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Rising Moon (book One of the Moonlight Cycle)


Following a family tragedy, 15-year-old Keegan Maverick's father moves him and his little sister Caylee to the town of Stormy Vale, into the families' ancestral home. Kensington Manor has stood vacant for 12 years, with a tragic, dark, and violent past. It's clear from the beginning, the Maverick's ... more info

Story about: wolves, smalltown, youngadult

Complete 385 pages
32997 847 16

Rating: 45

#53 in Young adult
#46 in Mystery
#20 in Supernaturals


Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2


Eight months ago, 15-year-old shifter Mera Shayle fell into the hands of a family of hunters. Much has changed for Mera, after a life of abuse and torment at the hands of her father, she now tries to live a normal, stable life, falling harder for the blue -eyed hunter Talon Theron. But the past is n... more info

Story about: young adult, teenromance, shifter

Complete 485 pages
44230 498 34

Rating: 25

#28 in Young adult
#18 in Mystery
#5 in Supernaturals


World Of Monsters

PJ Lowry

Living with the undead outside their walls, the possibility of other 'monsters' was always up in the air. When saved from an attack of the undead, Alyssa had to accept what she saw with her own eyes, that other monsters exist in this new world. ... more info

Story about: zombies, vampires, survival

Ongoing: 17 Feb 235 pages
16227 179 24

Rating: 11

#6 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal
#45 in Mystery
#19 in Supernaturals


Head in the Box


Charlie and her roommates along with their friends could have never imagined that, after the birthday party of the night before, their morning would take a twisted turn with a macabre discovery: a box containing the head of a stranger. Because of their different personalities and also because of an... more info

Story about: murder, locked room, students

Complete 125 pages
9086 70 17

Rating: 7

#584 in Thrillers & Suspense
#619 in Mystery


My Psycho Bodyguard

Barnali Bhuiya

Knowing by everyone but ignored by only one. Ace feels like it's an insult for him but it's not like she cares Only bonded by a contract but to take her revenge she's here. "Are you a turtle?",says Ace Carter. "Yes since you became a chameleon.",says Erika Bailey. Their fight ends nowhere. Ever... more info

Story about: badboy, forcedmarriage, possessive

Complete 211 pages
160981 981 111

Rating: 208

#245 in Romance
#6 in Mystery


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

Story about: mystery, werewolf, romance

Complete 158 pages
50272 879 27

Rating: 41

#647 in Mystery
#331 in Supernaturals
#189 in Romantic mystery


Matched With A School Weirdo


"Now you are my girlfriend." "What?" I jolt up my head, shocked by such a declare and then stammer. "But it is not how it works." Peeved at his repetitive mantra, I manage to raise my tone at him, despite my principle to always treat people with respect. "I don't need a psychopathic self-pro... more info

Story about: high school romance, lovestory, love and romance

Ongoing: 28 Feb 17 pages
3816 199 12

Rating: 24

#26 in Mystery
#15 in Romantic mystery
#575 in Romance
#77 in Romantic suspense


The Vampire Queen. A Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Мария Нортон

I don’t have a lot of time. When my best friend Iris goes missing, my entire life grinds to a halt. Forget school. Forget familial obligations. Everything about me ceases to matter anymore. Because I have exactly one hour to save her life. And I’m already ten minutes in. The Vampire Queen is a s... more info

Story about: vampires, vampire and werewolf romance, vampirism

Complete 36 pages
2318 245 1

Rating: 9

#3724 in Romance
#309 in New Adult & College
#368 in Mystery
#117 in Romantic mystery


His Smile Worth Billions [2]

Angelic Emman

[BOOK 2] Emaya Mullen's life has always been so dreadful but she never let it affect her bright, charming personality. She finds joy in making others smile. But there's a darkest secret behind her brightest smile, she must hide. Ashton Wilson came from a rich family, but prefer living in a sma... more info

Story about: tragedy, dark secrets, billionaire finding love

Ongoing: 02 Mar 91 pages
3314 168 49

Rating: 44

#5 in Mystery
#5 in Romantic mystery
#159 in Romance
#104 in Billionaires


In Disguise


The story is of Zaina Ahmed, a woman in mid twenties.who is a victim of betrayal. Zaina finds her refuge in her best friend, Huzaifa Malik. She ends up falling again but the diary hidden in Huzaifa's travel bag shows the description of the woman of his life... Zaina still grabs the courage and st... more info

Story about: mystery and romance, suspense.

Ongoing: 02 Mar 20 pages
790 107 16

Rating: 11

#33 in Mystery
#67 in Thrillers & Suspense
#23 in Suspense


Dampire love 1 |complete|

Christian Iruka

Katrina life changed upside down on the day of her mother's funeral, while the secret of vampire are revealed to her, 3 suitors await her anwser to the proposal....... more info

Story about: love, vampire romance, werewolf vampire

Complete 48 pages
2571 105 1

Rating: 8

#327 in Mystery
#107 in Romantic mystery
#996 in Fantasy
#490 in Romantic fantasy


Mafia and the Indian girl


Mafia and the indian girl is a story which includes romance, action, drama etc. Ranveer singh the mafia gets in love with kiara, an indian girl of 24. Being a mafia will he be able to win kiara's heart? Or someone else will take away kiara? Check out.....n don forget to vote, share n tell me how the... more info

Story about: love story with mafia.

Ongoing: 04 Feb 9 pages
1620 140 8

Rating: 19

#66 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Suspense
#31 in Mystery
#16 in Romantic mystery


Hidden in the Shadows: Book One

Olivia Gordon Reid

Fifteen-year-old Renee Patterson lives a pretty normal life, except she can see weird things all around her. Unexplainable things. Supernatural things. When no one reacts to them, she starts to think that she's going crazy. However, when she meets two new, mysterious girls on the first day of school... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 73 pages
2268 315 13

Rating: 20

#207 in Fantasy
#6 in Action fantasy
#72 in Mystery
#33 in Supernaturals


The chasm of desire

Farzana Tutul

(Read at your own risk . I have tried to write a fun story with a hint of sci fi. It creates confusion as it deals with multiple worlds. ) In order to win you, I will break you in such way that no one can heal you ,Except me." he said pushing me against the wall and dangerously leaned towards m... more info

Story about: love hate, love and suspense, romance action humour

Complete 127 pages
8352 168 2

Rating: 11

#64 in Mystery
#26 in Romantic mystery
#964 in Romance


His Luna Queen


Alana's world as she knows it comes crumbling at her feet as the life she has been living has been nothing but a lie. She discovers that the world she knows isn't the only world and the one man who she's fated to be with believes she is dead. Now will she embrace who she truly is or not?... more info

Story about: mates, lycans, werewolves and witches

Ongoing: 18 Jan 90 pages
3473 107 8

Rating: 16

#27 in Mystery
#9 in Supernaturals
#607 in Romance
#40 in Paranormal Romance


The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy

J.K. Morgan

For Lukas, girls approach him, talk to him, but they never succeed in getting with him. Even the prettiest girls have tried and failed. Everyone thinks he's playing hard to get but on the inside, he's insecure, like very insecure. On the other hand, the world has always been unfair to Bo. She ul... more info

Story about: popular, cartel, teenromance

Complete 228 pages
127298 1895 66

Rating: 126

#22 in Mystery
#13 in Romantic mystery
#30 in Young adult
#10 in School


My Worth?


This is a story of Elisa, who is in a loveless marriage with one of the most rich and influential figure of the country Ryan Watson . He is one those arrogant, rich character who treats others inferior to him as 'Dirt '. Elisa was anything but what he wanted his wife to be . What will happen when af... more info

Story about: billionaire love, billionaire toxic love

Ongoing: 03 Mar 31 pages
10900 482 124

Rating: 148

#24 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires
#2 in Mystery
#2 in Romantic mystery


The Infinite


Far away from the world where humans live, there's another world. In the world of Angels and demons. Angels are not as good as you think and demons are not as bad as you thought. The reality is always different from what we were taught in schools. A story of a angel who was carving for chaos and a d... more info

Story about: lgbt love, angels and demons, fictionality of reality

Ongoing: 27 Feb 56 pages
2177 81 106

Rating: 10

#13 in Mystery
#2 in Supernaturals
#346 in Romance
#6 in LGBT


My Name is Anteric (luna Series No.1)


Everything was like a blurred picture passing so fast through my eyes. I am, at the moment, carefully held by two warm furry arms. It made me think of him. His sweet betrayal.... more info

Story about: a wolf and a mere human story.

Ongoing: 02 Mar 2 pages
18 13 0

Rating: 3

#107 in Fantasy
#34 in Mystery

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