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Worth to Fight

Dipika Ojha

Melody Hearts a really helping girl. Love her family and friends a lot. She is like a light in the small town of Jamberoo, she owns a small and only restaurant in the town with her aunt and sister own cottages where tourists visit. She is younger sister has no parents firecrackers as well as a bratt... more info

Story about: haters then friends and then ......, small town romance, love betrayal

Ongoing: 29 Jul 3 pages
12 12

Rating: 5

#29 in Contemporary fiction
#498 in Romance


Brown-Eyed Heaven

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien

A wealthy teenage virgin falls in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard.... more info

Story about: highschool, billionaires, first true love

Ongoing: 29 Jul 244 pages
2065 51

Rating: 3

#34 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in Urban life


Alyssa: A story of revenge

Adarshita writes

Alyssa's whole world revolves around her grandparents and her flowers because she is a florist. Her dream is to open a wedding planning company but due to her financial condition, she can't. She never fell in love but wants to, her dream man is someone who will love her unconditionally same as her g... more info

Story about: romance desires, dreams and romance, revenge and regret

Ongoing: 29 Jul 25 pages
368 42

Rating: 15

#22 in Contemporary fiction
#350 in Romance


His Little Wife


Unwanted wedding, that's how their love story started. About two people who both don't like each other at first but eventually they will also love each other. But where they are happy together, there will come an unexpected problem that will separate the two of them. After many years,... more info

Story about: love and pain, choices, student and professor

Complete 118 pages
21498 456

Rating: 96

#12 in Contemporary fiction
#134 in Romance


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

"If you want to save your beloved Aai from the clutches of death, then you will have to marry me," he grinned evilly. "There is no way that I am going to marry someone like you," her eyes depicted pure anger and hatred. "Are you sure? Because your one decision can save your dead husband's mother ... more info

Story about: revenge and drama, mafialove, love and hate relationship

Ongoing: 29 Jul 55 pages
7846 621

Rating: 150

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in Romance
#10 in Contemporary Romance


Another Story of an Antagonist

Chrisade Dee

Antagonist'Corner Series #1 Samantha Artemis Anderson believed that she was born to be the antagonist. She never ever had her happy ending. She strives and fought for everything and still, she ends up empty-handed and taking the title of the bad guy. If this is just another typical Cinderella sto... more info

Story about: rebel, royalty, racer girl first love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 18 pages
87 6

Rating: 3

#46 in Contemporary fiction
#21 in ChickLit
#746 in Romance
#173 in Contemporary Romance


Winterville Academy:ivie


Like every teenromance novel ever read,The good girl always falls for the bad boy.The down to earth,anti-social book worm falling for the dangerous,mysterious and rebellious badass.Things like that happen in such books and in this one as well.The difference?,there isn't that much difference but i t... more info

Story about: clichés

Ongoing: 28 Jul 8 pages
22 2

Rating: 1

#77 in Contemporary fiction
#25 in Urban life
#86 in Young adult
#34 in School

1.99 USD

Mr. Romano's Secret

Dipika Ojha

Giovanni Romano, a man who never thought he would fall in love with a woman he was forbidden to, was emotionally blackmailed by his family into joining his family firm, and Because of his playboy nature, his father had set some basic rules for him. The most important rule was that he could not slee... more info

Story about: boss and assistant, office romance, forbiddenlove age gap poor and rich

Ongoing: 29 Jul 121 pages
3928 197

Rating: 59

#368 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary fiction



Payal Mandal

Rukhsar- The son of a poor security guard fell in love with her at the age of 18. But she ended up falling in love and marrying a billionaire at the age of 25.... more info

Story about: love, rags to riches, life of poverty

Complete 202 pages
20831 407

Rating: 135

#7 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in Urban life
#4 in Young adult


Why can't he love me?


Falling in love with your best friend is one thing but having to watch him have fun with his girlfriend and then having to witness him get married to her is another. Jessica decides to move away after her best friend AKA the love of her life gets married so that she can get over him. But after some ... more info

Story about: unrequitted love, marriage, strangers to lovers

Ongoing: 25 Jul 26 pages
177 10

Rating: 2

#512 in Romance
#124 in Contemporary Romance
#31 in Contemporary fiction
#6 in Urban life


Our love (long Distance)

Is this love

Ruth a girl who has been rejected by many guys and has no hope in love find Mike a good and caring boy. However there love is only on social media and that is Facebook. What happens if they meet one day will their love work out or is it too good to be true. ... more info

Story about: mike and ruth, ruth and the boys she liked

Ongoing: 29 Jul 16 pages
109 7

Rating: 2

#1188 in Romance
#76 in Contemporary fiction
#24 in Urban life


Rising Dawn


Faris likes to be in control of everything that happens in his life and has always been the one with a plan. Everything was in control in Faris's life until a girl from his past reappears. She is no other than Sierra Jane, the one whom Faris had a huge crush on in high school. She takes away his b... more info

Story about: romance, urban life, opposites attract

Ongoing: 29 Jul 44 pages
1635 175

Rating: 20

#352 in Romance
#88 in Contemporary Romance
#23 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in Urban life


Beauty of Marriage


Marriage for some it's constitution for life, for some it's mere a game. If married a right person Marriage is a bless which makes life smooth like cheese. "Teraa banega woh jo teraa nahee hai The one who is not yours will become yours Aye dil bata kyun tujhko itna yakin hai O my heart, why... more info

Story about: life after marriage

Complete 109 pages
3088 72

Rating: 8

#362 in Romance
#12 in Inspiration romance
#24 in Contemporary fiction
#5 in Urban life


My Woman

Miss Murty

Aditya Deewan, a rude, arrogant, self-obsessed, and very handsome and the richest man in the country who is in his late twenties..... This man exactly knows how to crush someone's self-respect. He absolutely hates to hear 'No' but what would he do if he hears the word he hates the most from the woma... more info

Story about: selfrespected girl, love and pain, possessive billionaire and protective

Ongoing: 18 Jul 35 pages
3071 464

Rating: 61

#518 in Romance
#274 in Billionaires
#32 in Contemporary fiction


My Brother's Keeper

Payal Mandal

"Don't you dare to touch me." "Oh Really? Why would I listen to you? You are my wife, I can touch you wherever I want" Lucian Frederick, an Australian mafia who is obsessed over a young and beautiful Nina Walker so much that he ends up abducting and marrying her. Soon his obsession develops int... more info

Story about: forbidden love, mafia, love and hate

Complete 242 pages
24033 936

Rating: 279

#5 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in ChickLit
#77 in Romance
#23 in Contemporary Romance


The Interdicted love

Wal writes

"I am so sorry sweetheart, it took me a little long to come." With this Danish closed the door of their bedroom. Alina understood that he was drunk but not so much that he'd start swaying. That night, she surrendered herself to him but she had turned into a stone....which doesn't get affected by any... more info

Story about: forbidden and secret love, abusivemarriage, love betrayal and heartbreak

Ongoing: 16 Jul 2 pages
2276 195

Rating: 22

#1534 in Romance
#96 in Contemporary fiction
#38 in ChickLit


My last wish is “you”


It's a story of a girl with a heart Disease who will soon gonna die if she doesn’t have a heart transplant!! She have fulfil all wish of her except one, and It's to fall in love!! Will she find her Love?? Will she have a happy ending?? ... more info

Story about: friendship, family, heart transplant

Ongoing: 28 Jul 23 pages
317 30

Rating: 6

#633 in Romance
#145 in Contemporary Romance
#38 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in Urban life


Binit kumar Singh

Binit kumar Singh

This book is based on the journey of ravana the demon king. ... more info

Story about: ravana the trilok vijayta

Ongoing: 26 Jul 9 pages
39 1

Rating: 2

#263 in Fantasy
#9 in Epic fantasy
#88 in Contemporary fiction


Warmth Of The Dark Ades

Violeta Rae

Helleon Eummer Addingston, the spoiled brat and a flirty one. She often hangout with boys as her happy pills not until one time, she met this very private man named Dawn Xnydyxx Hadley. He is a very well-grown man that so very ideal. Helly love his awful mindset and how mature he is when it comes to... more info

Story about: forbidden for being with each other.

Ongoing: 26 Jul 130 pages
398 29

Rating: 4

#965 in Romance
#149 in Romantic suspense
#65 in Contemporary fiction
#19 in Urban life

1.49 USD

Ignited Passions

O.J Ebubeoha

Michael Kane is making plans to commit to his pregnant fiancee out of honor when he finally lands his dream job after two years of being laid off, only to find himself deeply attracted to his new boss in ways that would be termed sinful. Katrina MacDaniels is a forty five year old married woman w... more info

Story about: age gap romance, boss and subordinate, forbiddenlove

Complete 173 pages
5342 115

Rating: 33

#28 in Contemporary fiction
#463 in Romance
#117 in Contemporary Romance

Books in the genre of contemporary fiction 

Contemporary fiction addresses those storylines that take place in modern realities. This is one of the most important, ancient, and popular genres of literature, and is not going to let go of this position any time soon. That is because so many people like to read contemporary fiction. These novels, like no others, are very close to reality and life; they are often earnest and sincere. Some of these works have been inspired by real events or are simply based on them; others are products of their authors' imaginations. But what is absolutely certain is that books in this genre are interesting to read because they act as a filter of reality; they present us with the most interesting stories of our life. And that is something that will always be important.

Features of books in the genre of contemporary fiction 

You can talk for a long time about how relatable, truthful, and reliable contemporary fiction books are. But after all, the peculiarity of this genre is something else: it is extensive and immense; it allows you to absorb all the best from the literature of realism. After all, these books can hide anything: philosophical stories, drama, romance, action, intriguing detective stories, humorous novels with satire, youth prose, and even romantic erotica.
Reading modern prose, we can see our modern world through the prism of the author, who decided to tell us something. Moreover, these plots and stories are both lessons and moral quests to us. But what is really good is that contemporary fiction is written in a simple and understandable language; therefore, while in this section, you can calmly fully dive into any book. These works are read easily and carelessly; although, there is plenty of food for the mind in them. You will find something to think about after reading, if, of course, you wish.

Why is it best to read contemporary fiction on Booknet?

Booknet provides a huge selection of books in the genre of contemporary fiction. Just stay on our site and start reading! Pay attention to the second, additional genre of each book from the section so that you have a better understanding of what the book is about. On Booknet, writers themselves publish interesting books, and you can comment on any of them after reading, point the author to errors and inaccuracies, and maybe, on the contrary, praise him or her sharing comments with other readers. All this is possible here, on Booknet. Interesting books written by contemporary authors are an excellent way to spend your free time. Enjoy reading worthy books that you will never regret.

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