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Beauty Angel

She is powerful,but hides it .What will happen when she really needs her power... more info

Story about: very powerful and popular witches

Ongoing: 09 Feb 3 pages
60 1 0

Rating: 1

#172 in Mystery
#97 in Supernaturals
#1620 in Romance
#301 in Paranormal Romance




Choosing your path, you need to navigate correctly... more info

Story about: horror, supernatural

Complete 10 pages
18 3 0

Rating: 0

#60 in Horror
#42 in Paranormal
#174 in Mystery
#98 in Supernaturals


The Rise Of Rose : Return of The Princess

Hannah Audrey

When a rose kingdom's princess , Ivy Harper , got abandoned on earth and her kingdom is in chaos for about 15 years. Her prince , Ryan Connor , come to earth to search for her and tell her to return to her kingdom as her late grandfather or the king told her that she should return back when she rea... more info

Story about: royal fantasy, roses and magic

Ongoing: 25 Feb 2 pages
37 2 1

Rating: 1

#175 in Mystery
#99 in Supernaturals
#617 in Fantasy
#27 in Urban fantasy


In The Last Days


"No one knows when the darkness will come, but all I know is it will. And very soon we all will see it. The question is, can we find the light in it all?" This book contains the essence of what is to come in the last days, heed and change for the better, give your life to Christ. There's not much t... more info

Story about: god jesus supernatural mystery

Ongoing: 03 Feb 32 pages
133 8 10

Rating: 2

#161 in Young adult
#180 in Mystery
#102 in Supernaturals


Shadow King of Alphas

Mi Raine

SOON SERIES #2... more info

Story about: luna, alphaking, alpha wolf inlove with a human

Ongoing: 06 Jan 1 pages
43 8 0

Rating: 1

#648 in Fantasy
#27 in Action fantasy
#183 in Mystery
#55 in Romantic mystery


Illuminate by mvmanalo


Beck is just an ordinary girl. She was kept sheltered by her parents since an only girl. Ever since she was little she dreamed of weird and scary things, people, but what does all this tell her. One night a voice asked her, Who is Christ? Sino si Kristo? Will she be able to answer the QUESTION? Now ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, lgbtq, suspense.

Ongoing: 16 Feb 62 pages
123 6 0

Rating: 1

#185 in Mystery
#104 in Supernaturals
#1742 in Romance
#85 in Inspiration romance


The Birth of a Nephilim

Kuro Tenshin

This story is about the eternal love of Hannah Adair to her beloved Elijah. Hannah is the sole daughter of an aristocrat while Elijah is nothing but a commoner. Hannah's father, Michael, will do any means to separate both of them. One night, at the same time as the appearance of the "Blue Moon", ... more info

Story about: angel, love story, shortstory

Complete 5 pages
73 11 8

Rating: 7

#88 in Short stories
#189 in Mystery
#107 in Supernaturals



Rowen Lily

This story is about a girl named Daisy, Daisy meets her new teacher in school who teachers her about a land she never heard of before. Sooner or later she gets chose to be the hero of the land her new teacher was teaching her about.... more info

Story about: a teenage girl named daisy

Ongoing: 27 Jan 2 pages
24 9 0

Rating: 1

#687 in Fantasy
#32 in Action fantasy
#192 in Mystery
#110 in Supernaturals


My Nightmare


All my life I never feared anyone, not even my own parents. But the only person I every fear was and is 'My Nightmare' My body went limp, I knew this wasn't the end of the nightmare but the beginning of my nightmare.... more info

Story about: superhumans, anotherworld, dark past

Ongoing: 20 Jan 29 pages
369 23 1

Rating: 1

#211 in Mystery
#120 in Supernaturals
#724 in Fantasy
#366 in Romantic fantasy


Unfamiliar soul


They never lived for themselves. Because they never knew who they were. Two confused unfamiliar souls met by an incident, and got into each other when they couldn't even realize their fast growing love. From living a troubled fantasy to recognizing each others corner in the choice less hearts, they... more info

Story about: from darkness to love, the mystery behind their life

Complete 46 pages
215 16 6

Rating: 11

#221 in Mystery
#64 in Romantic mystery
#2152 in Romance
#174 in New Adult & College

Recently Updated

Villain Path


He died and was reborn in the world of the novel he just read?! How trivial, damn it! System, I wish I never was born! System: [You have been assigned the identity of the main villain] Did I sin so badly in my past life?! System: [And by the way, you are very handsome] Hmm…(¬_¬) System:... more info

Story about: cultivation drama, cultivation, system

Ongoing: 28 Feb 324 pages
593 18 0

Rating: 3

#245 in Mystery
#2475 in Romance
#130 in LGBT


Unprecedented 2


*SEQUEL UNPRECEDENTED!!* Freddie Matthews is finishing off her school year and is going to college soon. But before she leaves she uncovers the mystery of her father's death 14 years ago... While also living a normal teenage high school life of course.. Copyright © 2019-20 Naomi. H All rights ... more info

Story about: collage, secret, agent

Complete 42 pages
400 8 0

Rating: 2

#284 in Young adult
#267 in Mystery


Rebirth of the Missing


This story is about the missing girl Sana. The twist is that her mother is aware where she would be, how she finds her and the mysterious rebirth... more info

Story about: mystery thriller, mystery and blackmagic, rebirth

Complete 20 pages
679 39 2

Rating: 5

#249 in Thrillers & Suspense
#82 in Suspense
#269 in Mystery
#142 in Supernaturals


One Rainy Night

Samina Gokak

Its about two sisters journey on a caribbean cruise n how one sistter gets stranded on an isand with a maniac from the past on the loose.... more info

Story about: it is a story that has happy ending

Complete 11 pages
565 46 0

Rating: 2

#2851 in Romance
#389 in Romantic suspense
#276 in Mystery
#89 in Romantic mystery




Mortha is assistant to the Savior and the light bearer, commander of the Army Angels. He was summoned by God the Father to go down the Earth to seek what's happening, why humans no longer trust or love God and Jesus. He was asked to help people and lead them back to God. But, meeting Belle Sun seems... more info

Story about: angels, god, love between an angel and a human

Complete 67 pages
238 21 0

Rating: 2

#287 in Mystery
#96 in Romantic mystery
#900 in Fantasy
#446 in Romantic fantasy


Blaze with Grace


On-Hold... more info

Story about: mates, mage x werewolf

Ongoing: 06 Oct 4 pages
22 0 0

Rating: 0

#288 in Mystery
#148 in Supernaturals
#902 in Fantasy
#448 in Romantic fantasy


What Truly Is


“No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!! No Justice, no peace!!” people yelling for freedom worldwide… “Liberate!! Liberate!! Liberate!!” are the voices of others crying for the same freedom “Come down!! Come down!! Come down!!” are the voices of those hosting for authorities i... more info

Story about: the reality, truth, answer

Complete 6 pages
46 4 0

Rating: 1

#307 in Mystery
#155 in Short stories


Dampire love 1 |complete|

Christian Iruka

Katrina life changed upside down on the day of her mother's funeral, while the secret of vampire are revealed to her, 3 suitors await her anwser to the proposal....... more info

Story about: love, vampire romance, werewolf vampire

Complete 48 pages
2571 105 1

Rating: 8

#327 in Mystery
#107 in Romantic mystery
#996 in Fantasy
#490 in Romantic fantasy


Her Soulmates


Erika is a smart and brave girl, but her mother left and now it's only she and her father. Then she meets Daniel. Instantly she knows there's something mysterious about him. But thing's change when they touch, sparks ignite with flames. She learns that not only is she his soulmate, but there... more info

Story about: lovetriangle, witches and werewolves, darkmagic and powers

Ongoing: 19 Feb 127 pages
11211 305 86

Rating: 117

#332 in Mystery
#1007 in Fantasy
#496 in Romantic fantasy


Lǐwù and the teardrop stone


I am currently rewriting Chapter One after I realised no, Lǐwù would recognised the Back Dragon's writing even though he is unable to read ancient Chinese with him being his dear uncle. I ask you all to please be patient whilst I sort it all out. A young woman is found in a Healer's forest bar... more info

Story about: short story, mystery and fantasy, crystals and spells

Ongoing: 22 Feb 15 pages
68 6 0

Rating: 8

#1021 in Fantasy
#345 in Mystery
#182 in Supernaturals

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