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Eight teenagers find friendship in each other, after meeting at a boarding school in the elite town of MageTown, whilst on the run from their pasts and in search of a new home. Will they be able to find it in each other, even though they are as different as night and day?... more info

Story about: urban fantasy, romance, youth

Ongoing: 15 Feb 20 pages
170 4 1

Rating: 0

#138 in Fantasy
#8 in Urban fantasy
#294 in Romance
#43 in New Adult & College


Dark Stars

Rosetta Cain

Description in Progress... more info

Story about: warfare

Ongoing: 13 Feb 7 pages
133 1 1

Rating: 1

#140 in Fantasy
#31 in Romantic fantasy
#45 in Dark fantasy


Natural Born Killers: Book 2 'a Killer Amongst Us' Series

Naakaree griffits

A Sequal to 'A Killer Amongst Us'. When Silas goes in search of his mother 20 years after being abandoned by her in an Arizona hospital, he didn't know what to expect when he finally found her... What he came across far exceeded any expectations that he held; As, upon his arrival, he had gained ... more info

Story about: demons, killers

Ongoing: 16 Feb 2 pages
55 2 0

Rating: 0

#149 in Fantasy
#38 in Thrillers & Suspense


A Royal Creed


It is 53 A.D, a time when Romania peaked in dominating the world with their strength, hunting down all manner of beasts and humans to protect the land from the unjust. Unravel yourself in a dark and cruel tale of a young, curious boy, Emriel, a victim of the plague. After his father sent for an arti... more info

Story about: vampires, mythology, original fantasy

Ongoing: 04 Apr 56 pages
301 8 3

Rating: 2

#12 in Action & Adventures
#152 in Fantasy
#51 in Dark fantasy




Story of a young man in search of his missing father from a small village in Southern India. Bhairava, a young temple priest in a small village is set out to find his father who has disappeared mysteriously. What he doesn't know is the turn his life going to take in the pursuit and the twists his ... more info

Story about: adventure, mystery and fantasy, adventurousmystery

Ongoing: 08 Feb 10 pages
73 5 3

Rating: 3

#153 in Fantasy
#17 in Epic fantasy
#32 in Action fantasy




Avigale Eden, thought her life was simple, that was until she found a diary the held a secret that would change her whole life. The man she'd grown up knowing as her father, isn't, and her real dad has no idea where she is. Avigale's search for her lost dad, takes her down a path to a town full of... more info

Story about: friendship, finding the truth, magic and powers

Ongoing: 08 Feb 0 pages
183 6 7

Rating: 4

#84 in Young adult
#20 in Dystopia
#154 in Fantasy
#33 in Action fantasy



Naakaree griffits

There was once a time when monsters ruled the lands, overpowering the seas and overtaking the skies. Yet, would you fall for a monster who inhales the sea and exhales a melody that makes you fly? Where a love experience tore apart kingdoms, set aflame to hearts of the innocent and caused wars ... more info

Story about: vikings, mermaids, faeries

Ongoing: 04 Feb 13 pages
255 7 4

Rating: 0

#155 in Fantasy
#18 in Epic fantasy


The Impact of Her

Nicole Marcina

Robert is the Crowned Prince of the Kingdom of Western Wind. Looked up to by almost all of the monarchs because of promising attributes, Robert has done everything to be revered by all the other kingdoms. He's always been careful, calculated with every move he makes. However, his life is shrouded b... more info

Story about: monarchy, love triangle, immortal

Ongoing: 20 Mar 43 pages
202 19 4

Rating: 2

#156 in Fantasy
#35 in Romantic fantasy
#61 in Mystery
#15 in Romantic mystery


Alred's Dragon

Ethan DeJonge

Alred is on the run, he knows stuff that shouldn't. He needs to make it back to the King before war breaks out. The only problem is he first need to make it there alive. Come walk with Alred and see if he can make it!... more info

Story about: werewolf, dragon, magic

Ongoing: 06 Feb 7 pages
138 1 2

Rating: 0

#24 in Science fiction
#158 in Fantasy


The Alchemist

PJ Lowry

A man who uses magic to heal people is exposed by someone who accidentally took his medicine without knowing it...... more info

Story about: magical items, magical warfare, alchemy

Ongoing: 03 Apr 15 pages
240 16 1

Rating: 6

#159 in Fantasy
#11 in Urban fantasy
#39 in Thrillers & Suspense
#18 in Suspense

Recently Updated

Ghost of you


Till death do us part. Is that where a marriage ends for you? Not for John after he loses his wife in a tragic accident he is willing to do anything to get her back even if it means doing the impossible. Even if it means losing his life. ... more info

Story about: lost love, darkness, death and loss

Ongoing: 01 Apr 7 pages
127 17 2

Rating: 2

#167 in Fantasy
#55 in Dark fantasy
#38 in Romantic fantasy


Merely Mortal

RJ Greene

16 year old Andrew is surprised when he's given probation instead of life after surviving a brutal gang fight and ends up in a foster home with several other strange teenagers. It quickly becomes clear that there is more going on than meets the eye and when he accidentally attacks a housemate, he's ... more info

Story about: fantasy, mythology, greek gods

Ongoing: 13 Mar 64 pages
509 11 11

Rating: 1

#174 in Fantasy
#36 in Action fantasy




Long ago, in a world parallel to our own, humans lived in constant fear of the nocturnal beasts that we only know as demons. Living under the protection of the angels, it seemed like the world was living in peaceful tension. However, when the demons finally took control, nearly wiping out any and al... more info

Story about: demons, angels, found family

Complete 102 pages
6401 21 13

Rating: 8

#177 in Fantasy
#37 in Action fantasy
#122 in Short stories


Pendragon Academy: Fangs for nothing...

Jac A Cameron

In a not so distance future, a young girl causes a flood on her sister's wedding, she is immediately diagnosed with magic. When the letter assigns her for Pendragon Academy, Ash Lockwood did not understand what she was getting into, but her countless adventures had just begun. THIS BOOK IS IN BE... more info

Story about: magic, magic school, magical creatures

Ongoing: 14 Mar 65 pages
866 14 7

Rating: 2

#101 in Young adult
#28 in School
#180 in Fantasy
#16 in Urban fantasy


Fallen Finally


Book #3 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love and follows Fallen & Fallen Further. There once was a young boy who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. His life is full of joy and love until one day he begins to realise that he does not know his fathe... more info

Story about: magick, angels and demons, healers

Complete 9 pages
499 30 20

Rating: 7

#186 in Fantasy
#43 in Romantic fantasy
#70 in Mystery
#38 in Supernaturals


Venin : An Old Tale

Mahnoor Khan

You know her daughter's story but its time to know her own story. This story revolves around a girl named Athena niveus who fell in love with human despite the differences but the world as cruel as it is will let her live with her one and only true love? If you haven't read the first part? go re... more info

Story about: fantasy, lovers, whitesnake

Ongoing: 23 Feb 11 pages
220 23 3

Rating: 4

#188 in Fantasy
#44 in Romantic fantasy
#372 in Romance
#52 in New Adult & College


Fallen Further


Book #2 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love and continues on from Fallen. There once was young woman who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. It is a peaceful life and she wanted for nothing. She served her purpose and she was loved by a mysteriou... more info

Story about: magick, angels and demons, healers

Complete 8 pages
556 22 29

Rating: 11

#191 in Fantasy
#45 in Romantic fantasy
#78 in Mystery
#41 in Supernaturals


Grazing the Sky


Aspiring musician Lance awakes one night to hear a voice. Someone warning him of danger to come. Someone telling him to start running, now. Lance has no choice but to shrug off the event as something of his own imagination, but upon falling unconscious, he is kidnapped and injected with deadly c... more info

Story about: love, family, abuse

Complete 447 pages
3125 26 30

Rating: 3

#200 in Fantasy
#68 in Dark fantasy
#46 in Romantic fantasy


Saer Servitude

K.R Webber

Saer, a hired killer is, up to a very unusual task – protecting a family. Never in his life has Saer used his assassin skills to save someone's head. But this time he has to use it for that if he wants to save his and everyone's lives. Worst part, family is reluctant to the idea of letting anyon... more info

Story about: sacrifice, monsters, sorcery and battles

Ongoing: 04 Mar 60 pages
512 7 11

Rating: 5

#202 in Fantasy
#18 in Action & Adventures


Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)


So, you made it to the second book huh? And you're still interested in reading more about me and my new life? Well, alright then! So as you probably know, I'm still getting the hang of this double life, but at least I don't have to worry about college anymore. However, that doesn't mean I won't be f... more info

Story about: adventure, elves, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 01 Apr 113 pages
1741 12 9

Rating: 1

#207 in Fantasy
#116 in Others
#35 in Humor

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