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Fallen Further


Book #2 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love and continues on from Fallen. There once was young woman who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. It is a peaceful life and she wanted for nothing. She served her purpose and she was loved by a mysteriou... more info

Story about: magick, angels and demons, healers

Complete 8 pages
555 22 29

Rating: 11

#191 in Fantasy
#45 in Romantic fantasy
#78 in Mystery
#41 in Supernaturals




Book #1 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love. There once was an old woman who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. It is a peaceful life until one day, a deity comes crashing from the sky, in need of her help. Fortunately her granddaughter is not t... more info

Story about: magick, angels and demons, healers

Complete 11 pages
594 36 64

Rating: 8

#14 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy
#13 in Mystery
#5 in Supernaturals


A Librarian and His Demon

RJ Greene

A collection of short stories featuring a librarian and his demon. Egan is a librarian who has has taken on the responsibility of guarding and collecting ancient books of magic, prophecy, mythology and artifacts not just from this world, but others as well. Through his adventures, he encounters a st... more info

Story about: demons, friendship, supernatural

Complete 169 pages
1532 33 34

Rating: 7

#52 in Fantasy
#10 in Action fantasy


Her silent tears

Sumaiya Fairoos

she hugs her tearstained pillow close when she is alone and cries out silently. she knows that her day and night would start and end with tears. everyone around her think she's doing well but she really isn't Time hasn't healed her pain at all or quieted her fears so every night,alone in bed she s... more info

Story about: handicapped

Ongoing: 28 Feb 28 pages
1911 98 17

Rating: 11

#13 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy
#126 in Romance
#39 in Billionaires



Penn Fawn

Three men, having being killed, and five others, after inadvertently entering a portal (the lair), discover not only is there an afterlife, it is much more terrifying than any of them could have imagined. Having experienced a transitional period of shock, then acknowledgement, then despair, they ... more info

Story about: dark fantasy adventure, life after death, highfantasy

Complete 101 pages
873 16 27

Rating: 3

#225 in Fantasy
#76 in Dark fantasy


Over the Moon


What if the characters you knew in from your nursery rhymes were real people dealing with real problems in real life. How would their personalities help or hinder them especially in the matters of the heart? Come take a look at OVER THE MOON, a collection of short stories of characters you may recog... more info

Story about: romance, fairytale, newadult

Complete 108 pages
5989 184 93

Rating: 34

#210 in Short stories
#362 in Fantasy
#92 in Romantic fantasy


White waters

Goodness Shadrach

Lizzy after getting a scholarship thinks she had put off some pressing responsibility off her parents shoulders and promising to study hard in other to get a nice job and help her parents in footing the bills, had no idea that her life is about to Change in the same school after meeting a particular... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, heartbreak

Complete 256 pages
27017 380 69

Rating: 57

#3 in Young adult
#3 in Fantasy
#3 in Romantic fantasy


Path to Crown

K.R Webber

Queen fears what might happen to her children when she dies. Little does she know that someone is plotting for her murder. A witch and power hungry people want her dead at any cost. And she can't do anything about it. Neither can the King. The conspiracy has very big consequence. From dethroning a... more info

Story about: hate, greed, brothers

Complete 24 pages
402 12 12

Rating: 10

#266 in Fantasy
#155 in Short stories


Pendragon Academy: Fangs for nothing...

Jac A Cameron

In a not so distance future, a young girl causes a flood on her sister's wedding, she is immediately diagnosed with magic. When the letter assigns her for Pendragon Academy, Ash Lockwood did not understand what she was getting into, but her countless adventures had just begun. THIS BOOK IS IN BE... more info

Story about: magic, magic school, magical creatures

Ongoing: 14 Mar 65 pages
866 14 7

Rating: 2

#101 in Young adult
#28 in School
#180 in Fantasy
#16 in Urban fantasy


To the Mars and Earth


A Miracle has been happened from the Earth humans, which is discovering how to go to the Mars, and start living there. However, what were the side effects toward living there, what were the complications they are going through, and is it possible to live in such planet with such ease and no complex ... more info

Story about: first love, earth and mars, space

Ongoing: 26 Mar 27 pages
134 7 5

Rating: 5

#50 in Fantasy
#20 in Romantic fantasy
#29 in Mystery
#9 in Romantic mystery


Merely Mortal

RJ Greene

16 year old Andrew is surprised when he's given probation instead of life after surviving a brutal gang fight and ends up in a foster home with several other strange teenagers. It quickly becomes clear that there is more going on than meets the eye and when he accidentally attacks a housemate, he's ... more info

Story about: fantasy, mythology, greek gods

Ongoing: 13 Mar 64 pages
509 11 11

Rating: 1

#174 in Fantasy
#36 in Action fantasy


The Tale We Lived


MageTown is a land of ghosts; a sliver of history to be forever frozen in time— except none of the inhabitants of this peculiar town are aware of that. MageTown does not hear the calls from the world that lies outside its impenetrable borders; MageTown does not see the claws cracking the glass wal... more info

Story about: secrets, ghosts, darkness

Ongoing: 21 Mar 24 pages
646 9 22

Rating: 1

#35 in Horror
#33 in Paranormal
#235 in Fantasy
#21 in Urban fantasy


Hades Untold

Cherine Olivier

A myth, a legend, a story as old as time, what could possibly be told that hasn’t been heard once before? The ruler of hell, master of the underworld, sovereign to the dead, what more could there be to this being? What if Hades wasn’t the burly gruff male the myths tell of but a small feminine w... more info

Story about: greek mythology, myths, hades

Complete 23 pages
693 36 23

Rating: 15

#304 in Fantasy
#49 in Action fantasy
#179 in Short stories


First Love

Goodness Shadrach

Micah and Zana had been together for six years, suddenly she left him to marry another without giving any reason or even explaining, down with heartbreak and betrayal, Micah became a loner in love, and one day Alicia came into the picture, just as Micah was getting involved with Alicia, his first lo... more info

Story about: heartbreak, love, romance

Complete 189 pages
60274 454 152

Rating: 64

#71 in Romance
#5 in Fantasy


Forest God and the beast


A small village is awakened in the middle of the night by strange and frightening noises coming from the nearby forest. This is one of my long lost stories, it has never been published before. Please let me know what you think of it. Note to the reader all names can be Google translated to hear h... more info

Story about: fairytail, classic fantasy, unconventional

Complete 31 pages
676 34 20

Rating: 17

#322 in Fantasy
#119 in Mystery
#59 in Supernaturals


Colourland Part 4:


Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 23 Mar 21 pages
32 0 0

Rating: 0

#97 in Fantasy
#23 in Action fantasy




Avigale Eden, thought her life was simple, that was until she found a diary the held a secret that would change her whole life. The man she'd grown up knowing as her father, isn't, and her real dad has no idea where she is. Avigale's search for her lost dad, takes her down a path to a town full of... more info

Story about: friendship, finding the truth, magic and powers

Ongoing: 08 Feb 0 pages
183 6 7

Rating: 4

#84 in Young adult
#20 in Dystopia
#154 in Fantasy
#33 in Action fantasy


My Best Friend Is A Pixie


Shia is a pixie who was banished from Pixie Island, and sent to the land of human, on account of something she didn't even know she did. But, just when a few days are left for her to return, she discovers her grammy mysteriously murdered inside their human home. What follows is a series of mysteriou... more info

Story about: love, mystery, fanatasy

Ongoing: 04 Apr 59 pages
810 28 12

Rating: 5

#230 in Fantasy
#401 in Romance


The Winter's Tale


The Winter's Tale. This story about good witch Baba Yaga and a girl from our world, and about some magic.... more info

Story about: fairytale, magic

Complete 6 pages
213 6 2

Rating: 5

#279 in Fantasy
#170 in Short stories


The Misadventures of a Young Dark Magician

Celeste I.

A world unlike our own, monsters disguised as humans, attend a magic academy to learn spells from all kinds of sources, to choose a path towards good or evil. Benjamin is a young dark magician who, along with his familiars Harry and Chi-Chi, attends the school in hopes of becoming a great villain a... more info

Story about: magic school, magician, misadventures

Complete 173 pages
1548 31 33

Rating: 10

#376 in Fantasy
#64 in Action fantasy

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