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His Human Mate

Khurshida Khushi

Dylan Black Knight The most powerful werewolf king of the world. He is the king of all kings. He is known as the most merciless, heartless werewolf. He has everything a god gifted: looks, money, power but still he feels lonely. So lonely. Because he did not find his mate. He is still searching ... more info

Story about: possessive werewolf king

Ongoing: 06 Mar 65 pages
13545 592 148

Rating: 174

#14 in Fantasy
#1 in Horror
#1 in Paranormal


She Calls Me Eyebrows


J, tells us about his world of being a demon, without a past, that falls in love with a human. A soul collector that lived for the thrill of destroying souls. Hannah is the human, ruled by her ancestors' pasts, that dares to fall in love with a demon. Join them on their journey to self-discovery a... more info

Story about: fantasy, demon and human romance, paranomal love

Ongoing: 01 Mar 4 pages
35 11 2

Rating: 0

#101 in Fantasy
#59 in Romantic fantasy
#4 in Horror
#4 in Paranormal


That Love Intense


"In love with your soul" In a different way. A madness whose extent has eradicated a lot of hatred. A fire of hatred, worse than hell, but which only love could beat. The words that gave a hope to a lifeless heart to beat. You must know Arzoo and Armaan if you've read "In Love with your Soul"... more info

Story about: intense love, alfaazehayat, intense hate

Ongoing: 07 Mar 9 pages
12 6 2

Rating: 4

#5 in Horror
#5 in Paranormal
#690 in Romance
#142 in Contemporary Romance


Aurora And The Heart Of Magic

Apratyashita Thakur

Aurora's world turns upside down when she gets stuck in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy and the quest for 'The Heart of Magic.' Dragons, werewolves and witches; all are in a bid to trap, lure and use Aurora to obtain the stone. How will Aurora protect herself and her baby from the power-hu... more info

Story about: dragons, werewolves human and witches', love triangle troubled past

Ongoing: 02 Mar 23 pages
52 21 0

Rating: 0

#175 in Fantasy
#8 in Horror
#8 in Paranormal


Divina & the Syphoner's Mark

Kiersey Bastian

17-year-old Divina LeBeau lives a tragically dorky life under a cloud of cursed luck - according to her grandmother. And while she doesn't believe in curses, she starting to believe there might be some truth to her grandmother's old tales about their family. But in a serious - and oddly convenient -... more info

Story about: soulmate, dragon shifters, witchcraft and monsters

Complete 138 pages
499 24 0

Rating: 1

#899 in Romance
#84 in Paranormal Romance
#9 in Horror
#9 in Paranormal


World Of Monsters

PJ Lowry

Living with the undead outside their walls, the possibility of other 'monsters' was always up in the air. When saved from an attack of the undead, Alyssa had to accept what she saw with her own eyes, that other monsters exist in this new world. ... more info

Story about: zombies, vampires, survival

Ongoing: 17 Feb 235 pages
16253 179 24

Rating: 11

#11 in Horror
#10 in Paranormal
#89 in Mystery
#41 in Supernaturals


These Broken Pieces

Olivia Gordon Reid

Meet Rory and Adam Sullivan. They’d be totally normal British teens, except for the fact that their parents were murdered in front of them seven years ago and they both have strange and unexplainable abilities. After their parents’ mysterious death, the siblings were carted off to an orphanage... more info

Story about: mystery, ghosts, magick

Ongoing: 05 Mar 8 pages
12 1 0

Rating: 2

#12 in Horror
#11 in Paranormal
#242 in Fantasy
#11 in Urban fantasy




My mother's hideous scream brings me violently out of my ecstasy. I should be used to it, this repeats tomorrow to tomorrow and I must obey as I am so heavy sleepers that I hardly ever hear my phone alarm, so that scream is something like her last legal recourse to wake me up. My name is Corinne Hai... more info

Story about: halloween, despair hope anguish and pain, horror suspense fear

Complete 6 pages
129 17 1

Rating: 11

#14 in Horror
#43 in Short stories


The Lights

Brad Emshwiller

horror met at sea. surprise me. ... more info

Story about: cosmic horror, weird fiction

Ongoing: 27 Feb 3 pages
23 4 3

Rating: 1

#247 in Fantasy
#54 in Dark fantasy
#15 in Horror


The Nymphs of Mosaic

K.R Webber

Abandoned by his family, Rick Tarot is alone in his house with suicidal thoughts until he begins to realize God has been communicating with him. With the God near to him, Satan too isn't much further from him.... more info

Story about: human, paranormal pain hate, depression and anxiety

Ongoing: 14 Jan 4 pages
22 3 0

Rating: 2

#104 in Mystery
#51 in Supernaturals
#17 in Horror

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Haunted House


It's a story about Mihir, his wife Anjali, and two children...and one strange encounter..... more info

Story about: horror story

Ongoing: 10 Jan 22 pages
314 17 6

Rating: 3

#18 in Horror
#13 in Paranormal


Awakening and other short stories

simon 1982

A range of short stories from fantasy to horror to humor I hope you like the range... more info

Story about: a range of short stories

Ongoing: 24 Feb 30 pages
594 13 0

Rating: 12

#20 in Horror
#46 in Short stories


Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

Jessica Wright

Ariel has grown closer to Lee and started to trust him. However, Lee continues to keep secrets, even when he seems to know the cause of Ariel's nightmares. His relationships with Caroline and Olive grow more complicated and he learns more about the ghosts that serve the Kamali. From a foster family ... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 181 pages
13370 299 19

Rating: 35

#1124 in Romance
#106 in New Adult & College
#21 in Horror
#14 in Paranormal


Life of Tragics

Survivor Spirit

This story is about a girl who is belonging to a middle-class family and facing harder times she has the power to do something great but suddenly her life gets a twist and she is captured by cyclones of tragedy. She has supernatural powers by born and she doesn't know the power costs. One day she's ... more info

Story about: supernaturals, real life story

Ongoing: 21 Feb 3 pages
26 2 0

Rating: 1

#30 in Horror
#19 in Paranormal
#136 in Mystery
#77 in Supernaturals


Black Summer

Daisy Deveraux

A case of mistaken identity unveils a dark, well-hidden secret that the world is not all that it seems. Escaping to his mother's home-town in the hopes of finding solace with his grandmother, his world is shaken to it's core. A forbidden romance blossoms, an unlikely trio rises and an entire rea... more info

Story about: mistaken identity, witches and werewolves, dangerous love and dark secrets

Ongoing: 18 Feb 26 pages
64 7 0

Rating: 2

#1311 in Romance
#183 in Paranormal Romance
#36 in Horror
#24 in Paranormal


The Supernatural

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien

Waxahachie, Texas, 1970: a woman brutally murders her cheating husband, his mistress, and her two kids, before killing herself. Flash forward to the 1990s. A new family moves into the murder house. Paula Harris is determined to start a new life with her family in Waxahachie. The realtor and neighb... more info

Story about: ghosts, haunted house, murder and betrayal

Ongoing: 07 Mar 182 pages
214 9 0

Rating: 2

#37 in Horror
#25 in Paranormal


With The Night

Brad Emshwiller

this was going to be my Beauty and the Beast entry. But, alas, I cannot meet the criteria. A woman of questionable background goes out to meet her destiny. And add to her legacy. ... more info

Story about: horror stories

Ongoing: 27 Feb 7 pages
77 5 0

Rating: 2

#418 in Fantasy
#87 in Dark fantasy
#38 in Horror


Misty Meadows: The Asylum


When Kane London's parents die in a tragic accident, she is sent to live in the strange town of Misty Meadows; where nothing is as it seems Misty Meadows is a small town, that seems to have nothing interesting going on, aside from a strange murder from years ago. of course, when you bring in a trou... more info

Story about: a town with love, ghosts and a crazy ex

Ongoing: 04 Feb 99 pages
55 1 0

Rating: 0

#42 in Horror
#29 in Paranormal
#160 in Mystery
#47 in Romantic mystery


Paranormal All-Stars Presents Vol. 1

Mab De Narra

Around the mid-2010's, Mab De Narra created a social media group that was meant to be a place where people can share their personal paranormal and supernatural experiences without the fear of being judged by others. They could even find others who can help them with their paranormal questions, spiri... more info

Story about: short stories, horror stories, paranormal investigation

Complete 34 pages
79 6 0

Rating: 1

#43 in Horror
#30 in Paranormal
#67 in Short stories



Brad Emshwiller

Something dark lurks behind the everyday scenes of our lives; our mundane tasks and burdens, our relationships and self-image, are but a smoke screen. Behind and around us, perhaps reaching back through ageless space, a dispassionate intelligence pulls the strings and interferes; an unknowable and m... more info

Story about: cosmic horror, weird fiction

Complete 16 pages
69 6 6

Rating: 6

#50 in Horror
#527 in Fantasy
#98 in Dark fantasy

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