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My Mute Wife


Shehnaaz a girl who lost her mother and her voice on the same day. On that day everything changed upside down. Her loving father changed after her mother's dismissal. A lady she thought who gave her motherly love changes into a meanest stepmother. A business contract changed her life upside down. ... more info

Story about: a girl who cant talk, a ruthless man, falling for each other

Ongoing: 02 Mar 116 pages
45491 851 279

Rating: 219

#23 in Romance
#5 in Romantic suspense
#1 in Fanfiction
#1 in Movies Fanfiction


My dream brother (kth & Y/n) (completed)

Park Christian

There are many uncountable and different wishes like that you had only one wish in your life that is to have elder brother And fortunately your wish comes true but Your brother had different feeling for you. what will you choose.... just brother or Lover.... more info

Story about: btsfanfic, fated love, kim taehyung and yn

Ongoing: 24 Feb 131 pages
1653 12 3

Rating: 4

#6 in Fanfiction
#604 in Romance


Colors of Life and Death

Wendy Winchester

Naruto is taken by Orochimaru and through gruesome torture, Naruto's chakra will begin to change into something only ever heard legends.... more info

Story about: rainbow chakra, naruto, naruhina

Complete 293 pages
12491 130 8

Rating: 19

#10 in Fanfiction
#1 in Anime Fanfiction


Eternal twilight

Srita Desconocida

There are two visions, Bella will become a beautiful immortal or Edward's immortal attractiveness will kill her, which of the two will pass? Fanfiction based on Midnight Sun from the Twilight saga.... more info

Story about: vampirelove, vampire and human romance, twilight

Ongoing: 03 Mar 7 pages
19 3 0

Rating: 0

#11 in Fanfiction
#167 in Fantasy
#85 in Romantic fantasy


Like To Have a Ride, Father?

Nicole Armas

Part 1: On the road to Mezargues, the priest of Ambricourt meets the notorious Monsieur Olivier. (Based off of the novel The Diary of a Country Priest by Georges Bernanos)... more info

Story about: lgbt love, forbidden desire, attraction

Complete 7 pages
72 13 0

Rating: 0

#13 in Fanfiction
#894 in Romance
#37 in LGBT


The Prince and The Witch: A Divergent Fairy Tale


Disclaimer: I don't own the Divergent Series. Once upon a time a handsome prince fell in love with a brave trainee. He was her instructor, but wanted to marry her. When dark forces threatened to destroy the land, the prince fought to protect his lady, but the lady didn't need protection. She was... more info

Story about: divergent, witch, dragon

Complete 56 pages
5598 86 9

Rating: 9

#17 in Fanfiction
#219 in Fantasy


The dragon and the lion


One day, against your best friend's warnings, you decide to log into your school's FB group just to find out something about a scholarship but ended up being scolded by a misteryous user. Now, with an unrequited love and a college life to lead, how will meeting this stranger affect or help you?... more info

Story about: college, romance

Complete 289 pages
68862 1055 37

Rating: 72

#1045 in Romance
#96 in New Adult & College
#18 in Fanfiction


The Cold Hearted Tomboy Soul Reaper

Kim Hitsugaya

In the human world, a young girl seems to be the cause of the frequent hollow attacks. The number of attacks per day increased like never before and many times she was the target. The captain of the 13th gotei kept an eye on her and ended up confiding his fears to the head captain. Who is this human... more info

Story about: bleach anime, fight, karakura

Ongoing: 03 Mar 18 pages
36 1 0

Rating: 4

#19 in Fanfiction
#2 in Anime Fanfiction


The Fight Of A Determined sister

Kim Hitsugaya

Nezuko has to find a certain Kibutsuji Muzan so he cna turn her brothers back to humans. Throughout her journey to look for him, her hatred for the demon creator grows but she turns it into strength to be able to fight the demons he created. She had sworn to turn her brothers back to human and she w... more info

Story about: fights, demons, blood

Ongoing: 25 Feb 7 pages
26 2 0

Rating: 1

#20 in Fanfiction
#3 in Anime Fanfiction


We Were Young Together

Nicole Armas

Part 4: Olivier mourns for his lost love.... more info

Story about: forbidden love, lgbt love, grief

Complete 5 pages
38 6 0

Rating: 0

#28 in Fanfiction
#1372 in Romance
#74 in LGBT

Recently Updated

A Mediocre Priest

Nicole Armas

Part 2: While visiting an old friend from seminary, the priest of Ambricourt is haunted by the memory of Olivier. ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, lgbt love, forbidden desire

Complete 6 pages
48 8 0

Rating: 0

#30 in Fanfiction
#1410 in Romance
#76 in LGBT


Magic Has Come


With the curse broken, the residents of Pixfare struggle between their original and cursed memories, and are left wondering of the fate of their world.... more info

Story about: magic, disney, pixar

Ongoing: 01 Feb 92 pages
31 3 0

Rating: 0

#31 in Fanfiction
#3 in Movies Fanfiction


Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 5 (untold )

The Bonafide Oracle

Just finished watching the supposed final season of CAOS and to be very honest couldn't quite digest the ending. They left basically almost no opening for a new season because they killed off the main character. So here I am taking it up from where it was left and exploring where it takes me at the... more info

Story about: supernatural, fanfiction, romance

Ongoing: 28 Jan 13 pages
39 2 0

Rating: 0

#33 in Fanfiction
#1500 in Romance
#258 in Paranormal Romance


Bepanah - a dreadful love story


What would happen if two lovers who are united with soul get seperated by society. Will thier love win. ?... more info

Story about: love, mystery series, mystery romance

Ongoing: 22 Jan 1 pages
69 4 3

Rating: 1

#163 in Mystery
#37 in Fanfiction


Song parodies


Song parodies from different movies ... more info

Story about: disney, pixar

Ongoing: 22 Jan 2 pages
38 5 0

Rating: 0

#38 in Fanfiction
#6 in Movies Fanfiction


Once Upon a Time: Pixar style


Pixar characters are transported to the town of Pixfare, Maine, where they've been stripped of their memories and identities. An adult Jack-Jack is brought to town in the hopes of breaking the curse cast by Syndrome.... more info

Story about: disney, pixar, magic

Complete 189 pages
65 2 0

Rating: 0

#39 in Fanfiction
#7 in Movies Fanfiction


Little Peach - Jinnam


-¿Te puedo ayudar en algo? Con esa pregunta comenzó todo. Él estaba muy nervioso, es normal ver a muchos chiquillos inexpertos entrar a mi tienda y volverse un manojo de nervios. Pero él era diferente, su sorpresa y curiosidad era genuina, como la de un niño. Cuando me sonrió, sus mejillas... more info

Story about: btsfanfic, omegaverse, jinnam

Ongoing: 20 Jan 5 pages
61 7 0

Rating: 4

#1613 in Romance
#88 in LGBT
#43 in Fanfiction


Merlin's Forgotten Tale: Book 1

Veronica S. Lawson

Thoughout the years the tale of Merlin, and King Arthur has been past down from generation to generation. Yet overtime the true tale of Merlin and her great destiny has been greatly wraped. This is her story. The Forgotten Tale of Merlin and her King. (I Do Not Own Merlin Or The Charcters)... more info

Story about: merlin, retelling, gender bender

Ongoing: 03 Mar 133 pages
272 4 2

Rating: 1

#49 in Fanfiction
#677 in Fantasy


Can't get you out of my mind ( Jk Ff completed )

Park Christian

The story about two young man and woman that is Jungkook and y/n who had different sad past which affected their love life and fails to believe live does not exist falls in love. ... more info

Story about: btsfanfic, they are fated together by stars, the bts members

Ongoing: 25 Jan 126 pages
3123 21 18

Rating: 8

#66 in Fanfiction
#2866 in Romance


Enemy Territory

Veronica S. Lawson

In a time of magic the destiny of a great vampire kingdom rests on the shoulders of one human. His name. Merlin. Only problem is humans are illegal in camelot. Can he keep his human status hidden or will he end up as a vampires snack?... more info

Story about: vampires, merlin, magic

Complete 25 pages
245 9 0

Rating: 1

#913 in Fantasy
#72 in Fanfiction

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