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Forever Ruined


Benjamin McAllister's past was riddled with intrigue, war, and death. It was no place for a woman, such comforts as marriage, family and love were not meant to be his but one woman changed all of that for him. Clara Bentley had won Benjamin McAllister's heart but the prize came with a pric... more info

Story about: true love, romance betrayal heartbreak, romantic suspense

Ongoing: 09 Aug 246 pages
22627 1068 170

Rating: 84

#81 in Romance
#1 in Historical Romance


From the Ashes


Chambermaid? Juliana was in disbelief of Lady Catherine's demand. To be reduced to serve Richard in such a fashion was a humiliation she did not know she could endure, but what choice did she have? Lord Richard Bentley was returning home from the war a hero, his one thought was Juliana Wadsworth... more info

Story about: regency romance, romance and mystery, true love never end

Complete 271 pages
67761 1615 125

Rating: 250

#108 in Romance
#3 in Historical Romance
#16 in Romantic suspense


Love's Counterpart


Annabelle is frightened as her first season in London approaches. Marriage? She always hoped it would be for love. But what does she know about love. When looking for clues among her letters from her past suitors, she finds a letter she's never read before. Such passion and love, although she does n... more info

Story about: romance, regency romance, lords and ladies

Complete 68 pages
23876 1014 64

Rating: 85

#159 in Romance
#4 in Historical Romance
#25 in Romantic suspense


Forbidden Princess

Pooja Roy Bagchi

2nd Inspiration Romance out of 125 stories.. 2nd in Historical Romance out of 68 stories.. 3rd in Lovehate out of 17 stories.. 5th in Revenge out of 36 stories.. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ A King , who wants revenge f... more info

Story about: revenge, lovehate, romantic drama

Ongoing: 05 Aug 29 pages
1217 131 1

Rating: 12

#164 in Romance
#10 in Inspiration romance
#5 in Historical Romance


The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


Madeline falls for who she thinks is the love of her life, secrets spill leading to an eternity of suffering for all involved, will Madeline put up the fight for her life for something she believes in. ... more info

Story about: vampire, historical, romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 100 pages
4190 290 2

Rating: 13

#25 in Mystery
#13 in Supernaturals
#239 in Romance
#8 in Historical Romance


Mary Ellen

Cherie Mitchell

1833: Meet feisty and determined young Mary Ellen Jones in Independence, Missouri as she battles a difficult home life, learns about her unique gifts, discovers her place in the world, and first sets eyes on Norton Beecroft, the man destined to be her husband and her true love for all of eternity. ... more info

Story about: womens fiction, historical fiction, paranormal romance

Complete 28 pages
4068 174 17

Rating: 26

#295 in Romance
#22 in Inspiration romance
#9 in Historical Romance


His Personal Maid


This historical romance describe and illustrate the method of slavery, the relevance of women and how royalty is considered next to God. This details the story of how a young girl changed everything because she needed freedom. After years of slavery as Mr Ho’s servant, Desire decides to live her... more info

Story about: historical romance, ancient, love

Ongoing: 06 Jul 13 pages
2308 271 6

Rating: 17

#347 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance


Lizzy in Service

Elly Higgins

It's 1908 England, A young woman, Elizabeth Ingram seeks income for her impoverished family. Her first experience with her employer has been laced with scandal but her Aunt helps secure her a position with Mr. Darius who irrepressibly straight-laced and unaware of her previous reputation. She falls ... more info

Story about: boss and secretary, lovedrama, scandal

Ongoing: 04 Aug 40 pages
1158 121 4

Rating: 7

#355 in Romance
#12 in Historical Romance
#29 in Inspiration romance


The Dane and the Dame


A Man is taken to a place to live out his life. his fantasy. his sad, nostalgic fantasy.... more info

Story about: medieval, time travel, knights

Complete 40 pages
1423 34 12

Rating: 4

#373 in Romance
#14 in Historical Romance
#68 in Fantasy
#4 in Epic fantasy


Reincarnation of Love

Tolu Adebanks

After reincarnation, Xiaofeng finds herself in the modern world as her spirit conjugates with another person. She wasn't the only one that had been reincarnated, as her arch enemy returns. Losing her one true love after the war at mount jiuxi, she finds him but as a doctor of a very renowned h... more info

Story about: about love

Ongoing: 26 Jul 6 pages
69 19 2

Rating: 3

#481 in Romance
#20 in Historical Romance
#127 in Fantasy
#49 in Romantic fantasy

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Alexander Mashkevich - Dialogue of Civilizations


The unique aspects of Alexander Mashkevich’s personal life decisively positioned him to become a leader in the Jewish community and an examiner of contemporary events at the dawn of the 21st century.... more info

Story about: alexander mashkevich, jews, history

Complete 3 pages
77 33 0

Rating: 1

#781 in Romance
#24 in Historical Romance
#163 in Billionaires


Blood of The Rebel - The Promise

Robert Gregory

Set in Ancient Sparta amidst war, rebellion and natural disaster, this takes the story begun in "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower" to its desperate and epic conclusion. Read "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower", available on Litnet, before commencing this novel.... more info

Story about: love, war, rebellion

Complete 160 pages
4503 207 9

Rating: 8

#1297 in Romance
#61 in Historical Romance
#83 in Action & Adventures
#18 in Military


I Ran Away with the Circus

Jessica Wright

Becky and Annie were two ordinary teenage girls during World War II. They had dreams of their own, but were content with their peaceful lives. However, everything changed when the circus came to town. Before they knew it, they were on the circus train, their lives being drawn in a whole new directio... more info

Story about: romance, circus, wwii

Complete 240 pages
76531 252 41

Rating: 53

#1356 in Romance
#62 in Historical Romance
#175 in New Adult & College

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