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The abused power

Ivory Smart

Elvera I want you to be my girl " he said it without emotions I swallowed the goose bumps hanging in my troat I can't ever think of dating him but .....sir...I...I... I was lost of words I closed my eyes when he touched my laps " you are a beautiful girl elvera you need a lot in your life ac... more info

Story about: boss rape pregnant babies

Ongoing: 15 May 39 pages
7440 385

Rating: 57

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#1 in Urban life
#1 in ChickLit


Love in the wedding

Dipika Ojha

Life of a struggling fashion designer... more info

Story about: love and happy endings, love and romance with billionaire, wedding and love

Complete 182 pages
5409 244

Rating: 28

#54 in Romance
#2 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in Urban life


The Billionaire's Song

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didn't do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the... more info

Story about: music, celebrity, love romance

Ongoing: 15 May 247 pages
19553 407

Rating: 47

#96 in Romance
#49 in Billionaires
#7 in Contemporary fiction




Dia an independent girl whose career was her first priority and wishes to never fall in love. While Karan the cold hearted dominant guy fall for her gradually and tries to make her his. He didn't wanted her for one time lust need but for his rest of the life. He wanted her to be with her alwa... more info

Story about: forcedarrangemarriage, love trust overcoming every hurdle, possessiveness

Ongoing: 07 May 313 pages
108131 1663

Rating: 389

#10 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in Urban life
#152 in Romance
#76 in Billionaires


Mending Promises


Promises are lies. So do forevers. From the tender age of twelve, Mayella has been believing this. With a heart scarred with lies and broken promises, she has never yearned to be found again. A friendship formed in an abandoned house, in mud and rain, and paints and colours, the ever so lonely ... more info

Story about: bestfriends, childhoodlove, roommates to lovers

Ongoing: 14 May 55 pages
2226 210

Rating: 23

#11 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in ChickLit
#196 in Romance
#6 in Inspiration romance


My Saviour


Everyone wants to be an idol wife but its not easy to be an idol wife now here we go the handsome man he is an idol to the world due to his past love life he turns out not to believe any woman and his stares make everyone frightened and fans go crazy for him She is an ambivert...She lost her family... more info

Story about: story of a couple, story is about finding ones true love

Ongoing: 14 May 38 pages
1156 138

Rating: 12

#203 in Romance
#106 in Billionaires
#13 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in Urban life

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Captured - The Royal Obsession

Shruti Omar

An unfortunate accident in the family makes Matsyaa Rathore step into her native soil, India. Aggrieved soul is trying to fit the mysterious pieces of information into the jigsaw puzzle of her uncle's demise. She anticipates everything except being an undeniable, untamed fantasy of a powerful prince... more info

Story about: abduction, loveatfirstsight, domineering man

Complete 292 pages
149412 1774

Rating: 742

#235 in Romance
#30 in Romantic suspense
#15 in Contemporary fiction


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

[Mafia's Wife, Book-1] The life of a twenty-year-old widow turned upside down because a Mafia and his Nephew got obsessed with her. Well, this time it was something different because one loved her while the other hated her. But one thing was sure, her fate was going to change forever and she wouldn... more info

Story about: family drama, revenge and drama, love and hate relationship

Complete 247 pages
82460 1315

Rating: 371

#17 in Contemporary fiction
#249 in Romance
#57 in Contemporary Romance


Five Weeks

Shruti Omar

Anahita Maurya is the modern image of independent, liberated girl with an equally modern family background. Despite this, she is betrothed to her father's best friend's son, Yuvraaj, who knows nothing but to get under her skin. She clearly despised his presence in her life and adamantly employs all ... more info

Story about: honeymoon, possessive billionaire romance, humor love care

Complete 288 pages
241712 2596

Rating: 418

#299 in Romance
#72 in Contemporary Romance
#22 in Contemporary fiction
#14 in ChickLit


The Artist's Wife

Lola Tiamiyu

Dirty secrets are like vapour, you can't contain them for long and this unlikely couple has more than a few they're willing to take to their graves. *** After a depressed woman marries an eccentric artist to save her family from bankruptcy, she soon discovers that all is not as it seems as she u... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire, romance and heartbreak

Complete 253 pages
24712 514

Rating: 99

#294 in Romance
#154 in Billionaires
#21 in Contemporary fiction
#13 in ChickLit

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His vicious revenge


Alaya Sarim was a muslim girl, her mother died when she was 12. Her father married a rich christian women to support his business. Alaya's stepmother arranged a party, and invited her rich friends. Gerard hawkins, her stepmother's best friend and one of LA's richest man saw Alaya at the party. His s... more info

Story about: dark past, romance love, dark love

Complete 111 pages
148929 1846

Rating: 381

#25 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in Urban life
#320 in Romance
#47 in Romantic suspense


Love out of spite


Raj, he is a billionaire who is very mysterious about his personality. And don't care about any one in the world but his loved ones. Fall in love with his crazy, daydreamer, open minded assistant, shruti.Then through out many interesting incidents they got together. But then for some past issues of... more info

Story about: crazy love story of a billionaire, romace heartbreak, marriage happy ending

Complete 238 pages
86769 997

Rating: 75

#500 in Romance
#251 in Billionaires
#31 in Contemporary fiction
#8 in Urban life


The Rich Girl

Ginnie S Chua

Laney Lee is one of the Lees. Born rich and privileged, she has now joined the workforce to get the required two-year experience. In the office, she is known as the Rich Girl, though nobody knows just how wealthy and prominent her family is. Generally, her life is well-plotted: after her two-year ou... more info

Story about: romcom, sweetgirl, chinesenovel

Ongoing: 13 May 167 pages
2512 132

Rating: 19

#525 in Romance
#262 in Billionaires
#34 in Contemporary fiction


When Mr.Arrogant Marries Ms.Stubborn


"Get the hell out of my room", he shouted as soon as I entered his room. Is he for real? How can he be this peaceful when I'm not able to sleep a wink last night after that kiss. I really want to smack him now. "Dude..who want to enter this stinking rotten room? I'm here to inform that your... more info

Story about: love romance, arranged marriage, lovehaterelationship

Complete 183 pages
115206 1270

Rating: 263

#33 in Contemporary fiction
#20 in ChickLit
#520 in Romance
#136 in Contemporary Romance


Always Together

Sanobar N

He loves her with every fiber of his being, but even then, he leaves her brokenhearted... Her heart no longer beats for him, yet she can't see him broken... They may have separated their paths, but still, they will be Always Together... ... more info

Story about: love aacceptance forgiveness, destined together, powerful love

Ongoing: 21 Apr 239 pages
8902 181

Rating: 29

#537 in Romance
#141 in Contemporary Romance
#35 in Contemporary fiction


Mysterious Destiny of Us


Yoon Su Yeon is a simple-minded, focused and nerdy girl, living an average life until things suddenly started to change when she meets a doctor who happens to be part of the underworld. Things started to get more complicated when some mysterious people from her past life starts emerging in her pres... more info

Story about: timetravel, tragedy love and loss, underworld king

Ongoing: 16 May 489 pages
8821 167

Rating: 29

#573 in Romance
#149 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in Contemporary fiction
#22 in ChickLit


How Did We Get Like This?


Eighteen-year-old Zoe Brown has always been the girl no one paid attention to, the girl who kept her head low, hoping to get through high school drama-free. But that all changes when she is invited to a party by her ex-boyfriend, Ian, where she plays a game of spin-the-bottle. During the game, she k... more info

Story about: love triangle, high school, enemies to lovers

Complete 98 pages
3144 104

Rating: 17

#41 in Contemporary fiction
#24 in ChickLit
#39 in Young adult
#12 in School

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The Proposal

Isha Jain

"Why would you hurt me like this, Nick? I had finally learned to live again." "I am sorry..." "Get out." Eden and Nicholas set relationship goals for the world in their two years of bliss. When life separated them bitterly, they knew they had no choice but to move on. Eden created her company ... more info

Story about: humor, billionaire, billionaireromance

Complete 137 pages
48176 1325

Rating: 258

#772 in Romance
#373 in Billionaires
#48 in Contemporary fiction
#28 in ChickLit

1.79 USD

Forever Love

Payal Mandal

After 2 years of facing the disastrous consequences of falling for her, he was slowly getting back his long lost life due to someone else's presence in it. But his happiness was deemed to be short-lived when she entered his life again. But this time, it was different, she didn't want to destroy Aay... more info

Story about: love, moving on, drama and betrayal

Complete 195 pages
21198 331

Rating: 142

#744 in Romance
#22 in Inspiration romance
#47 in Contemporary fiction


It All Started With "I Do!"

Sanobar N

Not every arranged marriage is forced. Two people who started their lives together as strangers may find true love in each other. ... more info

Story about: arrangemarriage, love and arrange marriage, husbandwife

Complete 103 pages
34163 506

Rating: 86

#733 in Romance
#185 in Contemporary Romance
#45 in Contemporary fiction

Books in the genre of contemporary fiction 

Contemporary fiction addresses those storylines that take place in modern realities. This is one of the most important, ancient, and popular genres of literature, and is not going to let go of this position any time soon. That is because so many people like to read contemporary fiction. These novels, like no others, are very close to reality and life; they are often earnest and sincere. Some of these works have been inspired by real events or are simply based on them; others are products of their authors' imaginations. But what is absolutely certain is that books in this genre are interesting to read because they act as a filter of reality; they present us with the most interesting stories of our life. And that is something that will always be important.

Features of books in the genre of contemporary fiction 

You can talk for a long time about how relatable, truthful, and reliable contemporary fiction books are. But after all, the peculiarity of this genre is something else: it is extensive and immense; it allows you to absorb all the best from the literature of realism. After all, these books can hide anything: philosophical stories, drama, romance, action, intriguing detective stories, humorous novels with satire, youth prose, and even romantic erotica.
Reading modern prose, we can see our modern world through the prism of the author, who decided to tell us something. Moreover, these plots and stories are both lessons and moral quests to us. But what is really good is that contemporary fiction is written in a simple and understandable language; therefore, while in this section, you can calmly fully dive into any book. These works are read easily and carelessly; although, there is plenty of food for the mind in them. You will find something to think about after reading, if, of course, you wish.

Why is it best to read contemporary fiction on Booknet?

Booknet provides a huge selection of books in the genre of contemporary fiction. Just stay on our site and start reading! Pay attention to the second, additional genre of each book from the section so that you have a better understanding of what the book is about. On Booknet, writers themselves publish interesting books, and you can comment on any of them after reading, point the author to errors and inaccuracies, and maybe, on the contrary, praise him or her sharing comments with other readers. All this is possible here, on Booknet. Interesting books written by contemporary authors are an excellent way to spend your free time. Enjoy reading worthy books that you will never regret.

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