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A Glimpse of Life


With her desires to experience something new, Ice steps into a different world where nothing is impossible. She gets happy while riding a car of her life until the went off the tracks...... more info

Story about: love building and destroying things

Complete 96 pages
847 26

Rating: 0

#191 in Fantasy
#6 in Epic fantasy
#96 in Romantic fantasy


Merlin's Forgotten Tale: Book 1

Veronica S. Lawson

Thoughout the years the tale of Merlin, and King Arthur has been past down from generation to generation. Yet overtime the true tale of Merlin and her great destiny has been greatly wraped. This is her story. The Forgotten Tale of Merlin and her King. (I Do Not Own Merlin Or The Charcters)... more info

Story about: merlin, retelling, gender bender

Complete 180 pages
739 6

Rating: 4

#8 in Fanfiction
#151 in Fantasy


Reflected By The Moon

Whitney Bridge

After Theo's tragic demise, Devon tries to move on after a couple of years but things don't feel the same. The gaping hole in her heart seems to grow even wider, maybe that could be because she'd lost her soulmate. What happens when she suddenly meets Theo's look alike who is a human with no memory ... more info

Story about: fated love fairies supernatural

Complete 155 pages
2743 79

Rating: 19

#183 in Fantasy
#91 in Romantic fantasy
#1055 in Romance
#72 in Paranormal Romance


Vampire on Fire


A chef in disguise vampire survived for twenty-six years and has lived a normal life while tasting delicious cuisine rather than a clean-blooded human. Vampires during this modern world haven't tried clean blood and that's the reason why they became weak and prone to aging. When one's mind is fil... more info

Story about: vampire chef tames tough woman

Complete 119 pages
1336 40

Rating: 26

#1042 in Romance
#68 in Paranormal Romance
#179 in Fantasy
#89 in Romantic fantasy


Black Devil White Prince.

Nasreen Mansuri

A not so good manga artist accidentally summons a devil, who was cursed and buried under thousands and thousands of layers of magic. To prevent him from returning to the earth. He’s ruthless, heartless, merciless, every evil thing one can imagine. He entertains him self by spreading hatred, hosti... more info

Story about: demon in love with a human

Complete 83 pages
1089 48

Rating: 15

#52 in Mystery
#16 in Supernaturals
#145 in Fantasy


You and Me

Melissa N

"Tell me the truth!" "I can't! You'll hate me." "I am this close to hating you for not telling me anything!" May Dawson was a high school graduate who just moved into the small town Mazadora. A man by the name of Eros, appeared at her door one night, beaten up. She took care of him even as the... more info

Story about: dragon in love with human, dragon fantasy romance

Complete 117 pages
8496 160

Rating: 24

#178 in Fantasy
#1039 in Romance


Seducing the Vampire Lord.


When Flora tries to escape a stalker who broke into her apartment she gets sucked into an antique mirror she was gifted for her 19th birthday and lands into a place foreign to her and back in time and in the mercy of a dark brooding vampire who might just rip her throat out if she made the wrong mo... more info

Story about: dark romance, timetravel, possessive vampire

Ongoing: 02 Jun 121 pages
6619 251

Rating: 54

#177 in Fantasy
#88 in Romantic fantasy
#1036 in Romance
#66 in Paranormal Romance


A World Beside our Own


Simon is a run-away trans-identified youth, trying to find a means to flee from religiously unaccepting parents. On a rainy night, he encounters the strangest girl he could ever meet. She pulls Simon into a world he never knew existed, where magical creatures have lived alongside humanity for genera... more info

Story about: vampire, magical world, highschool romance

Complete 293 pages
611 26

Rating: 0

#176 in Fantasy
#1035 in Romance
#33 in LGBT


The Absolute Blue Moon


She has to moving out and trapped on a small town in Alaska. With no friends, but her brother, Davis. What a bore. Suddenly, her boringly life changes into full of passion, strange, thrilling and throw down the gauntlet at the same time, as she met Tom Hoult. A mysterious local resident, which she ... more info

Story about: vampire human romance, love and fantasy, paranormal romance

Complete 159 pages
1719 49

Rating: 9

#1032 in Romance
#65 in Paranormal Romance
#174 in Fantasy
#87 in Romantic fantasy


Hellfire's Captive

Arcane, HEENA

"Do you even know that I can burn you down with one touch?" He gruffed. "How can I even expect something else from a devil's son like you?" Mia also answered him straight. The word *Devil's Son* had tossed his temper. He hated the way Mia judged him as Devil's Son. Darkness started covering his sc... more info

Story about: curse, witches, fire demon and human romance

Complete 130 pages
7773 161

Rating: 33

#173 in Fantasy
#7 in Action fantasy
#1030 in Romance
#64 in Paranormal Romance

Recently Updated

Azian Prince of Dragons book 1

Mckayla Chinyama Queen

Ten thousand years have past since the Megalos-Machi (great battle) between the Dragon kind and the remnants of The Level World. The dragon kind have long been proved extinct and the world has moved on into a new age. However deep in the Ignere forest they awake, they breed, they learn to fight... more info

Story about: dragon shifters, fantasy romance, dragon prince

Complete 162 pages
2645 93

Rating: 15

#171 in Fantasy
#86 in Romantic fantasy


His mate or slave

Nisha R

Alina finished her high school in Edgewood the topper of the school also a bad girl she lives in Paris , the city of love or the city of light but she never found love nor did anyone lighten her soul but there is a secret that even she doesn't know but her parents do. She wants to do her college in ... more info

Story about: vampires, half human, vampire king

Ongoing: 21 Jul 38 pages
1230 56

Rating: 26

#170 in Fantasy
#85 in Romantic fantasy


How to deal with The death


How heavy could possibly be the heart with perjury? After a stranger in an absurd cloth had run in my room saying that he was Anubis, god of death, my whole life turned upside down. Suddenly I had to throw away my life and went with him to the stupid Underworld. However Anubis didn't realise that ... more info

Story about: gods, girl meets boy, promise

Ongoing: 29 May 6 pages
142 9

Rating: 3

#25 in Others
#16 in Humor
#168 in Fantasy
#7 in Urban fantasy


Billionaire's Heart

Dark Romance

Here, take this and be ready for being my mistress he said with smirk . Is this going to end of our relationship? This is story of struggling orphan girl Amber Parker who fallen in love with his billionaire boss but tragedy happened in her life which made her his mistress for handle his torture ... more info

Story about: hate to love, hate love and misunderstandings, love romance

Ongoing: 06 Jun 22 pages
4167 215

Rating: 41

#1009 in Romance
#154 in Romantic suspense
#167 in Fantasy
#84 in Romantic fantasy


Taming Hazel


..."What awkward moments?" I ask with a creased brow "Waking up in my boss's bed to find him staring at me" "I find it sexy, not awkward" I say with a naughty smirk. "Oh please Klaus, we should forget about what happened" "I don't want to, it was the best night ever".... Hazel had a difficult p... more info

Story about: love and romance, rape victim, pregnancy and billionaire

Ongoing: 29 May 44 pages
1938 157

Rating: 13

#160 in Fantasy
#79 in Romantic fantasy
#994 in Romance
#47 in Inspiration romance


A World of Discoveries


Laurëafanya has embraced her adolescent Elven name, her culture and her people. Now this young Druid needs to figure out how she can end a war between the Fae, find a way to bring more peace to Earth, and slowly introduce Elves back to our world. All without causing too much of a stir in the public... more info

Story about: love, magic, highschool

Ongoing: 21 Jul 258 pages
279 11

Rating: 0

#993 in Romance
#31 in LGBT
#159 in Fantasy
#78 in Romantic fantasy


Half of you, Vulcan!


The three ladies (his daughter, maid and lover) want a half of him, but seriously, who divides a half into three? * * * Athena has given her words to her father that Vulcan, the mortal is better than every god, Zeus, her father formed and proposed that she marry. Be... more info

Story about: magic, love triangle, amnesia

Ongoing: 26 Jul 148 pages
399 12

Rating: 4

#158 in Fantasy
#77 in Romantic fantasy


The Legacy Trials

Noah Clementine

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village Karasuma, the Legacy Trials are about to begin, which test the mettle of the young and uninitiate... more info

Story about: magic, kingdoms, martial arts

Ongoing: 30 Jun 29 pages
113 14

Rating: 4

#157 in Fantasy
#5 in Action & Adventures
#2 in Military


The underworld princess

Nisha R

Sarah Ahuja 18 years old she lost her mother at a young age her father was a cop a Mafia king took him away from her from the that minute she trained hard to get her father back one day that's why goes to the underworld she fights in order to fight the Mafia king one day... Vikas Vasista 19 yea... more info

Story about: fights, mafia, billionair

Ongoing: 21 Jul 22 pages
410 40

Rating: 8

#987 in Romance
#85 in New Adult & College
#156 in Fantasy
#6 in Action fantasy


Love Dream : The secret door


The story is about Annie, a middle class girl who went camping with her friends at a hill station near a forest. Her friends always treated her badly because of her middle class background. On the second day of the camp , her friends forcefully sent her to the forest where she saw an old house. When... more info

Story about: supernatural, love and romance, different worlds mystery

Ongoing: 21 Jul 13 pages
730 38

Rating: 13

#155 in Fantasy
#76 in Romantic fantasy
#58 in Mystery
#18 in Supernaturals

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