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Cruel trap of love

Souheir Benadis

Ten years of love, ten years of affection ,he was my happiness ,my everything, and on simple word he was my life For three years of marriage, madison thought that she can melt his heart but little did she know that she was trapped in his way of revenge As long as he is around She endured the thr... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire, marriage

Ongoing: 27 Feb 69 pages
10949 411 53

Rating: 66

#45 in Romance
#28 in Billionaires
#1 in Historical Romance


Forever Ruined


Benjamin McAllister's past was riddled with intrigue, war, and death. It was no place for a woman, such comforts as marriage, family and love were not meant to be his but one woman changed all of that for him. Clara Bentley had won Benjamin McAllister's heart but the prize came with a pric... more info

Story about: true love, romance betrayal heartbreak, romantic suspense

Ongoing: 22 Feb 314 pages
39707 1483 224

Rating: 110

#229 in Romance
#3 in Historical Romance


Forbidden Princess

Pooja Roy Bagchi

2nd Inspiration Romance out of 125 stories.. 2nd in Historical Romance out of 68 stories.. 3rd in Lovehate out of 17 stories.. 5th in Revenge out of 36 stories.. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ A King , who wants revenge f... more info

Story about: revenge, lovehate, romantic drama

Complete 215 pages
46314 943 285

Rating: 173

#239 in Romance
#4 in Historical Romance
#13 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in ChickLit


From the Ashes


Chambermaid? Juliana was in disbelief of Lady Catherine's demand. To be reduced to serve Richard in such a fashion was a humiliation she did not know she could endure, but what choice did she have? Lord Richard Bentley was returning home from the war a hero, his one thought was Juliana Wadsworth... more info

Story about: regency romance, romance and mystery, true love never end

Complete 271 pages
118392 2421 130

Rating: 298

#248 in Romance
#5 in Historical Romance
#33 in Romantic suspense


The Khal's Bride

Uwera Martha

Hamis the only child of a potter is called the village beauty. The men swoon over her, and the girls envy her. In addition to her beauty, she is an untamable wild soul thirsty for knowledge and adventure. Her remarkable nature does not go well with her suitors trying to woo her especially during a t... more info

Story about: historical, historical fiction

Ongoing: 25 Feb 20 pages
655 140 12

Rating: 14

#27 in Fantasy
#256 in Romance
#6 in Historical Romance


A Life Or The Death Of Her

Honey Lee Willmanson

"Don't touch me. WHAT'S THIS? WHERE AM I?.. AND WHAT ARE YOU?!" she shrieked. " Calm down princess. I mean no harm. i did not wanted to do this but you leave me no choice" He grabbed her wrists and pinned her down. She was cursed. He was her curse. He can be her death or a life for her... ~~ No pla... more info

Story about: vampire, historical romance, demon

Ongoing: 26 Feb 58 pages
448 36 6

Rating: 4

#426 in Romance
#9 in Historical Romance
#16 in Mystery
#4 in Supernaturals


Love's Counterpart


Annabelle is frightened as her first season in London approaches. Marriage? She always hoped it would be for love. But what does she know about love. When looking for clues among her letters from her past suitors, she finds a letter she's never read before. Such passion and love, although she does n... more info

Story about: romance, regency romance, lords and ladies

Complete 68 pages
31262 1288 68

Rating: 101

#600 in Romance
#12 in Historical Romance
#84 in Romantic suspense



Maria Pulido (MajoNissi)

Saravi is a royal Maiden, the only daughter of Jemina and Hammed Eljal; Wealthy dukes with great name among the palace. Her life has been one of endless restrictions and rules, all to fulfill a single purpose, to marry the future King of Angkor (Kalil Sabagh of the Al-Asad monarchy). It all changes... more info

Story about: kingdoms, betweentwoloves, loveandhate

Complete 242 pages
7768 452 45

Rating: 38

#662 in Romance
#32 in Inspiration romance
#14 in Historical Romance


Ancient love

Nisha R

life always has something to give . Asmaira , Samira and Ishika are sisters their parents were killed by the neighbouring kingdom when they were young since then their grandmother are taking care of them and the kingdom and as remained peace ever since . Amaan , Siddharth and Ishaan are brothers the... more info

Story about: horror, historical romance, kings and queens

Ongoing: 25 Feb 14 pages
177 12 1

Rating: 5

#132 in Fantasy
#67 in Romantic fantasy
#736 in Romance
#15 in Historical Romance


His midnight sun

June Estee

The dragon pressed his lips again to her's, letting her feel the urgency of his need as he lowered himself once again to her. ''You're mine forever but you must stay married to your husband''...... Mistera, the only home Tara has ever known is about to be destroyed by the creatures of the... more info

Story about: dragon, fantasy romance, dragon in love with human

Ongoing: 12 Feb 52 pages
691 89 18

Rating: 28

#801 in Romance
#16 in Historical Romance
#147 in Fantasy

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Mask: the story of Mellisa de Breeze

Эллин Крыж

This story about young woman which seemed to have no specific purpose. She was not looking for wealth, not fame, or love. She just went with the flow and did all that she wanted more at the moment. And she found everything. But after this, for not to lose yourself, she had to start all over agai... more info

Story about: war, mafia, enemies to lovers

Complete 351 pages
3559 75 9

Rating: 23

#4 in Action & Adventures
#842 in Romance
#17 in Historical Romance


I Ran Away with the Circus

Jessica Wright

Becky and Annie were two ordinary teenage girls during World War II. They had dreams of their own, but were content with their peaceful lives. However, everything changed when the circus came to town. Before they knew it, they were on the circus train, their lives being drawn in a whole new directio... more info

Story about: romance, circus, wwii

Complete 240 pages
80214 339 44

Rating: 57

#860 in Romance
#18 in Historical Romance
#81 in New Adult & College


Blood of The Rebel - The Promise

Robert Gregory

Set in Ancient Sparta amidst war, rebellion and natural disaster, this takes the story begun in "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower" to its desperate and epic conclusion. Read "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower", available on Litnet, before commencing this novel.... more info

Story about: love, war, rebellion

Complete 160 pages
5949 309 9

Rating: 11

#1171 in Romance
#23 in Historical Romance
#9 in Action & Adventures
#4 in Military


Demon Star


Years ago, in a quaint little kingdom in India, there used to be a star, a bright flaming star that was called the demon star, this star was believed to be a star that brought good luck to whoever it is paired with, but all of a sudden, this star suddenly dissapeared from the sky and the kingd... more info

Story about: a raja and his sweet demon bride

Ongoing: 04 Feb 7 pages
43 7 0

Rating: 1

#420 in Fantasy
#78 in Dark fantasy
#1384 in Romance
#26 in Historical Romance


In The Eyes Of Destiny:an African Tale


Princess Zara is said to be the most beautiful to ever exist but as beautiful as she is, she is also the heir to her father's throne as she is his only child and future Queen of the kingdom. The man she will marry is said to automatically become the next king of the kingdom of Okada but what they al... more info

Story about: princess search for a husband

Complete 39 pages
1256 71 4

Rating: 12

#658 in Fantasy
#331 in Romantic fantasy
#1909 in Romance
#34 in Historical Romance


Emperor And I

Sunset Vermont

To the country she was born to, she is Princess Le-anne, bastard child of the king. To the empire she is sold to, she is Lady Wei Li Lian... the traitorous spy. But who is she really? A beauty within her own right, all she ever wanted was a peaceful, ordinary life, maybe exploring and travel... more info

Story about: spy, royalty, harem

Ongoing: 09 Jan 170 pages
6469 134 6

Rating: 13

#2605 in Romance
#45 in Historical Romance
#801 in Fantasy
#390 in Romantic fantasy


The Villain and Male Lead pursues Me?!


As I was reading the novel, my head hurts so I decided to take a nap. When I opened my eyes, I was in a child's body! A daughter of a count. I'm already aware that I'm inside a novel but I don't know what novel I'm in. After a few years living in my new life, I came to realize that the plot is ex... more info

Story about: reincarnation, fantasy world, transmigration

Ongoing: 15 Feb 189 pages
2448 57 8

Rating: 11

#932 in Fantasy
#452 in Romantic fantasy
#3462 in Romance
#68 in Historical Romance


Alexander Mashkevich - Dialogue of Civilizations


The unique aspects of Alexander Mashkevich’s personal life decisively positioned him to become a leader in the Jewish community and an examiner of contemporary events at the dawn of the 21st century.... more info

Story about: alexander mashkevich, jews, history

Complete 3 pages
136 52 0

Rating: 1

#4070 in Romance
#78 in Historical Romance
#1814 in Billionaires


The Dane and the Dame


A Man is taken to a place to live out his life. his fantasy. his sad, nostalgic fantasy.... more info

Story about: medieval, time travel, knights

Complete 40 pages
2663 103 12

Rating: 4

#4280 in Romance
#93 in Historical Romance
#1330 in Fantasy
#89 in Epic fantasy


Mary Ellen

Cherie Mitchell

1833: Meet feisty and determined young Mary Ellen Jones in Independence, Missouri as she battles a difficult home life, learns about her unique gifts, discovers her place in the world, and first sets eyes on Norton Beecroft, the man destined to be her husband and her true love for all of eternity. ... more info

Story about: womens fiction, historical fiction, paranormal romance

Complete 28 pages
5286 235 17

Rating: 28

#4776 in Romance
#297 in Inspiration romance
#120 in Historical Romance

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