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My Nation (english)


She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life but it looks like she herself is not normal. She thought life would be 'okay' even though she had powers but living at where she is, she knew she did not fit in with the world she is in. Her life is at its worst not until a guy comes into her li... more info

Story about: forbidden love, elemental, prince and princesses

Ongoing: 01 Oct 99 pages
56 5 0

Rating: 0

#68 in Fantasy
#36 in Romantic fantasy
#45 in Contemporary fiction
#31 in ChickLit


The Originals and Kiara


The thousand-year-old Original family of Vampires found themselves surrounded by enemies more powerful than them, in a time where their own family Marcel Gerard turned against them and joined the conspiracy to destroy them, when the Originals finally killed The Hollow the power released from her dea... more info

Story about: the original vampires family, the most powerful thing known as kiara, war

Ongoing: 30 Sep 1 pages
0 1 0

Rating: 1

#11 in Fanfiction
#103 in Fantasy


Once Upon A Blue Moon

Veronica S. Lawson

Once every thousand years upon a night as silent as the others a blue moon will appear. Only upon the night of the blue moon do Golden tail mermaids lose the ability to hide their identities. Making them vulnerable to attack. Can Merlin keep his identity, and powers hidden among the crowd, or will A... more info

Story about: magic, fanfiction, merlin

Complete 43 pages
277 24 2

Rating: 1

#303 in Fantasy
#46 in Fanfiction


The distance between us

Pratiksha Routray

There is a girl whose main focus was always to impress her mother but how much hard is work she was never able to impress her mom her mom is a conservative person and never appreciates her work. she had a brother whom she loves more than her life and her brother also love her for him she is his li... more info

Story about: betrayal, heartbreak, lovehate

Ongoing: 30 Sep 167 pages
12972 426 16

Rating: 30

#96 in Romance
#58 in Billionaires
#5 in Fantasy
#2 in Dark fantasy


Black Rose


"My silence is not weakness but the beginning of my revenge." My name is April Fields . My parents were killed by rouges when I was 13 years old. I was accused of being their killer and was beaten and abused by my pack members. I was the outcast, and the killer. Clichéd right? However, I wasn't... more info

Story about: mates, werewolves, love

Ongoing: 01 Oct 109 pages
3111 171 20

Rating: 25

#3 in Mystery
#1 in Supernaturals
#8 in Fantasy
#3 in Romantic fantasy


Dies Irae

Nicole Armas

A society of priests simply known as The Order are called from the Vatican to exorcise a town being plagued by demonic forces. What begins as a routine assignment soon becomes a personal battle as they discover that the evil they face is far more powerful and intrusive then they first realized.... more info

Story about: demonic possession, exorcism, catholicism

Ongoing: 30 Sep 189 pages
5374 67 33

Rating: 6

#32 in Mystery
#18 in Supernaturals
#39 in Fantasy
#9 in Dark fantasy




Rosie is a High School student who is sure the twins who transferred from Romania are Vampires after she witnessed something out of this world will the truth change her? The gorgeous and pale twins take over the school secret parties in the woods and get-togethers at their cabin in the dark woods. T... more info

Story about: vampire romance, vampire love, vampires murder fantasy

Ongoing: 29 Sep 3 pages
12 2 0

Rating: 2

#57 in Fantasy
#15 in Dark fantasy
#4 in Horror


A Royal Creed


It is 53 A.D, a time when Romania peaked in dominating the world with their strength, hunting down all manner of beasts and humans to protect the land from the unjust. Unravel yourself in a dark and cruel tale of a young, curious boy, Emriel, a victim of the plague. After his father sent for an arti... more info

Story about: vampires, mythology, original fantasy

Complete 190 pages
1489 117 7

Rating: 8

#55 in Action & Adventures
#463 in Fantasy
#114 in Dark fantasy


The Forsaken: Ulvarg


Heed the story of an aged warrior named Ulvarg, as he struggles with his long-enduring childhood curse while in search of his friend, wife, and child. The path soon transposes more ominously when he realizes that the curse is exercising a much more rigid approach toward him, forcing Ulvarg to strugg... more info

Story about: action and adventure, mythology fantasy, werewolves

Ongoing: 29 Sep 105 pages
113 13 0

Rating: 3

#214 in Fantasy
#48 in Dark fantasy
#15 in Epic fantasy


House Of Fire


My mother used to tell me to live a life filled with adventure and excitement. She always said I needed to look at the bigger picture, never let fear or doubt hold me back, and that when the time comes I should take courage and face the unknown. It never occurred to me that those small words of ... more info

Story about: discrimination, secrets and lies, discoveryourself

Ongoing: 30 Sep 34 pages
74 9 0

Rating: 3

#317 in Romance
#10 in Paranormal Romance
#27 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy


Bride of the Ice Dragon

Catherine Vostroff

To save her mother and little brother Alexa has to sacrifice her body and soul to the Lord of the North. He is said to be a monster, his name is not to be pronounced. Although, everything he wants from the girl – is an heir, for the monster’s heart is made of ice. But what if one day someone tri... more info

Story about: adventure, forbidden love, fairytale

Ongoing: 30 Sep 15 pages
1625 76 11

Rating: 12

#12 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy



Naakaree griffits

There was once a time when monsters ruled the lands, overpowering the seas and overtaking the skies. Yet, would you fall for a monster who inhales the sea and exhales a melody that makes you fly? Where a love experience tore apart kingdoms, set aflame to hearts of the innocent and caused wars ... more info

Story about: vikings, mermaids, faeries

Ongoing: 30 Sep 51 pages
867 41 7

Rating: 1

#467 in Fantasy
#45 in Epic fantasy


Thunder Tournament

Roza Csergo

The Thunder Tournament takes place every year. Why is it different this time? It's the Year of the Wish. The King grants the champion one, no matter how outrageous that is. Nobles and peasants alike want riches and fame, but eighteen-years-old Igrin has only one thing in mind, vengeance. Willing... more info

Story about: romance, medieval, forbidden love

Ongoing: 29 Sep 45 pages
71740 58 86

Rating: 75

#1 in Action & Adventures
#20 in Fantasy


Curse Blood: The Revival


The last descendants of the Vancouver family seeks to reveal the truth about the cruelness of the past. Unleash the lies from the queen and the truth about the prince. She who belongs to the world of greatness, she who doesn't belong to this world will be the goddess of the world. ... more info

Story about: love from different world, magical world, mystery and lies

Ongoing: 28 Sep 13 pages
2 0 0

Rating: 0

#123 in Fantasy
#55 in Romantic fantasy
#84 in Mystery
#41 in Supernaturals


Romantic Ghost Love story

Love Heart

Darknight about two boy drink wine tasting in the car .... Whit cut men arms looking on Ghost.,.lady ghost mind full of Romantic mood...two boy one boy cut face and innocent speaking awesome arms...she is like it... When two boys wine drinking finish... They are going House... They are Best friends.... more info

Story about: love and romance, love after marriage, love lust love story

Ongoing: 28 Sep 2 pages
67 14 0

Rating: 2

#386 in Romance
#37 in Fantasy


Fallen Angel: Darkest Legion

A story for everyone

After the fight with the Murder Corp, losing his brother, and sending away his team he now travels the many regions of the Astral Plain. After becoming lost for many years he is given a chance to join something greater than himself. ... more info

Story about: ninja, magic, martial arts

Ongoing: 28 Sep 13 pages
115 10 0

Rating: 1

#110 in Fantasy
#28 in Dark fantasy
#13 in Action fantasy


Will I ever get the fuck I want?


Teenager Oliver is a 16 years old fem boy. His dreams are really unique for his surroundings, and his ambitions are all that he cares about. He wants a lot of things, and things never go the way he expects them to, his high school is a hell place, now College is somewhere he thinks he will find more... more info

Story about: finding love, coming out, nerdy and coming of age teen story

Ongoing: 28 Sep 9 pages
44 6 0

Rating: 2

#577 in Romance
#29 in LGBT
#101 in Fantasy
#27 in Dark fantasy


Malaya: The Land of Lost Things

Sarah Noelle

Ana doesn't know her place in the world, and she's happy with the life that she's somehow lived after losing her parents. A mysterious trip to the library reveals the secrets of her past and her destiny. She finds the portal to Malaya, the magical and dangerous world that neither time and history co... more info

Story about: adventure, romance fantasy, mythology

Ongoing: 27 Sep 144 pages
487 48 3

Rating: 5

#112 in Fantasy
#3 in Urban fantasy



Alex Scrivenor

I used to believe that the world was worth saving, that magic could only be good, and that whatever came my way, no matter what, I'd be able to save it. Can you believe that shit?! Turns out, I'm only able to see everyone die ('less I kill them), and also, but not less important, hurt every single ... more info

Story about: betrayal, demons, depression

Complete 658 pages
962 52 11

Rating: 2

#178 in Mystery
#88 in Supernaturals
#304 in Fantasy
#62 in Dark fantasy


That Billionaire Alpha is my Boss


Being 35 years old and haven’t found his mate yet, Oliver Kade, the billionaire Alpha, an arrogant, merciless werewolf, shares his bed with a different woman every single day. This ends one day when some unexpected innocent girl bumps into his office. Kylie Mathieson, a 25 years old who’s work... more info

Story about: billionaire, werewolves, werewolf alpha

Ongoing: 30 Sep 17 pages
4244 537 59

Rating: 74

#54 in Romance
#36 in Billionaires
#1 in Fantasy
#1 in Romantic fantasy

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