Books in the genre of Dystopia


Mofocity: Echoes Of Darkness

Gegi Mei

Here we follow the footsteps of Adrian Addams, an orphan, a loner, a night crawler to the core who works for Jordan Cromwell, the city's most influential man's son. The city is going through some changes after 33 years of the separation, and Adrian is caught right in the middle of it. He's accust... more info

Story about: mystery, friendship, murder

Complete 115 pages
1726 154 14

Rating: 19

#27 in Thrillers & Suspense
#9 in Crime fiction
#39 in Young adult
#1 in Dystopia


Zombie's Pov

K.R Webber

Zombies are fighting for the survival of their race while the world is dominated by the living beings. Who are the victims? Zombies think they are victims but humans think otherwise. Roderick finds the same dilemma troubling. But he can't choose a side because he is already in one. For whom would ... more info

Story about: zombies, military scifi, roderick

Complete 17 pages
785 18 21

Rating: 8

#3 in Action & Adventures
#47 in Young adult
#2 in Dystopia


Covid-19 (virus vs Virus)

Aruna Reddy

A Short story trying to explore the causes of this pandemic from a writer's point of view via a dystopian setup. What if ... more info

Story about: flash fiction, covid19, human intervention

Complete 1 pages
214 38 0

Rating: 6

#25 in Short stories
#56 in Young adult
#3 in Dystopia

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