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Exchange Date With My Bad Boy

Sapna Sarkar

Every girl wanted their dream guy to just appear out of nowhere.. and ofcourse ask her out on a date. But what if something bad happens on your first date-- worst-- with your dream guy- - more worst-- And what if he just run away, Leaving you to pay the bill, with yo... more info

Story about: date crush love

Ongoing: 13 Jul 20 pages
362 90 3

Rating: 9

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#89 in Romance
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Dumped by her billionaire fiancé, a resplendently beautiful woman, the empress of eclectic endowments of extremities of name, fame and flair, the reigning royalty of Hollywood’s dream factory, the Oscar winner and highest paid actor, lands herself in all sorts of woes – hospitalization for slip... more info

Story about: elemental intimacy, higher consciousness, life-inspiring fiction

Ongoing: 09 Jul 52 pages
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Rating: 2

#338 in Romance
#74 in Contemporary Romance
#31 in Inspiration romance


Be Lonely, Be Your Best


This book challenges the populist idea that loneliness is a bad and sad thing. Loneliness is rather very facilitative mechanism of body-mind for wellness and personal excellence. The eBook answers core question as ‘What’s Wrong’ with things around and within us, listing ways to use loneliness ... more info

Story about: consciousness, metacognition, homeostasis

Ongoing: 09 Jul 52 pages
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Rating: 1

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#7 in Non-fiction


Jessica Thompson as That Girl


Jessica Thompson is an everyday average gal. Who happens to have a very popular twin brother. Who also happens to be some-what friends with the most popular guy at school who's girlfriend often shoots mental bullets at her. And she also happens to make the hit list of the notorious bad boy. But,... more info

Story about: newadult, teenfiction

Ongoing: 11 Jul 71 pages
1342 164 6

Rating: 16

#35 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary Romance
#7 in New Adult & College


Ghosts of our own Making

Cade Abbot

Unlike Shirley Jackson's story, the house haunting events written below, although a bit fictionalized, are all based on actual experiences. Not my own (to my chagrin), but by others, I have had the pleasure to know personally enough that they have confided them to me. The house described actually ... more info

Story about: ghost story using personal experiences

Ongoing: 13 Jul 45 pages
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Rating: 0

#64 in Mystery
#31 in Supernaturals
#12 in Horror
#8 in Paranormal


Somethin' missing Is it love in pain or pain in love?


College life is one of the best times to gather memories. But what if the memories get mixed with pain and love. Diya was a girl who came with dreams to enjoy college life to the fullest with her best friend. Life is full of miracles they say and that became true for her when she encountered him! Ev... more info

Story about: friendship, pain of love, college romance and music

Ongoing: 08 Jul 47 pages
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Rating: 0

#238 in Romance
#46 in Romantic suspense
#38 in New Adult & College


My Heart


Celine was ditched by Jake brown on the day of their wedding, she was heartbroken and vowed to never have anything to do with Jake again but Jake is back and he is persistent in making her his again and fate seems to be on his side but getting her back doesn't come on a platter of gold.... more info

Story about: lovers, heartbreak, ditched

Ongoing: 12 Jul 12 pages
260 37 4

Rating: 4

#137 in Romance
#39 in Contemporary Romance
#23 in Romantic suspense


His Legendary Mate


The ground shook. The battle began. Blood spilled. The Alpha died. The Luna escaped with her new born child. Seventeen years later... Meet Athena, a seventeen-year old girl who doesn't know about the world she once use to live in. She recently moves to the birth town of her mother and father. She m... more info

Story about: werewolf alpha, power love and betrayal, strong and passionate heroine

Ongoing: 11 Jul 13 pages
103 27 2

Rating: 5

#13 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals
#13 in Fantasy
#10 in Romantic fantasy




Sorry; it shall disappoint, if you pick up romance for escape from reality. This is true story; of real woman and man. Let alone fifty; there ain’t single shade of grey in it. Intimacy is pure white, with backdrop of rosy potentials. Reality itself is bright; sunny. Enchantress and her marvel are ... more info

Story about: twin flame probability, intimacy intelligence, couple consciousness

Ongoing: 13 Jul 43 pages
395 99 0

Rating: 5

#72 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance


Loving Who?


Full book on INKITT, you won't regret reading! 3 guys, 1 girl, but she loves another guy, sadly he doesn’t even act like she exists, what happens when two hot guys suddenly appear in her life and her cute best friend, all in love with her, she can only choose one person or better said she can on... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, high school romance, loveandhate

Complete 25 pages
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Rating: 2

#224 in Romance
#11 in Others
#10 in Humor


Naked Solutions Of Dressed up Life Woes


Human mind is the most capable and instinctively galvanized mechanism to solve big problems. Still, the same human consciousness is the most potent trouble. The core dilemma is, modern day problems are so ‘dressed up’; partly by our complex environment and partly by our consciousness that we fai... more info

Story about: life living wellness, empowerment, solutions of problems

Ongoing: 07 Jul 25 pages
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Rating: 0

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#14 in Non-fiction


Healing Love


Honest and simple Amara Davis land into her dream job in Scott's Incorp. and wants nothing else than to marry her childhood friend Nathan. But fate has something else in store for her when she crosses path with none other then Liam Scott. He is arrogant,selfish,rude and he is a womaniser. He kno... more info

Story about: romance and friendship, goodgirl, romance urban chicklit fiction

Ongoing: 13 Jul 6 pages
732 154 7

Rating: 16

#59 in Romance
#21 in Contemporary Romance
#26 in Billionaires


Masked ( Secrets and lies series #2)


Charlotte needs to make a decision. Either she can take the note and prevent their life from finding Becca's body or save Jason before he gets in trouble. Whatever she's deciding, the threatened never going to stop torturing them. That person gave them many tasks and brought more misery to their li... more info

Story about: mystery series, mystery romance, mystery thriller

Ongoing: 13 Jul 5 pages
26 4 0

Rating: 2

#52 in Mystery
#66 in Young adult


A part of me that loves you


Born with silver spoon in her mouth, Amber Walker loves everyone around her passionately, she lived a peaceful life with everyone, not until one day, tragedy struck, she had an accident and became an amnesiac. She had a wrong memory, an exact opposite of how he life had been. She remembered being ha... more info

Story about: trust, lovestory, haunted memory

Ongoing: 08 Jul 10 pages
121 17 0

Rating: 1

#341 in Romance
#61 in Romantic suspense
#76 in Contemporary Romance


say your name

Книжний заєць

Stanislav’s parents are killed by a man who claims that Stanislav himself sent him from the future. All this can be attributed to the delirium of the psycho-patient, but the half-brother becomes so similar to the killer. In addition, people appear in life who claim that they are his true relativ... more info

Story about: secret, order, magic

Ongoing: 06 Jul 5 pages
40 7 0

Rating: 1

#48 in Thrillers & Suspense
#21 in Suspense
#71 in Fantasy
#9 in Urban fantasy


Neon Dreams

Gegi Mei

This is Book #2 of Shiver, please read the first one before going into this book, it would help you to experience it better. Thank you. Charlene Ludlow had always wanted to leave the small town of Bluebridge to a big city. She finally had the courage to visit Goldstone for the summer of 1998. What w... more info

Story about: relationships, love, newadult

Ongoing: 10 Jul 26 pages
800 86 16

Rating: 25

#58 in Romance
#20 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Contemporary fiction


The Sweet Series

Hallie Schlauch

Multiple excerpts that tell a story of true love. When a raccoon falls in love with a peach. Because of him, I learned what it's like to be loved.... more info

Story about: romance, friendship, friendship and romance

Ongoing: 13 Jul 10 pages
303 58 2

Rating: 3

#206 in Romance
#6 in Short stories


Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons


The Bear have sent in Alice and the Smithsons, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 12 Jul 43 pages
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Rating: 0

#17 in Action & Adventures
#92 in Fantasy


Was That Love

GD Abigail

Every story doesn't have a happy ending at least not so easily. Loving someone comes with a cost and we all have to pay it in one way or another , sometimes it takes things to such a level that we begin to doubt our virtues and all the rules we have set for ourselves . I always believed in the brig... more info

Story about: love, heartbreak, jealousy

Ongoing: 12 Jul 37 pages
441 74 0

Rating: 6

#28 in Young adult
#10 in School
#168 in Romance
#29 in Romantic suspense


Poetry of Will

Will Dysire Bryt

This is a collection of poems I originally create myself. This include the following forms of poetry: 1. Ode 2. Sonnet 3. Limerick 4. Elegy 5. Free verse 6. Acrostic, etc. While others are self made like; 1. Limonnete 2. Bien Vista You won't regret reading this. You'll learn a lot ... more info

Story about: life, nature, world

Ongoing: 05 Jul 6 pages
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Rating: 0

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