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The Accidental Wedding

Aliza Jabri

"You drive me fucking crazy," he pulled her closed to him. "Waleed, what are you doing?" She struggled in his arms. "You are mine Mia, and so is your body," he sucked her neck and she moaned in delight. "Look at you, so damn responsive at my touch," he pinched her nipple from above the fabric ... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, possesive billionaire

Complete 260 pages
495683 5650 758

Rating: 1413

#2 in Romance
#2 in Billionaires


Mending Lucas Heart

Azelea Avery

"I...I don’t know" He stuttered and whispered but I heard it clearly. He doesn’t know it means he didn't love me at all. I feel empty, and I am really nothing for him. I gave all my strength and all myself to him just to mend his heart. I feel used. I am so done here. ___________ Lucas Wigh... more info

Story about: possessive, love and betrayal, baby

Complete 103 pages
114745 948 25

Rating: 115

#200 in Romance
#121 in Billionaires


Not All Weddings Turn Into Fairytales

Aliza Jabri

"I want to take you against this wall," he whispered in her ear, his lips touching her earlobe. Mia was caged between the wall and his body pressing against her back. She could feel his erection digging into her back. "You know well, I am married," she struggled to push him away. He had her ar... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, stalker, possesive billionaire

Ongoing: 24 Oct 25 pages
9511 1162 125

Rating: 301

#4 in Romance
#4 in Billionaires


The Mute Mrs.Billionaire

Leona Chen

#TheMuteMrs.Billionaire Emma Campbell the only heir of Campbell &Co. An accident in her childhood made her mute. Being mute never made her weak but more stronger and fierce. Asher King of King Corp. He is a ruthless business man and would do anything for the company. Girls worship the land... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, kidnapped, love

Ongoing: 20 Oct 127 pages
76174 1342 65

Rating: 215

#61 in Romance
#44 in Billionaires
#7 in Romantic suspense


Crazy billionaire's maid


What happens when you slap a billionaire not accidentally but on purpose, you wanna know what happens. I will tell you what happens. Michelle Sylvester is the true definition of crazy, if you ever want to know what real craziness is then I had advice you, to go look for Michelle Sylvester. She is ... more info

Story about: billionaire, crazy heroine

Ongoing: 24 Oct 44 pages
15206 809 45

Rating: 135

#48 in Romance
#37 in Billionaires


The billionaire's other half

Wings of freedom

After being framed by her own stepmother and sister. She got pregnant through a mysterious man.After four years she came back at California with her three treasures.Once again she crossed path with that stranger. "Sir our computer has been hacked." Robert panic What about IP address. He asked. ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, a girl and her nightmare, billionaire romance

Ongoing: 25 Oct 101 pages
36073 892 187

Rating: 141

#93 in Romance
#63 in Billionaires


You belong to me...and the kids

Flame Lily

Sammy was a waitress who loved kids a lot. She came upon a pair of adorable kids that stole her heart more than any other kids she had ever met. The kids started calling her mommy and that landed her in a position envied by many. The father of the kids asked her to marry him when she refused he did ... more info

Story about: billionaire romance heartbreak

Ongoing: 25 Oct 112 pages
37152 1020 122

Rating: 188

#21 in Romance
#15 in Billionaires


My Giant Husband

Burning Heart

A 20 year old girl was forcefully married to a 29 year old gangster who doesn't know anything except bloodshot and anger.. Will she be able to change him or he will make her a living body?! Join the beautiful journey of Aria and Jakob ... more info

Story about: love and arrange marriage

Ongoing: 25 Oct 63 pages
7534 504 55

Rating: 91

#53 in Romance
#40 in Billionaires

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Never Dare A Billionaire

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

What started as a harmless dare amongst friends, escalated very quickly into a messy affair that involved kidnapping, a tangled web of lies and unrequited love. Rayne Stevens was a fairly innocent, sweet girl. She was in her first year of college but just when things were going great- tragedy st... more info

Story about: college, love betrayal cheating revenge, biilionaires

Ongoing: 24 Oct 82 pages
12013 695 56

Rating: 76

#149 in Romance
#93 in Billionaires
#14 in New Adult & College


The Fake Marriage

Shana G

Rina is very happy for her best friend that finally she got married to the love of her life. After being betrayed by her boyfriend Eros, she has lost her hope to fall in love again. She doesn't want any love relationship. But suddenly at her best friend's wedding "Be my girlfriend" the biggest playb... more info

Story about: romance, humor, fake relationship

Complete 169 pages
243248 2126 112

Rating: 233

#116 in Romance
#75 in Billionaires
#1 in Others
#1 in Humor


Mr Billionaire wants me


she's a fiesty, beautiful 23yr old Nigerian, who has been through a lot but finally wanted peace He's an arrogant, handsome billionaire who has everything he could ever want but no one to share it with. what happens when this two meet in the most unexpected way. will she accept this arrogant man w... more info

Story about: billionaire finding love, billionaire love story

Complete 237 pages
23185 553 27

Rating: 52

#44 in Romance
#33 in Billionaires


My Sweet Punishment

Amelia Brooks

My name is Mia, and I am an average student who leads a quiet lifestyle. But one day, my whole world was turned upside down by an arrogant jerk with money who thought he was allowed to do anything he wants. This man probably thought that I was a poor lamb, ready to serve his every need. But he was d... more info

Story about: age gap, boss and assistant, from hate to love

Ongoing: 24 Oct 45 pages
13149 649 92

Rating: 114

#41 in Romance
#31 in Billionaires


Personal Assistant to the Billionaire

Khurshida Khushi

Nick Knight The most handsome eligible bachelor of Uk. He is the CEO of Knight corporation. He has money, look, fame everything. Girls died to be with him. But for his rude, arrogant nature no one dare to mess with him. In business world he is known as the heartless billionaire... Amelia Jo... more info

Story about: possessive billionaire

Ongoing: 25 Oct 10 pages
1122 130 10

Rating: 15

#101 in Romance
#66 in Billionaires

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His Ruthless Desire 2

Aliza Jabri

The story of Taimur and Eva continues as a threat from the past lingers. Read to find out what happens when Taimur finds out about his daughter. Will the old flame rekindle? Or one of them will have to give their life. ... more info

Story about: possesive billionaire, hidden pregnancy, romantic thriller

Complete 234 pages
26734 1180 684

Rating: 457

#22 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires


For His Sake | ғrιeɴdѕнιp αɴd вoυɴdαrιeѕ


Twenty years. Two best friends. She loves him more than herself. He needs her more than he should. She couldn't deny him anything. And he decides to test her loyalty by asking her one of the most toughest favours she could ever imagine him asking. How will she cope up with it? What'll be her res... more info

Story about: unrequited love, contract marriage, best friends to lovers

Ongoing: 04 Sep 384 pages
163578 1667 274

Rating: 247

#290 in Romance
#65 in Contemporary Romance
#160 in Billionaires


That One Deal


Luna Addison works as a bartender and has other part time jobs. Just one deal with David Carter changes her life into a nightmare. Trying every possible way to run away but that man takes everyone's life one by one. Will his ruthless heart be melt or he'll kill Luna with his own hand? What'll happen... more info

Story about: billionaire, possessive, contract marriage

Ongoing: 21 Oct 68 pages
25583 651 23

Rating: 72

#129 in Romance
#81 in Billionaires


The Billionaire's secret Love


Love and hate are two sides of the same coin but at the end of the battle it is always LOVE that wins. Yet when there is faint peek of revenge added, would there still be a victory of passion in the tussle? Augustus Martin - a billionaire heartthrob, cold hearted business tycoon, CEO of Sunrise In... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, hot billionaire, arrogant girl

Ongoing: 24 Oct 157 pages
47726 955 152

Rating: 117

#33 in Romance
#23 in Billionaires
#3 in Romantic suspense


The Boundaries of Love


He is not your usual CEO. He is gorgeous but his gorgeous-ness lies in his intelligence. He doesn't do the usual, no flings, self-reliant, very much attached to his parents. She is not a girl who just drools over handsome men. A sucker of slow-burn romance stories, she wants someone who would unde... more info

Story about: billionaires romance, editor, love and relationship

Ongoing: 24 Oct 180 pages
14505 426 59

Rating: 52

#134 in Romance
#31 in Contemporary Romance
#84 in Billionaires


Mrs. Vanderbilt

EJ Griefin

Mr. Vanderbilt had proposed a contract, and who was George Smith- owner of a sinking company- to refuse such a generous offer when the only price he has to pay was his daughter? Adelaide Smith grew up without having her father by her side. So no one could blame her when she found it suspicious th... more info

Story about: love, arranged marriage, family

Ongoing: 13 Oct 50 pages
3942 376 16

Rating: 32

#283 in Romance
#157 in Billionaires


The billionaire's forced assistant

Anne Adefesobi

"Mom, dad" he called, I stopped drinking "This is Candace, my fiancee" I unintentionally spilled out all the wine in my mouth and looked at him horrifically Candace Clinton have always been an ordinary assistant to Jake until the day he crossed the boundary and informed his parents that candanc... more info

Story about: billionaire, assistant, forcedmarriage

Ongoing: 21 Oct 29 pages
7167 496 19

Rating: 44

#75 in Romance
#52 in Billionaires

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