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Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2


Eight months ago, 15-year-old shifter Mera Shayle fell into the hands of a family of hunters. Much has changed for Mera, after a life of abuse and torment at the hands of her father, she now tries to live a normal, stable life, falling harder for the blue -eyed hunter Talon Theron. But the past is n... more info

Story about: young adult, teenromance, shifter

Complete 485 pages
46889 529

Rating: 26

#63 in Young adult
#51 in Mystery
#16 in Supernaturals


The Mystery of a Techie's Murder

Vijay Kerji

Priya, a software engineer, is found dead in her apartment when her flatmate Julia is away on a weekend. Detective Mayur finds a Pizza Hut cap with the strand of hair in it at the crime scene along with a cigarette butt and shoe prints. Krishna Raj, Priya's manager, says Priya became close to her co... more info

Story about: detective, mystery, mystery romance

Complete 175 pages
12810 137

Rating: 24

#39 in Mystery
#23 in Romantic mystery


The Pains of Guilt

Tshiamo Mwanza

As promised, book 2 of Winning the Alpha's Heart. I know, the cover looks awesome asf. But the pictures I used in it don't belong to me. (If you haven't read the first book, you'll find it on the Dreame website or the Dreame lite app because for some reason it doesn't show up on the normal Dreame ap... more info

Story about: reverse harem, singlemom, moongoddess

Ongoing: 29 Jun 209 pages
7815 175

Rating: 20

#47 in Mystery
#14 in Supernaturals
#891 in Romance
#135 in Romantic suspense


The One Wrong Number


Though she was weird and creepy still, she was able to lure him into her cage. Sid knew that she was going to be more than just a ‘Wrong number’. But did he know that she could bring chaos into his life or could even end it? He was going to find that out soon….. ... more info

Story about: mystery romance, lust and love, revenge hatred magic romance murder

Complete 124 pages
5079 117

Rating: 9

#46 in Mystery
#27 in Romantic mystery
#75 in Thrillers & Suspense
#30 in Suspense

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His Smile Worth Billions [book 2]

Angelic Emman

[BOOK 2] Emaya Mullen's life has always been so dreadful but she never let it affect her bright, charming personality. She finds joy in making others smile. But there's a darkest secret behind her brightest smile, she must hide. Ashton Wilson came from a rich family, but prefer living in a sma... more info

Story about: tragedy, dark secrets, billionaire finding love

Complete 101 pages
10171 263

Rating: 102

#37 in Mystery
#21 in Romantic mystery
#758 in Romance
#391 in Billionaires


My Bride from Another World


He is bound to get her... She is bound to run away from him... April 20XX, in the desert region; Catina a sweet young woman with a sharp mouth. Comes across a rare, yet beautiful necklace adoring and pondering about it with her secret first love or crush for years she would love to spend her li... more info

Story about: love and fantasy, dragon fantasy romance, clueless

Ongoing: 23 Jul 24 pages
134 22

Rating: 2

#126 in Fantasy
#65 in Romantic fantasy
#43 in Mystery
#13 in Supernaturals


The Black Dahlia

Pratiksha Routray

Cartels rule the underworld these days, Be it drugs or weapons, you name it and they sell it, sneaking millions of dollars under the noses of the authorities worldwide. They function like a well-oiled machinery and each part knows its functions like clockwork. They operate in the shadows and those w... more info

Story about: betrayal, secrets, hatelove

Ongoing: 22 Jul 69 pages
1215 104

Rating: 12

#42 in Mystery
#24 in Romantic mystery
#69 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Crime fiction



Mr. Cobblepot

16 year old Graham Norris relocates to the small town of Wildthyme with mom and Autistic brother to escape his abusive stepdad. His grandmother, Ginerva is happy to take them in, but is harbouring secrets of her own. When Graham meets the enigmatic Erasmus, a door is opened up to a world that he nev... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, lgbt

Complete 327 pages
26377 666

Rating: 39

#1204 in Romance
#48 in LGBT
#80 in Mystery
#31 in Supernaturals


Flowers From A Killer

Veronica S. Lawson

I whimpered fearfully as I struggled desperately in his grasp. His hot onion breath caressing my ear as he pulled me closer. "Why the struggle Sasha. Don't you know your mine? If I can't have You no one can." He whispered sinfully making me shiver as I fought harder against his grasp. I just wan... more info

Story about: romance, stalker, killer

Complete 58 pages
7417 297

Rating: 26

#79 in Mystery
#39 in Romantic mystery


Small Town Terrors

Roger Alderman

In the beginning of my research to craft this book. I examined the urban legends that surround small towns all across the United States of America. I found myself drawn to stories that connected or seemed to similarities. To me these tales echoed of a potentially shared experience from a time now lo... more info

Story about: monsters, ghost stories, dark fairytales

Complete 55 pages
2469 160

Rating: 7

#18 in Horror
#17 in Paranormal
#77 in Mystery
#29 in Supernaturals

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It was just another case, until Spencer got cursed. Now he looks four years old and they have no idea who cursed him. Thankfully Spencer knows people. "Who you gonna call?" "Winchester!" ... more info

Story about: supernatural, witches and magic, criminalminds

Complete 224 pages
1078 82

Rating: 3

#11 in Fanfiction
#1 in Movies Fanfiction
#74 in Mystery
#27 in Supernaturals


The Vampire Queen. A Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Мария Нортон

I don’t have a lot of time. When my best friend Iris goes missing, my entire life grinds to a halt. Forget school. Forget familial obligations. Everything about me ceases to matter anymore. Because I have exactly one hour to save her life. And I’m already ten minutes in. The Vampire Queen is a s... more info

Story about: vampires, vampire and werewolf romance, vampirism

Complete 36 pages
2721 263

Rating: 9

#1182 in Romance
#91 in New Adult & College
#73 in Mystery
#37 in Romantic mystery


The chasm of desire

Farzana Tutul

(Read at your own risk . I have tried to write a fun story with a hint of sci fi. It creates confusion as it deals with multiple worlds. ) In order to win you, I will break you in such way that no one can heal you ,Except me." he said pushing me against the wall and dangerously leaned towards m... more info

Story about: love hate, love and suspense, romance action humour

Complete 127 pages
12694 236

Rating: 21

#72 in Mystery
#36 in Romantic mystery
#1141 in Romance


Mystery At The Mansion

Vijay Kerji

Rithika Menon, a college professor, has been murdered in her flat. At the time of the murder, her husband, Sampath Menon, is out shopping for groceries. Sampath's younger brother and his girlfriend hear Rithika screaming before she is murdered. Detective Mayur Varma decides to investigate the case. ... more info

Story about: mystery, detective, suspense mystery

Ongoing: 25 Jul 73 pages
366 25

Rating: 9

#59 in Mystery
#87 in Thrillers & Suspense
#17 in Crime fiction


Could this be me?


Some say, being in love is destined to happen. Others say, it's a choice. But I say what people say doesn't matter and what is meant to happen happens. I believe in fate in love and not in coincidence. You want to know the reality of life in romance, then here is the place to view the life of dif... more info

Story about: future joy, love birds

Complete 270 pages
5835 86

Rating: 8

#58 in Mystery
#33 in Romantic mystery
#948 in Romance
#46 in Inspiration romance


Black Devil White Prince.

Nasreen Mansuri

A not so good manga artist accidentally summons a devil, who was cursed and buried under thousands and thousands of layers of magic. To prevent him from returning to the earth. He’s ruthless, heartless, merciless, every evil thing one can imagine. He entertains him self by spreading hatred, hosti... more info

Story about: demon in love with a human

Complete 83 pages
1054 47

Rating: 14

#57 in Mystery
#19 in Supernaturals
#147 in Fantasy


Double Life

Khanyi Mathayi

Lesego Medupe has never questioned her identity before, she never wondered about the father she never knew, her dark complexion, or her mother's outrageous rules. That is until a nerve-wracking accident introduces her to new faces, some of which only have impure intentions. Abigail Daniels has sp... more info

Story about: #evil twin, #supernatural, #secrets and lies

Ongoing: 16 Jul 241 pages
671 20

Rating: 2

#65 in Mystery
#22 in Supernaturals
#96 in Thrillers & Suspense
#39 in Suspense


A boon that turned out to be a bane


Adrien Slaughter is just starting as a detective in clear water, Florida. As he is investigating a lot more cases, he finds some unexplainable things happening around him. He also comes to know that his family have a long history of hunting those unexplainable things. After a few days at work, he ha... more info

Story about: werewolf and human love, supernaturals

Complete 56 pages
1002 23

Rating: 7

#1055 in Romance
#58 in Paranormal Romance
#64 in Mystery
#21 in Supernaturals


Mingled Fates of an Entangled Past

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

Arsh Hamdaani, a young hotheaded, handsome, intelligent, hardworking and impatient protector of his clan. Carrying an aura of dominance and power, his intimidating personality has casted a spell of horror on his enemies. While making sure to remove the existence of every single person who hurt his f... more info

Story about: romance action mystery, suspense thriller, revenge of the past

Ongoing: 19 Jun 26 pages
231 39

Rating: 14

#924 in Romance
#215 in Contemporary Romance
#52 in Mystery
#30 in Romantic mystery


Dark Monster Of The Lights


A monster hides, deep inside, Inside the hollow of the heart, Confined in the ribcage, wild and furious, Thirsty for blood, blood of innocence The monster has no name, it's just a monster, Be aware he will rip your heart and come out, It doesn't matter how much we try but we can never ... more info

Story about: horror fiction, psychokiller, psychological thriller romance

Ongoing: 25 Jul 11 pages
63 13

Rating: 3

#83 in Thrillers & Suspense
#14 in Crime fiction
#56 in Mystery
#32 in Romantic mystery

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