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The Sapphire academy


(Daily update) Sydney Marin is a witch living in Odren country in a realm where all the paranormal creatures existed. All these years in her life she lived as a loner with her aunt Lydia who always protects her, never exposed her to others. One day Sydney met a Jacen, a vampire who entered he... more info

Story about: vampires, paranormal romance, witches

Ongoing: 06 Aug 97 pages
3144 191 37

Rating: 21

#3 in Horror
#2 in Paranormal
#113 in Romance
#4 in Paranormal Romance


Ghosts of our own Making

Cade Abbot

Unlike Shirley Jackson's story, the house haunting events written below, although a bit fictionalized, are all based on actual experiences. Not my own (to my chagrin), but by others, I have had the pleasure to know personally enough that they have confided them to me. The house described actually ... more info

Story about: ghost story using personal experiences

Ongoing: 13 Jul 45 pages
78 6 0

Rating: 1

#36 in Mystery
#19 in Supernaturals
#4 in Horror
#3 in Paranormal


Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

Jessica Wright

Ariel has grown closer to Lee and started to trust him. However, Lee continues to keep secrets, even when he seems to know the cause of Ariel's nightmares. His relationships with Caroline and Olive grow more complicated and he learns more about the ghosts that serve the Kamali. From a foster family ... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 181 pages
9657 187 19

Rating: 27

#324 in Romance
#46 in New Adult & College
#5 in Horror
#4 in Paranormal


The Lonely Medium

PJ Lowry

Ever since he was young, Dillon MacDonald could speak to the spirits of those who had passed on. He never told anyone or did anything with his gift, until he became desperate...... more info

Story about: ghosts, highschool, spirits

Ongoing: 19 Jul 16 pages
215 65 2

Rating: 1

#39 in Contemporary fiction
#10 in Urban life
#6 in Horror
#5 in Paranormal


Small Town Terrors

Roger Alderman

In the beginning of my research to craft this book. I examined the urban legends that surround small towns all across the United States of America. I found myself drawn to stories that connected or seemed to similarities. To me these tales echoed of a potentially shared experience from a time now lo... more info

Story about: monsters, ghost stories, dark fairytales

Complete 55 pages
1180 92 1

Rating: 6

#7 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal
#46 in Mystery
#26 in Supernaturals


The Undying


An old secret that is awakened from its eternal prison. Mason Bridge, a sheriff that hasn't seen his fair share of crime since he has joined the police force of Silverwoods. Around the time that he was a kid his home was raided by psychos and he and his granddad were the only survivors. This ... more info

Story about: horror, mystery, gore

Complete 96 pages
4974 87 18

Rating: 4

#53 in Mystery
#28 in Supernaturals
#8 in Horror
#7 in Paranormal


It Drowns

Hallie Schlauch

Welcome to the town of Torrine! Enjoy your stay, settle in, but don’t stay out after curfew! This town is known for disappearances and you might be next…... more info

Story about: paranormal, thriller, suspense mystery

Ongoing: 15 Jul 24 pages
102 38 6

Rating: 5

#9 in Horror
#8 in Paranormal
#53 in Thrillers & Suspense
#23 in Suspense


Awakening and other short stories

simon 1982

A range of short stories from fantasy to horror to humor I hope you like the range... more info

Story about: a range of short stories

Ongoing: 10 Jul 28 pages
261 9 0

Rating: 10

#12 in Horror
#48 in Short stories




(This short story was inspired by the Song from Allen Walker called Lily) Lily has been pampered all her life, is what everyone always thought. But, who truly knows what goes on behind lavish castle walls. She eventually believes that the best for her is to escape, even if that means escaping to... more info

Story about: demons, creatures, lost

Complete 3 pages
413 49 7

Rating: 1

#89 in Fantasy
#19 in Dark fantasy
#13 in Horror
#10 in Paranormal


Horror Short Stories


A collection of Horror Short Stories written myself.... more info

Story about: horror, horror fiction, shortstory

Ongoing: 16 Jul 5 pages
170 2 8

Rating: 3

#17 in Horror

Recently Updated

Last Batch

LJ Kizakiri

For the last day of school before graduating, the fourth-year students will be experiencing something that they won't be expecting. What will they going to do if they were transported into another world wherein, they won't know how to go back to their own world?... more info

Story about: anotherworld, ghost, evil spirits

Ongoing: 22 Jun 4 pages
31 0 0

Rating: 0

#22 in Horror
#106 in Mystery


Interview with a Turner

simon 1982

The zombie apocalypse is over and people can be returned to human. One man decides to interview what are now being called Turners... more info

Story about: the zombie apocalypse is over

Complete 6 pages
201 2 1

Rating: 2

#104 in Thrillers & Suspense
#29 in Horror


Cursed Blood


It started out as an innocent star crossed love between a forest girl and the son of the mayor. Then truth started to reveal itself and the "simple, mere forest girl" was no longer simple and the only way to get rid of her was death. Yet, if people thought death could undo evil, they were wrong........ more info

Story about: anger, revenge, innocence

Ongoing: 07 Jun 35 pages
325 66 3

Rating: 7

#110 in Thrillers & Suspense
#46 in Suspense
#30 in Horror
#20 in Paranormal


Eternally Silent

Shinie Rokaro

Tacita is a very quiet and reserved girl, not a single word has left her lips since the day she was born. This is no cause for concern, however, because that makes her just like everyone else here... Eternally Silent.... more info

Story about: silent, legend, dark

Ongoing: 12 Jun 5 pages
108 10 1

Rating: 1

#190 in Fantasy
#37 in Dark fantasy
#38 in Horror


Lucid Nightmare

Shinie Rokaro

After a couple of unfortunate events, 17-year-old Blakesly Whitefield receives a very enticing, yet ominous offer from a strange entity calling itself "Mara".... more info

Story about: love, lucid dreams

Ongoing: 03 Aug 20 pages
114 11 0

Rating: 1

#39 in Horror
#191 in Fantasy
#38 in Dark fantasy



Shinie Rokaro

Claudia wishes this could be your typical teen fiction romance story. But unfortunately, she doesn't quite have what it takes to make that happen. ... more info

Story about: love, murder, tragedy

Ongoing: 05 Aug 14 pages
168 2 0

Rating: 4

#40 in Horror



Shinie Rokaro

The story of a lunatic, written by a lunatic.... more info

Story about: murder, insanity

Ongoing: 27 Jul 10 pages
113 14 0

Rating: 0

#41 in Horror
#117 in Thrillers & Suspense
#51 in Suspense


Every Hour, On The Hour

J Dessarroy

How do you know who you're speaking to online? How about over SMS and MMS? In this story, the narrator is faced with a night of confusion-induced panic upon receiving bizarre messages from his sister's Facebook account. ... more info

Story about: suspense, horror fiction, technology

Complete 11 pages
120 6 0

Rating: 2

#47 in Horror
#109 in Short stories


A Childhood Phone Number

J Dessarroy

When Roger finds himself dwelling on the misery that has plagued his family since the death of his younger brother, he soon is compelled to uncover the presence of a previously unknown and incomprehensible malevolence that has made its home within the shambles of his past life.... more info

Story about: horror, thriller, suspense

Complete 32 pages
202 17 2

Rating: 5

#48 in Horror
#110 in Short stories


Conversing With A Ghost

RJ Pritchett

Jeremy is a firm believer in the paranormal, however, his little brother Devonte isn't. Jeremy believes he has proof that ghosts exist because he had a conversation with one before. He tells Devonte the story about the time he met and befriended a ghost.... more info

Story about: ghost, short story, paranormal

Complete 15 pages
450 35 1

Rating: 4

#60 in Horror
#35 in Paranormal

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