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Omolola Ayorinde

Anna held on hope since she was kidnapped from a young age and placed in an institute that uses the girls for wicked things. She had someone to protect at the institute, someone she loves dearly and did her best to hide. That hope became a reality but what happens when only one could be freed and th... more info

Ongoing: 04 Oct 8 pages
21 2 0

Rating: 0

#179 in Fantasy
#89 in Romantic fantasy
#1152 in Romance
#594 in Billionaires


The alpha


Drake McGregor Robinson: He is the alpha of the silver moon pack. Only that he is a cold and lonely werewolf who is not afraid of anything and much less anyone moves him, he knows very well that not even when he meets his mate will he change his character or maybe he is wrong, because anything can h... more info

Story about: werewolf, romance, soulmates

Ongoing: 18 Oct 9 pages
549 56 0

Rating: 3

#180 in Fantasy
#90 in Romantic fantasy


Enemy Territory

Veronica S. Lawson

In a time of magic the destiny of a great vampire kingdom rests on the shoulders of one human. His name. Merlin. Only problem is humans are illegal in camelot. Can he keep his human status hidden or will he end up as a vampires snack?... more info

Story about: vampires, merlin, magic

Complete 25 pages
103 8 0

Rating: 1

#183 in Fantasy
#30 in Fanfiction


Travails of Oluwole

Ulric Efukor

The autobiography of the sorrowful life of a young boy amidst joy. A cruel and unforgettable past. Wickedness beyond recognition. Born to a busy and ignorant father. Nurtured in the cruel arms of his stepmother. Fate, love and hurdles surround his young life. Having God as the only voice that listen... more info

Story about: past, pain

Ongoing: 03 Oct 16 pages
81 1 0

Rating: 0

#113 in Young adult
#8 in Dystopia
#184 in Fantasy
#12 in Epic fantasy


A Glimpse of Life


With her desires to experience something new, Ice steps into a different world where nothing is impossible. She gets happy while riding a car of her life until the went off the tracks...... more info

Story about: love building and destroying things

Complete 96 pages
158 1 0

Rating: 0

#190 in Fantasy
#13 in Epic fantasy
#95 in Romantic fantasy


The Originals and Kiara


The thousand-year-old Original family of Vampires found themselves surrounded by enemies more powerful than them, in a time where their own family Marcel Gerard turned against them and joined the conspiracy to destroy them, when the Originals finally killed The Hollow the power released from her dea... more info

Story about: the original vampires family, the most powerful thing known as kiara, war

Ongoing: 07 Oct 2 pages
33 2 0

Rating: 1

#34 in Fanfiction
#195 in Fantasy




Rosie is a High School student who is sure the twins who transferred from Romania are Vampires after she witnessed something out of this world will the truth change her? The gorgeous and pale twins take over the school secret parties in the woods and get-togethers at their cabin in the dark woods. T... more info

Story about: vampire romance, vampire love, vampires murder fantasy

Ongoing: 05 Oct 8 pages
69 8 0

Rating: 5

#200 in Fantasy
#47 in Dark fantasy
#27 in Horror


Romantic Ghost Love story

Love Heart

Darknight about two boy drink wine tasting in the car .... Whit cut men arms looking on Ghost.,.lady ghost mind full of Romantic mood...two boy one boy cut face and innocent speaking awesome arms...she is like it... When two boys wine drinking finish... They are going House... They are Best friends.... more info

Story about: love and romance, love after marriage, love lust love story

Ongoing: 03 Oct 2 pages
165 29 0

Rating: 3

#1288 in Romance
#201 in Fantasy


Curse Blood: The Revival


The last descendants of the Vancouver family seeks to reveal the truth about the cruelness of the past. Unleash the lies from the queen and the truth about the prince. She who belongs to the world of greatness, she who doesn't belong to this world will be the goddess of the world. ... more info

Story about: love from different world, magical world, mystery and lies

Ongoing: 28 Sep 13 pages
11 2 0

Rating: 0

#205 in Fantasy
#101 in Romantic fantasy
#115 in Mystery
#52 in Supernaturals


Eternal Word Definitions

Crystel Smith

This book contains all the unknown words in Eternal. ... more info

Story about: word definitions

Ongoing: 25 Sep 3 pages
42 1 0

Rating: 1

#211 in Fantasy
#23 in Action fantasy

Recently Updated

Glass From The Glass Psyche

Katherina Star

Stella needs an escape ASAP. A panic attack and a note for her help take her through memory lane to a simpler and happier time for her. However, she has to face her fears to get why she's there.... more info

Story about: alternate world, princess, selfdiscovery

Ongoing: 21 Sep 4 pages
24 1 0

Rating: 0

#217 in Fantasy
#25 in Action fantasy
#86 in Contemporary fiction
#49 in ChickLit


The story of a Car driver

muthulakshmi G

The story of a car driver Driving a car on the road in Chennai ... Someone was sitting ... Then an adult was going that way ... He asked why you were sitting here alone then ... I was wondering how my life would turn out for him sir !!!! To which the elder asked me to tell you your story ... ... more info

Story about: first sight, love and affection, love lust love story

Ongoing: 26 Sep 3 pages
47 6 0

Rating: 2

#1399 in Romance
#218 in Fantasy


Soul love of the Solo


A female demon, who cultivated only for 25 years, and changed Into impure demon, she tries to change purely by taking human soul who is going to die sooner. ... more info

Story about: healer fated to love a demon

Ongoing: 29 Sep 5 pages
56 4 0

Rating: 0

#219 in Fantasy
#14 in Epic fantasy
#135 in Thrillers & Suspense
#60 in Suspense


Her Mother's Daughter

Sarah Noelle

A pregnant woman finds herself travelling back in time to meet her great grandmother on the cusp of World War 2 in the Philippines when the Japanese raided barrios for their most beautiful women. ... more info

Story about: world war 2, motherhood, choice

Complete 23 pages
219 3 0

Rating: 1

#12 in Science fiction
#220 in Fantasy


Colourland Series 5: End of the Preliminaries


The last fights of the preliminaries happen.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 18 Sep 21 pages
16 0 0

Rating: 0

#221 in Fantasy
#128 in Young adult


Weird Ship


A mystery ship hits the shore of Sleepy Town. Whether it is a disaster or treasure read to find out . ... more info

Story about: thriller, suspense mystery, original fantasy

Ongoing: 11 Oct 20 pages
176 5 4

Rating: 3

#222 in Fantasy
#26 in Action fantasy
#137 in Thrillers & Suspense
#61 in Suspense



Joanna Esther

I'm not good at this stuff so yeah. Read to find out.... more info

Story about: adventure, friendship, discovery

Ongoing: 11 Oct 13 pages
54 7 0

Rating: 1

#223 in Fantasy
#113 in Others
#37 in Humor


James Scindhia

Amara Usulor

I am someone who believes that a pen can change the world. I have been a writer for eight years, a human right activist, and most of all, I have been Amara Usulor... more info

Story about: an oridnary girl, an intriguing story about love, an unforgettable experience

Ongoing: 17 Sep 36 pages
27 4 0

Rating: 0

#224 in Fantasy
#104 in Romantic fantasy


Her hidden powers

Eda cim

When she turned her head i realised that she is EDA CLARK! Ghat everyone is thinking and talking about , her black long wavy hairs ,her roses lips ,her Hazel eyes that you can say it will change its color in any moments ......... more info

Story about: a cold-hearted vampire , a strange girl , she new she was different

Ongoing: 24 Sep 4 pages
78 10 3

Rating: 2

#228 in Fantasy
#107 in Romantic fantasy
#1462 in Romance
#791 in Billionaires


If magic was easy


"Lori skywell you are the last elemental mage do best to use your powers well" the man whispered before his eyes closed in death. All these while i had thought my life stinks, but boy was i wrong not only does my life stinks but it reeks of failure as well, like good old mother Earths' turned he... more info

Story about: humor, urban fantasy, high school magic

Ongoing: 16 Sep 1 pages
41 12 0

Rating: 0

#230 in Fantasy
#7 in Urban fantasy
#120 in Others
#39 in Humor

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