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Black Devil White Prince.

Nasreen Mansuri

A not so good manga artist accidentally summons a devil, who was cursed and buried under thousands and thousands of layers of magic. To prevent him from returning to the earth. He’s ruthless, heartless, merciless, every evil thing one can imagine. He entertains him self by spreading hatred, hosti... more info

Story about: demon in love with a human

Ongoing: 03 Mar 6 pages
31 5 4

Rating: 4

#21 in Mystery
#7 in Supernaturals
#69 in Fantasy


His Smile Worth Billions [2]

Angelic Emman

[BOOK 2] Emaya Mullen's life has always been so dreadful but she never let it affect her bright, charming personality. She finds joy in making others smile. But there's a darkest secret behind her brightest smile, she must hide. Ashton Wilson came from a rich family, but prefer living in a sma... more info

Story about: tragedy, dark secrets, billionaire finding love

Ongoing: 02 Mar 91 pages
3307 168 49

Rating: 44

#5 in Mystery
#5 in Romantic mystery
#159 in Romance
#104 in Billionaires


The King's Curse


Hope was a simple werewolf girl who is left alone in this brutal world.... She is from Red Moon Pack were she is treated not more than low class maid or an omega.... Since the day she learnt about ‘Her One and Only’ or MATE, she is waiting for him. He will be the one who will save her from th... more info

Story about: werewolf king, cursed by witch, mate

Ongoing: 02 Mar 1 pages
19 4 0

Rating: 2

#79 in Mystery
#36 in Supernaturals
#1058 in Romance


My Name is Anteric (luna Series No.1)


Everything was like a blurred picture passing so fast through my eyes. I am, at the moment, carefully held by two warm furry arms. It made me think of him. His sweet betrayal.... more info

Story about: a wolf and a mere human story.

Ongoing: 02 Mar 2 pages
18 13 0

Rating: 3

#108 in Fantasy
#34 in Mystery


The Lone Wolf


Born a white wolf, the only one of her kind in the northern hemisphere, Anathi is oblivious to her true destiny. She lives with a curse that makes her hated by her pack, she killed the luna of her own clan. When she is rejected by her mate, cast out and hunted by her family, she's on the run ,... more info

Story about: fantasy fiction, fantasy and mystery, werewolfromance

Ongoing: 01 Mar 3 pages
26 4 0

Rating: 0

#300 in Fantasy
#163 in Romantic fantasy
#109 in Mystery
#58 in Supernaturals


Villain Path


He died and was reborn in the world of the novel he just read?! How trivial, damn it! System, I wish I never was born! System: [You have been assigned the identity of the main villain] Did I sin so badly in my past life?! System: [And by the way, you are very handsome] Hmm…(¬_¬) System:... more info

Story about: cultivation drama, cultivation, system

Ongoing: 28 Feb 324 pages
593 18 0

Rating: 3

#245 in Mystery
#2475 in Romance
#130 in LGBT


Matched With A School Weirdo


"Now you are my girlfriend." "What?" I jolt up my head, shocked by such a declare and then stammer. "But it is not how it works." Peeved at his repetitive mantra, I manage to raise my tone at him, despite my principle to always treat people with respect. "I don't need a psychopathic self-pro... more info

Story about: high school romance, lovestory, love and romance

Ongoing: 28 Feb 17 pages
3816 199 12

Rating: 24

#25 in Mystery
#14 in Romantic mystery
#574 in Romance
#77 in Romantic suspense


White Foxes (book 0.2 of The Arcanum Revelation)

Keefe RD

[Part of the Arcanum Revelation Universe] Cathy Charlotte moves with her mom to New York City. She continues her college life, until the unexpected event forces to involve her with the undergoing of Invisible Project. All the media and public demand to know the project's hidden secret that reopened... more info

Story about: royal family, secret portal, supernatural

Ongoing: 01 Mar 239 pages
103 6 0

Rating: 1

#150 in Mystery
#515 in Fantasy


My Worth?


This is a story of Elisa, who is in a loveless marriage with one of the most rich and influential figure of the country Ryan Watson . He is one those arrogant, rich character who treats others inferior to him as 'Dirt '. Elisa was anything but what he wanted his wife to be . What will happen when af... more info

Story about: billionaire love, billionaire toxic love

Ongoing: 03 Mar 31 pages
10886 481 124

Rating: 148

#24 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires
#2 in Mystery
#2 in Romantic mystery


Save Me From Myself

Well-known me

Knowing so she doesn't care about him.... more info

Story about: mistery, forcedmarriage

Ongoing: 28 Feb 25 pages
1434 27 18

Rating: 23

#24 in Mystery


The Impact of Her - Season One

Nicole Marcina

Robert was the Prince of the Kingdom of Western Wind. And he had everything. The crown. The adoration of the people. The utmost respect of noblemen inside and out of their borders. But amidst all the riches and privileges given to him by birth, Robert was unhappy with his life. Shackled to an... more info

Story about: romance, romance fantasy, monarchy

Ongoing: 27 Feb 42 pages
103 8 0

Rating: 1

#182 in Fantasy
#96 in Romantic fantasy
#57 in Mystery
#24 in Romantic mystery


Beautifully Damaged.


Scarlet spent most of her life been physically assaulted by her dad. It didn't help that the bullies in school finds her as the perfect victim to pick on. Her whole life she has only one friend, Red. Him been the only one who knows about her dad constant assault on her. Her whole life changes wh... more info

Story about: werewolf, trust and betrayal, power and passion

Ongoing: 27 Feb 14 pages
448 31 2

Rating: 8

#23 in Mystery
#8 in Supernaturals
#531 in Romance


A Life Or The Death Of Her

Honey Lee Willmanson

"Don't touch me. WHAT'S THIS? WHERE AM I?.. AND WHAT ARE YOU?!" she shrieked. " Calm down princess. I mean no harm. i did not wanted to do this but you leave me no choice" He grabbed her wrists and pinned her down. She was cursed. He was her curse. He can be her death or a life for her... ~~ No pla... more info

Story about: vampire, historical romance, demon

Ongoing: 26 Feb 58 pages
477 37 6

Rating: 4

#510 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance
#19 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals


In Disguise


The story is of Zaina Ahmed, a woman in mid twenties.who is a victim of betrayal. Zaina finds her refuge in her best friend, Huzaifa Malik. She ends up falling again but the diary hidden in Huzaifa's travel bag shows the description of the woman of his life... Zaina still grabs the courage and st... more info

Story about: mystery and romance, suspense.

Ongoing: 02 Mar 20 pages
790 107 16

Rating: 11

#33 in Mystery
#66 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Suspense




When Lou thought she had found her happiness. Her world started to crumble. She opened the bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. Took a handful and put it in her mouth. Please, don't save me. For her, continue living is a cursed. *** Raphael “God, can you give me permission to go d... more info

Story about: angel, redemption, when the two different worlds collided

Ongoing: 26 Feb 16 pages
103 9 2

Rating: 2

#233 in Fantasy
#122 in Romantic fantasy
#80 in Mystery
#37 in Supernaturals


The Infinite


Far away from the world where humans live, there's another world. In the world of Angels and demons. Angels are not as good as you think and demons are not as bad as you thought. The reality is always different from what we were taught in schools. A story of a angel who was carving for chaos and a d... more info

Story about: lgbt love, angels and demons, fictionality of reality

Ongoing: 27 Feb 56 pages
2174 80 106

Rating: 10

#13 in Mystery
#2 in Supernaturals
#347 in Romance
#6 in LGBT


Life of Tragics

Survivor Spirit

This story is about a girl who is belonging to a middle-class family and facing harder times she has the power to do something great but suddenly her life gets a twist and she is captured by cyclones of tragedy. She has supernatural powers by born and she doesn't know the power costs. One day she's ... more info

Story about: supernaturals, real life story

Ongoing: 21 Feb 3 pages
26 1 0

Rating: 1

#15 in Horror
#11 in Paranormal
#85 in Mystery
#42 in Supernaturals


Lǐwù and the teardrop stone


I am currently rewriting Chapter One after I realised no, Lǐwù would recognised the Back Dragon's writing even though he is unable to read ancient Chinese with him being his dear uncle. I ask you all to please be patient whilst I sort it all out. A young woman is found in a Healer's forest bar... more info

Story about: short story, mystery and fantasy, crystals and spells

Ongoing: 22 Feb 15 pages
68 6 0

Rating: 8

#1021 in Fantasy
#345 in Mystery
#182 in Supernaturals


My Fiance Is Alpha

Ms Kang

Arranged marriage is bullshit. No one will be happy if you find out one day you have a fiance. It's even more insane that he's not human. He looks human and he is hot but he is a werewolf. At first I didn't want to believe it, I thought they were just joking but they suddenly changed their appearanc... more info

Story about: mate, complicated past, werewolf alpha and a human luna

Ongoing: 23 Feb 32 pages
496 23 0

Rating: 1

#56 in Mystery
#23 in Romantic mystery
#885 in Romance
#89 in Paranormal Romance



Olivia Gordon Reid

My name is Ava Carter. That's all I know. Because when I wake up in an alley, scarred, naked, and alone, that's the only thing I remember. All of my memories are foggy and jumbled, coming to me in fragments. The only thing I'm able to see is a memory of a man. Something tells me he’s important, th... more info

Story about: angels and demons, lies and secrets, good versus evil

Ongoing: 18 Feb 108 pages
402 30 6

Rating: 9

#43 in Mystery
#128 in Fantasy
#2 in Epic fantasy

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