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Mira Diamond

So Mitchell Strange and Jason Anderson have to face growing up with powers and living a well hidden life... more info

Story about: teenage love, friendships, bonds

Ongoing: 04 Apr 6 pages
14 1 0

Rating: 1

#5 in Fanfiction
#27 in Young adult


Ocean of Blossom

Rosetta Cain

This is a story of how a dragon shifter found herself homing a few bitty bones. All creation of the Alpha Bitties belongs to AlphaMamaLioness on Tumblr. And the two fire bitty belong to Fucken-crybaby also on tumblr.... more info

Story about: family, family and trust, family and love

Ongoing: 02 Apr 2 pages
15 3 0

Rating: 1

#3 in Fanfiction
#1 in Video games Fanfiction


The King and The Sorceress


A young spirit falls from heaven into Middle-Earth, unaware of her purposes (or the feelings she'll arise on her fellow inhabitants). #whathappensinmirkwoodstaysinmirkwood *I do not possess ANY of the known characters in this story, neither an extensive knowledge of Tolkien's work. This work ... more info

Story about: thranduil, elf, king

Complete 78 pages
2399 75 11

Rating: 8

#96 in Fanfiction
#26 in Movies Fanfiction
#610 in Fantasy
#162 in Romantic fantasy


The dragon and the lion


One day, against your best friend's warnings, you decide to log into your school's FB group just to find out something about a scholarship but ended up being scolded by a misteryous user. Now, with an unrequited love and a college life to lead, how will meeting this stranger affect or help you?... more info

Story about: romance, rich people, college

Complete 289 pages
9776 149 16

Rating: 9

#117 in Romance
#18 in New Adult & College
#1 in Fanfiction


Colors of Life and Death

Wendy Winchester

Naruto is taken by Orochimaru and through gruesome torture, Naruto's chakra will begin to change into something only ever heard of...in legends.... more info

Story about: rainbow chakra, naruto, naruhina

Complete 293 pages
2337 20 3

Rating: 5

#49 in Fanfiction
#5 in Anime Fanfiction


Imelda in Wonderland

Kira L. Smith

Alice and Imelda may be completely different characters but that didn't stop me from making this fanfic! I thought I'd get creative. Don't worry, I made sure to keep Imelda in character as much as possible. In this fanfic, Imelda winds up in Wonderland and comes across strange and wacky characters t... more info

Story about: disney, pixar, coco

Complete 10 pages
587 25 2

Rating: 4

#409 in Fantasy
#73 in Action fantasy
#43 in Fanfiction
#7 in Movies Fanfiction


Legend of a swordswoman


A girl's first interest to play a game that her brother is playing. Then she notice that the game became all too real for her. So how would she cope with the all-so-real enviroment of the game?... more info

Story about: games

Complete 99 pages
10100 22 13

Rating: 7

#583 in Fantasy
#83 in Fanfiction
#10 in Video games Fanfiction


Caitlin & Noah

N B Willowbark

When Caitlin and Noah meet, they have no idea what is lined up for them. When country-girl Caitlin, falls for Noah, who is set to take over his father farm after high-school, all of their responsibilities fall away to make room for new ones.... more info

Story about: country romance, teen romance, teen parents

Ongoing: 22 Feb 1 pages
49 1 1

Rating: 1

#279 in Romance
#15 in Fanfiction


Giving up on you


You and your chilhood friend Hongbin had always been together but that was about to change when Leo joined the group. How will his presence change your future and how is he related to Hongbin's broken family.... more info

Story about: accidents, childhood friends, affairs

Complete 132 pages
15291 25 16

Rating: 2

#72 in Fanfiction
#812 in Romance


To love or to hell


You should be careful when making a deal and extra careful when it looks easy. She thought that not loving anyone would be easy. He thought making someone fall for him was child's play. It thought watching them struggle would be fun.... more info

Story about: demons, murder, mistery

Ongoing: 27 Mar 4 pages
63 22 0

Rating: 2

#2 in Fanfiction
#11 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy


Arx's Re:life


A story about a guy's transfer to a naval base where his love will bloom from knowing the girls there. After that, will his love proceed down it's intended path, or will it change? If you liked this book, do please give a rating on it. Thank you. ... more info

Story about: shipgirls, despair

Complete 84 pages
2727 26 12

Rating: 6

#86 in Fanfiction
#14 in Anime Fanfiction
#295 in Short stories


Similar but different


Hinata has a lot of friends on the volleyball team including the old third-year volleyball players and second years. But then feelings are developed for him. And he has no clue! And What about the new first years that just came in which Hinata gets to Babysit. Their now official captain Ennoshita Is... more info

Story about: volleyball

Ongoing: 04 Mar 23 pages
327 5 1

Rating: 3

#18 in Fanfiction
#2 in Anime Fanfiction
#396 in Romance
#42 in LGBT


The secret file of Aladdin's true identity


discovered file from a reliable source that discusses the secret behind aladdin's hidden identity, and the very root of catastrophe that is about to come... more info

Story about: disney, bathroom, aladdin

Complete 5 pages
415 25 3

Rating: 2

#278 in Others
#83 in Humor
#99 in Fanfiction


The Prince and The Witch: A Divergent Fairy Tale


Disclaimer: I don't own the Divergent Series. Once upon a time a handsome prince fell in love with a brave trainee. He was her instructor, but wanted to marry her. When dark forces threatened to destroy the land, the prince fought to protect his lady, but the lady didn't need protection. She was... more info

Story about: divergent, witch, dragon

Complete 56 pages
3016 29 9

Rating: 4

#73 in Fanfiction
#544 in Fantasy


Tiny Pies

Wendy Winchester

Cas never imagined buying a simple gift for Dean would lead to something so wonderful.... more info

Story about: destiel, supernatural, love confession

Complete 3 pages
83 2 2

Rating: 1

#50 in Fanfiction


The Dragon and the Journalist


A Ninja Gaiden fanfic. Sonia travels to Tokyo for vacations. She's wounded by a recent break-up and longs to get over her ex. Curious as a cat, Sonia will soon find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little did she know, Ryu Hayabusa will be the answer to all her prayers. Who would... more info

Story about: ryu, hayabusa, ninja

Complete 92 pages
3043 35 14

Rating: 6

#94 in Fanfiction
#11 in Video games Fanfiction
#15 in Anime Fanfiction


G.I. Lover


Camila Mendoza has just started working as a secretary in a prestigious laboratory. Unfortunately, it will not last long. The G.I. Joe come to raid the lab that same day, in search of supporters of Cobra, and Camila will find herself unemployed before receiving her first check. Luckily, there ... more info

Story about: romance, snake eyes, gi joe

Complete 49 pages
1337 19 4

Rating: 2

#101 in Fanfiction
#7 in Comics Fanfiction
#29 in Movies Fanfiction


The Good Old Days


Prince Nuada goes on a journey across a world he hates, following the exile from his father's court. Now, centuries after, he finds a ray of light in the friendship of a young woman in the Caribbean paradise. *I do not own anything related to the Hellboy/Del Toro universe. However, please, don't ... more info

Story about: fantasy, nuada, prince

Complete 42 pages
1390 26 2

Rating: 3

#98 in Fanfiction
#27 in Movies Fanfiction
#963 in Romance
#153 in Romantic suspense


A hunter's diary


From Giving up on you saga Before Hyuk, a.k.a Hunter, found Hongbin and then Leo, he met Anne, a lively girl who appeared to be the victim but hides a big secret behind that innocent face. Now, he has volunteered himself to find the culprits behind Anne's family murder but, what is expecting him ... more info

Story about: romance, drama, detectives

Complete 20 pages
562 4 2

Rating: 0

#51 in Fanfiction
#189 in Young adult


The Captain and the Sorceress


After years of solitude and study, Sharazzad travels to the city of Gondor to visit their famous library and start making diplomatic connections to the most important kingdom of men in Middle Earth. There she becomes friends with the youngest son of the steward...and his gallant older brother. *I... more info

Story about: boromir, sorceress, romance

Complete 50 pages
1642 22 11

Rating: 2

#95 in Fanfiction
#25 in Movies Fanfiction
#608 in Fantasy
#161 in Romantic fantasy

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