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Who's your daddy?

Sonita Olise

Pregnant for her boyfriend, a lady gets thrown out with her child, but after some years apart, destiny brings them back together, but at what price?.. WHO'S YOUR DADDY?. ... more info

Story about: fathers absence, faithful love

Ongoing: 26 Jun 73 pages
19844 753

Rating: 96

#10 in Romance
#5 in Billionaires

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Manvi Upadhyay

Never have i ever acted so desperate for anyone or anything. But now it' like i have lost control on myself. I am doing things I have no idea why? I WANT someone i never wanted before. Sighing, Some five years ago, she was my girlfriend and one can say things only went downhill from there. Just... more info

Story about: ex girlfriend, billionaire ex, billionaire boss

Ongoing: 27 Jun 91 pages
19707 723

Rating: 177

#18 in Romance
#4 in Contemporary Romance
#10 in Billionaires


Mafia's marriage

Amelia Whatson

Sofia ,the innocent and hardworking girl after the death of her dad has only hope on god that her life will soon be beautiful after every sadness there is happiness.... Darien Kingston , the most ruthless and heartless man of the world has everything in his life except love... What will hap... more info

Story about: mafia love innocent girl heartless man

Ongoing: 27 Jun 306 pages
145931 1866

Rating: 286

#21 in Romance
#11 in Billionaires


Sebastian's Obsession

Pushpa Naik

" "Please don't do this , I don't want to marry you" pleaded the girl , "You don't have choice but to obey me , my flower" announced Sebastian. "But you are......... Sebastian who's obsessed with his friends daughter, wants to protect her , wants her to his side forever....... Sebastian D'Angelo... more info

Story about: obsession possessive, forcedmarrige, billionaire boy innocent girl

Complete 121 pages
156728 2444

Rating: 469

#23 in Romance
#2 in Romantic suspense
#12 in Billionaires


His Triantafyllo


Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decide... more info

Story about: firstlove, arraged marraige, billionaire romance billionaire passion

Ongoing: 24 Jun 625 pages
281848 2894

Rating: 570

#25 in Romance
#3 in Romantic suspense
#13 in Billionaires


Surprise Son for the Billionaire

Rina Light

“I think I’m pregnant, Lisa!” I felt shocked. “What do you mean?” My friend gasped, her eyes wide open in surprise. “How could it happen? You are a virgin. At least you were a virgin yesterday. And you don’t have a boyfriend.” “Yes, I don’t. And, yes, I’m a virgin. I mean I was... more info

Story about: hatetolove, possessive, pregancy

Ongoing: 26 Jun 30 pages
6594 488

Rating: 79

#29 in Romance
#9 in Contemporary Romance
#15 in Billionaires


Bullied By My Boss

Zainab Ajike

"I am not at fault. She is to blame." I told him, I hopes he believes me. I am sure he will. He is changing towards me. He is becoming a better person. "I don't believe you, I know this is what you are capable of doing." He said. I felt like I was being poured a cold water. I couldn't believe my... more info

Story about: hatred, love and romance, boss and employee

Ongoing: 25 Jun 28 pages
5533 530

Rating: 79

#37 in Romance
#20 in Billionaires

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The Widower's New Bride

Margaret Chinaza

Eliot Clement was devasted when his wife dies two days after birthing their son. Still mourning and grieving for her death, he frowns on the request of his parent to remarry just after one month of her death. But his resolve not to marry again doesn't last so long because he can't deny his young son... more info

Story about: billionaire, widower, child

Ongoing: 27 Jun 239 pages
48790 768

Rating: 291

#45 in Romance
#23 in Billionaires


Purchased By Him

S kajal

MOON..!! A sweet, innocent and kind-hearted girl.But as it is said no,that good people suffers the most in the world so was in her case too.She lost her mother when she was just 7 and from then and there for her sake her father married a widow who already had a son.In the start everything was going... more info

Story about: revenge, love after marriage, contractmarriage

Ongoing: 24 Jun 95 pages
29017 717

Rating: 127

#59 in Romance
#19 in Contemporary Romance
#28 in Billionaires


Searching Mrs. Angelo

Sapna Sarkar

Saanvi Roy, an Indian girl who left her country, her parents and everything behind her and flied to London with one phone call from her lover; to marry him; to become his bride. As soon she landed, her dream was shattered without any warning When he denied to marry her & cheated on her. Then, how... more info

Story about: romantic drama, romance and happy endings, romace heartbreak

Ongoing: 23 Jun 564 pages
67878 1178

Rating: 288

#65 in Romance
#34 in Billionaires
#21 in Contemporary Romance

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His Revenge......


"Darling, if you think I married you because I love you then you are such a fool . The reason I married you was because of my hate for you and your dad." Asher shouted.Riya could feel her heartbreak into multiple peices, it felt like the world she was standing on was breaking apart. She felt the tea... more info

Story about: pain, past life, love romance

Ongoing: 26 Jun 80 pages
14500 422

Rating: 89

#64 in Romance
#33 in Billionaires




"Are you afraid of me, Ms. Parekh?" "No" "So do you have a crush on me?" "What?" "Because a girl can be uncomfortable with the proximity of a man only if she is afraid of him or has a crush on him. If the second part is true, then Ms. Parekh, I want to tell you that I am off the market ... more info

Story about: age gap romance, stubborn girl, run away bride

Ongoing: 27 Jun 54 pages
3763 262

Rating: 52

#67 in Romance
#10 in Romantic suspense
#36 in Billionaires


Royal Ceo

Seerat Kaur

Randomly, he would gesture at any girl. Every girl would get ready to come and bow down to him, and do whatever he would demand. He's gorgeous with a supermodel look. There was only one percent hope that his marriage would work. But he booked a separate room on their wedding nigh... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, marriage deal

Complete 147 pages
75650 1302

Rating: 187

#82 in Romance
#40 in Billionaires


What's so Special about Her

Mashu Waghu

He throws the paper on her face, she takes a step back of sudden action. "W-Wh-what is this?" she managed to question, "Divorce papers," he snaps, "Sign it and move out of my life, I don't want to see your face ever again, I will hand over you to your greedy Mother and set myself free" he s... more info

Story about: billionaire, inspirational romance, unexpected love

Ongoing: 24 Jun 167 pages
36378 757

Rating: 140

#83 in Romance
#41 in Billionaires
#12 in Romantic suspense


With You


Love is a business founded on trust, based on emotions, with the investment of one's body, soul, heart & brain. But what if this investment fails & this foundation is shaken by the severe EARTHQUAKE of mistrust, caused by the tsunami of SUSPICION? What happens when two already broken, fragi... more info

Story about: mafia love, love trust overcoming every hurdle, broken heart

Ongoing: 27 Jun 497 pages
20282 335

Rating: 63

#86 in Romance
#43 in Billionaires


The Billionaire's secret Love

Manogyna Marthi

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin but at the end of the battle it is always LOVE that wins. Yet when there is faint peek of revenge added, would there still be a victory of passion in the tussle? Augustus Martin - a billionaire heartthrob, cold hearted business tycoon, CEO of Sunrise In... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, hot billionaire, arrogant girl

Complete 172 pages
437050 4680

Rating: 623

#93 in Romance
#48 in Billionaires
#16 in Romantic suspense


Imperfectly Perfect


According to her, life is all about attitude and enjoying. She's a rule breaker. According to him, life is all about serving people and achieving our passion and love. He's a rule maker. Guess what happens when a rule breaker is married to a rule maker? It's a complete mess. Isn't it? But, a bea... more info

Story about: police, love romance, arranged marrige

Ongoing: 24 Jun 45 pages
1704 228

Rating: 22

#100 in Romance
#51 in Billionaires


Let me Hate you


Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Ama... more info

Story about: forcedmarriage, hate to love, cold hearted billionaire

Complete 144 pages
663383 8176

Rating: 1812

#105 in Romance
#55 in Billionaires
#18 in Romantic suspense


Billionaire's Hidden Princess

Alegna Ciee

"Your smile is the best reward I can ever have." He, the owner of the country's richest conglomerate. The nation's husband. The man of every girl's dreams. Just what was it about Leticia Selene that made Livius Apollon say that? She, a penniless college student. A mere fashion intern. A... more info

Story about: contemporary romance, billionaire possessive, love between ceo and intern

Complete 148 pages
277627 3913

Rating: 465

#104 in Romance
#54 in Billionaires


Tahira Iman and a Parasite

Farzana Tutul

Iman Eusuf is a young billionaire, obstetrician, and gynecologist who has been named one of the country's most eligible bachelors. It is well-known, but what the majority of the world is unaware of is that he also excels in another field known as' PLAYING WITH GIRL'S HEART.' It's in his blood to fli... more info

Story about: pregnancy and billionaire, loveaftermarriage, billioniare doctor and a divorcee

Ongoing: 22 Jun 66 pages
4347 318

Rating: 65

#108 in Romance
#57 in Billionaires

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