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Who's Gonna Drive Me Home?


This is a fiction story about an android who came to Russia to start a new life with his girlfriend. Instead, he finds a job in IT company, friends, and maybe a chance to figure out the mystery of his past. Being an android has its perks, no doubts, but Philippe feels like no one can really underst... more info

Story about: shapeshifters, itcrowd, android

Complete 67 pages
226 15 0

Rating: 1

#205 in Fantasy
#14 in Urban fantasy
#123 in Mystery
#61 in Supernaturals


The Heirs of the Ancients

Olivia Gordon Reid

Sixteen-year-old Emilia Parker is the other sister. The nerdy, bookish one who is seen as a loser and outcast by everyone. Her twin sister, Riley? Completely different. Popular, well-liked, and admired, Riley is loved by many and is always included. Emilia hates reality. She wants to wish magic in... more info

Story about: magical warfare, magical world, prophecies

Ongoing: 25 Jun 28 pages
184 37 0

Rating: 6

#124 in Mystery
#62 in Supernaturals
#206 in Fantasy
#82 in Romantic fantasy


The Nasty Consequence

K.R Webber

There are no such things as minor secrets…. Detective Nathan Camshron is about to learn it hard way when an Embassy member of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ul Haq, gets murdered in 4th July behind the curtain of canceled conference in White House. This catapults Nathan Camshron into sequences of deadly... more info

Story about: conspiracy, murder, detectives

Complete 132 pages
869 68 3

Rating: 9

#138 in Thrillers & Suspense
#28 in Action thriller
#131 in Mystery


Dana's First Case

PJ Lowry

Dana Gordon was working from job to job until her true calling found her. She longed to be a private detective, a sleuth as you will. Someone who will help those in need to solve mysteries for them.... more info

Story about: murder, mystery, detectives

Ongoing: 17 Jun 17 pages
253 27 0

Rating: 1

#132 in Mystery
#139 in Thrillers & Suspense
#63 in Suspense




"it's been decided before your birth, your name was being called out even before your first breath, your story started as a normal human-being life but the reason he saved you was the reason of your existence in the first place." "but he is the reason of my existence." Note: will be edited as ... more info

Story about: dreams, queen, worlds

Ongoing: 08 Jul 89 pages
734 37 9

Rating: 13

#145 in Mystery
#72 in Supernaturals
#284 in Fantasy


Stadler House: Book Two: Emily

Roger Alderman

Decades after the Massacre at the Stadler House Group Home the survivor, Emily Stephens, attempt to move forward with her life. But her past will not give Emily up so easily. Her desire to help others has guided her to a career as a Hospice Nurse. But something goes horribly wrong when she finds her... more info

Story about: evil spirits, ghosts, demons

Complete 84 pages
831 82 5

Rating: 3

#60 in Horror
#36 in Paranormal
#150 in Mystery
#75 in Supernaturals


Stadler House: Book One: Anna

Roger Alderman

After a near-death experience changes a young orphaned child’s life forever. The benevolent Dr. Stadler uses his bleeding-edge therapy to help her and other children at his group home return to a life of normalcy. This short story brings to life the challenges faced by trying to help one small gro... more info

Story about: evil childen, ghosts, possession

Complete 45 pages
1235 114 1

Rating: 3

#61 in Horror
#37 in Paranormal
#151 in Mystery
#76 in Supernaturals


The Silent Killer


Imagine living in a place where you can't leave Where everyday is like hell A killer that has never been seen A killer that murders brutally A killer that the police has been looking for years Hazel a 15 year old that lives with her mother and step father What will happen when Hazel will f... more info

Story about: pain, secret, killer

Ongoing: 23 Jun 9 pages
208 8 2

Rating: 1

#180 in Mystery



simon 1982

Arthur hadn't seemed to have got to grips with the word no. Everyone was aware of this floor. ... more info

Story about: how far can a soft touch be pushed

Complete 10 pages
865 11 7

Rating: 4

#190 in Mystery
#233 in Short stories


Akari, Meri Ra

Esraa Nuriko

A girl wakes up in an unknown magical place, then she starts watching and living in strange scenes like a transparent ghost in them. Things turn into an entangled supernatural story involving more characters. That girl is amnesiac, so what is the link between her and the scenes she's forced to watch... more info

Story about: magic, friendship, pharaohs

Complete 26 pages
1670 12 19

Rating: 12

#206 in Mystery
#107 in Supernaturals
#259 in Short stories

Recently Updated

This Rushing Air

Brad Emshwiller

Every year, the festival consumes the best and the brightest: a whirlwind of faith spares the faithful against those destined for the void. the village lives on through the heroism of those willing to stand against the wind. ... more info

Story about: cosmic horror, weird fiction

Complete 5 pages
651 14 5

Rating: 4

#438 in Fantasy
#125 in Dark fantasy
#207 in Mystery
#108 in Supernaturals


Revival Factory

K.R Webber

A butcher's son gets lost in a mysterious way without any hint. Only one person knows whereabout of the child. But the one who knows it won't speak. Is his son dead or alive? The person won't tell but will instead let the poor butcher linger in grief. Till a new grief arrives. It comes in night... more info

Story about: horror, ghost, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
1452 42 18

Rating: 4

#439 in Fantasy
#208 in Mystery
#109 in Supernaturals


Long Way Home.

Director West.

S.J High school, famous for bringing the girls from trips pregnant. It was that way all the time, and our parents still kept on sending us on school trips. But this time it was a different case, we were the ones going for the school trip and our story was all way scarier than the girls who got pregn... more info

Story about: teenagers, xenophobia, misunderstanding

Complete 22 pages
2343 29 5

Rating: 3

#273 in Short stories
#216 in Mystery


Forest God and the beast


A small village is awakened in the middle of the night by strange and frightening noises coming from the nearby forest. This is one of my long lost stories, it has never been published before. Please let me know what you think of it. Note to the reader all names can be Google translated to hear h... more info

Story about: fairytail, classic fantasy, unconventional

Complete 31 pages
2953 60 20

Rating: 18

#475 in Fantasy
#217 in Mystery
#111 in Supernaturals


Raising hell

Михаил Рудин

The entient prophety comes truethe ancient prophecy comes true... more info

Story about: night, knight, magic

Complete 1 pages
243 7 1

Rating: 1

#229 in Mystery
#115 in Supernaturals
#300 in Short stories



Михаил Рудин

Fear the night before Christmas...... more info

Story about: christmas, krampus, night

Complete 1 pages
241 2 0

Rating: 0

#230 in Mystery
#116 in Supernaturals
#302 in Short stories




About an old man living alone in a house who found out that there are some intruders in his house. Now he must do whatever he can to scare them away from his house... more info

Story about: intruder, privacy, security

Complete 2 pages
471 8 7

Rating: 2

#237 in Mystery
#307 in Short stories


Cover - Up Order

K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
1301 64 8

Rating: 7

#238 in Mystery
#119 in Supernaturals
#225 in Thrillers & Suspense
#45 in Crime fiction


The Prophecy

K.R Webber

About a man who can see future through dreams. A group offers to interpret his vague dreams. And the trouble begins... Cover Illustration by: Shreejan Rijal... more info

Story about: mystery supernatural, innocence, future

Complete 20 pages
2614 79 18

Rating: 7

#244 in Mystery
#121 in Supernaturals
#236 in Thrillers & Suspense
#100 in Suspense


Eureka Feminine

K.R Webber

Tacoma is being affected by the presence of Satans. And in such condition, a druggist named Allan O'Connel finds himself in the problem where an international force called Aitountes is attempting to murder him. Supernatural forces make him believe that he is more than a junkie.... more info

Story about: ghosts, religion, conspiracy

Complete 62 pages
3476 65 26

Rating: 15

#240 in Thrillers & Suspense
#49 in Crime fiction
#251 in Mystery
#125 in Supernaturals

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