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Erotic books? Yes please :) Admit it: each of you has read at least one romance novel in your life. Download erotic books, read erotic novels online? Sure thing! :) Erotic novels in the self-publishing platform Booknet are always popular along with other genres of literature. Tender love and passion, naughty bed scenes, hot sex, hot cuddling, and kisses. Passionate lovers are ready to merge into one  ... multiple partners, interracial, slash and femslash, homosexual relationships, lesbian love, romance, and hard sex, Kamasutra, and all sorts of sexual practices - an inexhaustible source of sin! Read erotica for free and download erotic books on literary platform Booknet. In our electronic library, it is easy to read erotica online for free, and also to buy e-books in the genre of erotic fiction. This genre is too diverse to describe it and to put into several words. Erotic fantasy and erotic science fiction are also very popular genres that compete in popularity with books about millionaires and BDSM books like "50 Shades of Gray." Reading erotic novels is very easy using Booknet's convenient reader, but you can also download free erotic books. Or maybe you want to read online? In the electronic library of Booknet, it is easier than ever. 

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