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Two weeks shy of her 17th birthday, Charlene Ludlow accidentally met with the gorgeous blue eyed country boy named Thomas Raven who was going to turn her unadventurous, well planned upper class life, upside down. Even though her father, who was soon to be Mayor had chosen a suitable future boyfri... more info

Story about: firstlove, smalltown, romantic love

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Rating: 68

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#18 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance



Osaro Oghadeva

Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a womanizer, who lost his hope in God. Together, they make a good team but will it always be rosy through the journey of life... more info

Story about: interracial love, romance, christian romance

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Rating: 91

#84 in Romance
#2 in Inspiration romance
#30 in Billionaires


I Fell For The Muslim Girl

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)

"LET GO OF ME!" I pushed him away from me. "What?" he smirked, pretending like he didn't know. "Why do you hate me so much? What've I ever done to you?" I bursted into tears. "It doesn't matter." he tried to shut me out. "It matters to me. Every time you come near me, bad things happen."... more info

Story about: muslimlovestory, muslim, christian

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Rating: 109

#85 in Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance


Lady Seducer

Маїра Цибуліна

Kolia is a stripper. He is a master at seducing young ladies. For this, rich clients pay him good money, whom he despises for their hobbies. Olia is the spoiled daughter of a millionaire. One of her hobbies is male striptease, which she goes to with her friends. The clash of characters will lead t... more info

Story about: from hate to love, passion and war, strong and passionate heroines

Ongoing: 28 May 71 pages
1351 106 6

Rating: 9

#86 in Romance
#17 in New Adult & College
#4 in Inspiration romance


Love Is Enough

Emma Swan

"Finally, you're here. Won't you please stop torturing me?" he asked, caressing her scarred cheek, her long wavy hair. "I absolutely need to know who you are! You have to tell me your name and why every time I see you I feel like I've known you all my life?! Why do I feel this strong desire to kiss ... more info

Story about: revenge, love at first sight, happy ending

Complete 373 pages
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Rating: 131

#12 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in ChickLit
#87 in Romance
#5 in Inspiration romance


This Isn't Goodbye

Goodness Shadrach

Dr Jeremy is one of the best doctors that people know, when treating his patients, he goes all in to make sure they survives, one day he was told that a new patient signed herself to him and left to meet her in her room and only to find out that she was his highschool love but he never got a chance ... more info

Story about: love, sickness, tragedy

Complete 118 pages
7528 322 95

Rating: 56

#123 in Romance
#8 in Inspiration romance


Sex or Chocolates?

The Fickle minded

Each time that Lara Sevillano sets her foot on the school main building entrance, her feet tends to shudder and froze. Her eyes always roam around in order to avoid his presence. But destiny seems not to side her when he suddenly peeked out from the curving path going to the staircase. She just stoo... more info

Story about: profession and status, love and temptations, decision and confusion

Ongoing: 28 May 118 pages
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Rating: 10

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#15 in Young adult
#7 in School



Sam kzim

A 25 years old girl having in love with someone she didn't know but then she realize that he is with another relationship she is broken,hurt and feels insecure and that day comes when he got married he invite her family she is confused about to stay at home or go there.. the circumstances turns and ... more info

Story about: romance, passion, hurts

Complete 23 pages
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Rating: 6

#156 in Romance
#27 in Romantic suspense
#10 in Inspiration romance

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A Reluctant Angel


Progressive Properties is aggressively taking over where small neighborhoods once flourished. Now Angelique's Shelter, St. Gabriel's, is under attack. Who shows up at her door to deliver the news? John McDougal, now a prominent property attorney, and once love of her life, who broke her heart into a... more info

Story about: second chance, angels, love and betrayal

Complete 247 pages
1912 194 22

Rating: 42

#160 in Romance
#11 in Inspiration romance
#4 in Paranormal Romance



Goodness Shadrach

Sarah and Sean are a loving married couple, one could say they are perfect but they have only one problem, they both have pride. When the other does something, both will pick offense and non will apologize or seek for peace but neither of them know that one day that same pride will not only destroy... more info

Story about: pride, unforgiveness, couple

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Rating: 22

#13 in Short stories
#180 in Romance
#13 in Inspiration romance

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Completing The List

PJ Lowry

Lizzy Sheppard loses her husband too soon and one day finds something that helps the grieving process: his bucket list. 30 things he wanted to do before he died. Eager to do something for her departed beloved, Lizzy sets off to complete the list in the hopes that she will learn more about the man wh... more info

Story about: lost love, bucket lists, moving on

Complete 245 pages
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Rating: 14

#181 in Romance
#38 in Contemporary Romance
#14 in Inspiration romance


Dream of Proposal

Vijay Kerji

Neha, a divorcee, is in love with a widower, Prashanth. Her colleague, Richard, is interested in her, but Neha ignores his advancement. When Prashanth tells Neha he has been transferred to Noida, Neha decides to propose to him. Will she be successful in uniting with Prashanth? Read on.... more info

Story about: romance, romance betrayal heartbreak, indian love story

Complete 6 pages
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Rating: 6

#195 in Romance
#15 in Inspiration romance


As Long As The Sky Is Blue

Osaro Oghadeva

Jin had forgotten what it felt like to have a deep connection with another person until he met Tomiwa. It all involved; Two Races Two hearts One disease One week... to seal their fate.... more info

Story about: love, biracial, koreannigerian story

Ongoing: 17 May 55 pages
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Rating: 9

#213 in Romance
#17 in Inspiration romance



Goodness Shadrach

A short story with moral lesson. A must read.... more info

Story about: untrust, impatient, divorce

Complete 7 pages
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Rating: 13

#34 in Short stories
#263 in Romance
#20 in Inspiration romance


A lie away from you


Jackson is loyal and faithful to his wife Jennie. However, how long can he endure being emotionally unstable? Jennie deeply loves her husband. Still, will her tragic secret destroy their marriage forever? Julie wants Steven. But, has she waited too long to fall in love with someone? Chris k... more info

Story about: jackson, jennie, steven

Ongoing: 19 May 30 pages
18 5 2

Rating: 0

#290 in Romance
#21 in Inspiration romance
#60 in Contemporary Romance


The Homewreckers

PJ Lowry

Stephen Jackson, a columnist for a local paper, becomes the subject of the story when the ex-wife and the man she cheated on him with get married. Their wedding pictures are featured in a rival newspaper, forcing him to relive a painful divorce, and question the ethics of his own industry. ... more info

Story about: marriage, loyalty, romance

Ongoing: 09 May 16 pages
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Rating: 1

#318 in Romance
#24 in Inspiration romance
#37 in Contemporary fiction
#9 in Urban life


Mary Ellen

Cherie Mitchell

1833: Meet feisty and determined young Mary Ellen Jones in Independence, Missouri as she battles a difficult home life, learns about her unique gifts, discovers her place in the world, and first sets eyes on Norton Beecroft, the man destined to be her husband and her true love for all of eternity. ... more info

Story about: womens fiction, historical fiction, paranormal romance

Complete 28 pages
3245 117 17

Rating: 24

#1079 in Romance
#89 in Inspiration romance
#59 in Historical Romance

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