is neither love nor lust. It was nothing but an Obsession. And I am nothing but his Eternal Obsession *** Violet Cadhill, A normal girl, enjoying her life and doing a simple job at the bakery with the dream of opening her own one day. Being a painfully oblivious girl, she couldn't notice the desp... more info

Story about: obsession, forcedmarriage, dark romance

Ongoing: 04 Jul 24 pages
1227 282

Rating: 38

#27 in Romance
#15 in Billionaires



Lily Matanhire

Love, life and sacrifices. Ginny, raised in a strict christian family, is the last born in a family of four girls. While her three elder sisters know exactly what they want in life and how to get it, she still struggles to find her footing in life. All the conflicts in her life all come from her pa... more info

Story about: romance life, romance love, romance cliches and reality

Ongoing: 01 Jul 45 pages
4165 397

Rating: 39

#30 in Romance
#8 in Contemporary Romance


Pure Dirty Intentions


Ms. Bettina Catalina Aragon Zuarez, the not so new principal in Blues High. Akiro Elle Devain, the billionaire in the city-- I mean one of the famous bachelor in the country. Jaydee Alec Devain the mischief in Blues High, connected the world of the strict principal and the devil billionaire. How di... more info

Story about: falling inlove with the billionaire.

Ongoing: 29 Jun 457 pages
118261 1582

Rating: 290

#33 in Romance
#18 in Billionaires


Confession at the Altar

Alex Orchard

Brooke Jackson thought she had everything: a fulfilling job, the home she'd always wanted, and the perfect fiancé. But no one likes her fiancé, her best friend warns her from getting married, and she seems to have an attraction to her fiancé's best friend. Determined to prove everyone wrong, ... more info

Story about: romantic suspense and betrayal, friends to lovers, fake love

Complete 178 pages
18894 1045

Rating: 82

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#1 in ChickLit
#36 in Romance
#12 in Contemporary Romance

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The Widower's New Bride

Margaret Chinaza

Eliot Clement was devasted when his wife dies two days after birthing their son. Still mourning and grieving for her death, he frowns on the request of his parent to remarry just after one month of her death. But his resolve not to marry again doesn't last so long because he can't deny his young son... more info

Story about: billionaire, widower, child

Ongoing: 04 Jul 254 pages
49483 770

Rating: 291

#40 in Romance
#22 in Billionaires


Mafia's marriage

Amelia Whatson

Sofia ,the innocent and hardworking girl after the death of her dad has only hope on god that her life will soon be beautiful after every sadness there is happiness.... Darien Kingston , the most ruthless and heartless man of the world has everything in his life except love... What will hap... more info

Story about: mafia love innocent girl heartless man

Ongoing: 27 Jun 306 pages
155184 1957

Rating: 304

#44 in Romance
#24 in Billionaires


The Villain


What would you do if the devil himself falls in love with you? Veronica could never imagine that 'The villain' , 'The mafia king' , 'The devil' , Samael Reed would obessesively fall in love with her. How would she escape the devil? There was more to the story....his criminal world had destroyed he... more info

Story about: dark romance, forced love, mafiabillionaires

Ongoing: 01 Jul 169 pages
17810 406

Rating: 91

#45 in Romance
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction

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Not Yours

Varshitha Kancharla

“Don’t touch me.” I pushed him back, shouting at him while tears kept rolling down my cheeks. Ignoring my shouts, he raised his hand to stroke my cheek, looking into my eyes deeply. When he was about to touch my cheek, I pushed his hand shouting “I said to not touch me.” “Do you think ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, billionaire possessive obsession, married woman and bachelor billionaire

Complete 202 pages
82883 2351

Rating: 324

#54 in Romance
#15 in Contemporary Romance
#32 in Billionaires


The House Always Wins


Johnathan House is ruthless, never backs away from a challenge, lives without apology or boundaries and doesn't believe in taking a break. But Jonathan’s father insist that he tag along with his friends to Italy for a poker tournament that’s being held at a hotel is father acquired in a poker ga... more info

Story about: romance, billionare, marriage game

Ongoing: 02 Jul 702 pages
128502 1678

Rating: 255

#57 in Romance
#35 in Billionaires

Book cover "Runt & The Cursed Rogue King"
2.1 1.89 USD

Runt & The Cursed Rogue King

Valerie Sax

“Mr. Wolf, I think you brought the wrong woman,” she muttered strong words out of fear. Those pair of glaring red eyes looking at her through the darkness shivered her spine. Fleetingly, she responded, “I am not your mate. I can’t be anyone’s mate because…” Her words stopped midway ... more info

Story about: curse and unconditional love, werewolf romance, werewolf fated mates

Ongoing: 01 Jul 179 pages
14725 676

Rating: 146

#7 in Fantasy
#2 in Mystery


A double secret for a billionaire

Tala Tozka

Artur Tagaev, the father of my children, is the youngest billionaire in Europe, at the age of twenty-seven, heading the Tagaev empire instead of his father. I scold myself every time I visit his Instagram page. But there's one small excuse: I have his kids in my belly. Three of them. Two boys and on... more info

Story about: hatetolove, possessive man, pregancy

Ongoing: 02 Jul 12 pages
1377 280

Rating: 51

#60 in Romance
#16 in Contemporary Romance
#37 in Billionaires


Let me Hate you


Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Ama... more info

Story about: forcedmarriage, hate to love, cold hearted billionaire

Complete 144 pages
665443 8187

Rating: 1817

#70 in Romance
#40 in Billionaires
#8 in Romantic suspense


Her Wedding

Shreya Pandey

Navi, a mute girl found herself in different country with her unexpected husband who married her when the real groom left her hand in the middle of wedding. Unable to do anything she decided to devote her life to her savior and his family. Manay, a billionaire who has his own motives and desire ... more info

Story about: love, unexpected wedding, mute girl

Ongoing: 29 Jun 147 pages
75000 1143

Rating: 332

#76 in Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance
#4 in Mystery

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