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The Confused Love

Minie Polo

Synopsis "You are fucking mine .only i have right to kiss those plump lips . I fucking own your soul. Somia is only Haris's ." Saying this he smashed his lips to mine "Jaana . I might be a playboy back . But its my first kiss . You know according to me lip and forehead kiss is just a symbol... more info

Story about: two opposite folks in love

Complete 221 pages
28132 431

Rating: 73

#3 in Others
#3 in Humor
#371 in Romance


The Fake Marriage

Shana Scarlet

Rina is very happy for her best friend that finally she got married to the love of her life. After being betrayed by her boyfriend Eros, she has lost her hope to fall in love again. She doesn't want any love relationship. But suddenly at her best friend's wedding "Be my girlfriend" the biggest playb... more info

Story about: romance, humor, fake relationship

Complete 169 pages
429694 3679

Rating: 418

#235 in Romance
#235 in Billionaires
#5 in Others
#5 in Humor


Let Life Surprise You

W Sparrow

If being a mom was all about popping out a baby after 9 months of pregnancy, life would have been easier for Charlotte Garnett. Alas, it's not the case for her. When her baby has grown into a smart girl and starts questioning the father's absence, Charlotte's parenting is being tested. Her worst ... more info

Story about: bossandemployee, secret baby, ceo romance

Complete 139 pages
13117 204

Rating: 39

#4 in Others
#4 in Humor
#18 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in ChickLit


The imperfect happy Married life

Manvi Upadhyay

The story is about Two most unpredictable people Jason and Tisha, who fights to show love , live to tease each other and makes everything a ' challenge game ' to spice things up . This story is all about their imperfect happy married life ,just how they want it to be. All this and more.... more info

Story about: romcom, husbandwife, the billionaire and his crazy wife

Complete 133 pages
48251 1043

Rating: 147

#6 in Others
#6 in Humor
#273 in Romance
#273 in Billionaires


Dr. Beast and his Inamorata


#1 in Doctor Series On her first day in a hospital as a postgraduate of General Surgery, Ishika Mishra was surprised to learn the truth that the man with whom she had a disrespectful encounter in front of her dad's factory to be her senior Surgeon, Dr. Ishaan Sharma. Who is one big apathetic creatu... more info

Story about: frienship, romance action humour, medical romance

Complete 443 pages
64750 888

Rating: 188

#83 in Romance
#83 in Romantic suspense
#7 in Others
#7 in Humor


If I Tie U Down

Stephanie Van Orman

Shannon and Fletch don't seem like a good match. He's a percussionist who plays with an orchestra and she's a closet vandal who unintentionally breaks men's hearts. When she accidentally kidnaps Fletch instead of a music producer named Carver Criche, Fletch can't wait to give her a piece of his mi... more info

Story about: romance comedy, romance love drama, truelove

Ongoing: 07 Jul 30 pages
86 46

Rating: 6

#618 in Romance
#8 in Others
#8 in Humor


Noticed You!


“Are you trying to seduce someone” He questioned cocking his head to the side. Huh? Seduce someone ? What made him come to such a conclusion? “Excuse me” I replied in a pitch higher than I intended being honestly confused. ... Rina Kingston is an exemplary student caught up in her o... more info

Story about: highschool romance, finding inspriation, youngadult

Complete 180 pages
22318 537

Rating: 60

#13 in Others
#13 in Humor
#12 in Young adult
#12 in School


The nerd and Mr Popular

Asma Anam

"Just a reminder you're nothing but just their tutor and we are tolerating you in our house cuz you're a friend of that stupid girl, so act formal and keep your nose away from our family's matter," he spat out angrily and left the room. Zaynah Fatima, not your expected nerd, whose life was full of ... more info

Story about: nerd, popular, mystery

Complete 253 pages
50102 576

Rating: 95

#119 in Romance
#119 in Romantic suspense
#11 in Others
#11 in Humor


My Dangerous Girl

Phenomenal Pen

SO MUCH BEAUTY AND CRAZY… ALL IN ONE BODY! Meet my girlfriend Amy: cute, demure and slightly amnesiac. Meet my other girlfriend Mia: hot, aggressive and short-tempered. Now, before you cyberbully me for being a player… Meet my REAL girlfriend Amelia. She’s the girl of mystery w... more info

Story about: college, newadult, korean

Complete 261 pages
2393 171

Rating: 16

#116 in Romance
#116 in Romantic suspense
#10 in Others
#10 in Humor


Grammar Tips for Fiction Writers

Shivika Sundar

Grammar... more info

Story about: grammar

Complete 4 pages
297 19

Rating: 10

#16 in Others

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Oh! Hello there! I am Princess... I am here to tell you about my life. I hope you like it because it’s not everyday that I get to tell it since I am only nine years old. It started on a rainy Sunday, Mama didn’t go to work in the factory because she’s not feeling well. Papa is ge... more info

Story about: a young girl about to experience life

Complete 5 pages
649 7

Rating: 0

#84 in Young adult
#3 in Others
#3 in Non-fiction


Autobiography Of A Duffer


A witty but insightful narration of ‘normal’ and ‘orderly’ cultural realisms of contemporary world, from the perspective of a young duffer. This duffer believes; a normal person should know how this world looks to a stupid, whom the world loves to label ‘abnormal’ and ‘disordered’, t... more info

Story about: weird love, novel intelligence, life choices

Complete 40 pages
127 15

Rating: 2

#23 in Others
#23 in Humor


Reunion Of Souls


Two persons who were in the same situations fell in love with each and was separated by time. Finally meet each other again.. Will they fall in love with each other again? That too without remembering their love for each other or worse they don't even remember each other. And also now they bot... more info

Story about: humor, care, long lost love

Complete 139 pages
6309 90

Rating: 20

#74 in Mystery
#20 in Others


Ooops, I Dated a Werewolf

Bethany River

Every Hallowe'en the sleepy town of Armitage comes alive, and it is all thanks to an epic haunted house, that has won awards for how they scare the living daylights out of everyone. But, what the humans of the area don't know, is that the friendly folk putting on the show are in fact, werewolves.... more info

Story about: secrets revealed, parental betrayal, embarassing moments

Complete 153 pages
3474 59

Rating: 12

#18 in Others
#18 in Humor
#56 in Romance
#56 in Paranormal Romance


A Matter of Timing

Tony Spencer

Alex Saunders is in the Royal Courts of Justice to hear his Appeal against the Divorce Court's filing that he had to attend reconciliation consultations with his unfaithful pregnant wife. He was hoping for a satisfactory outcome, his estranged wife confident that his Appeal would fail. A short flas... more info

Story about: divorce court appeal, cheating pregnant wife, timetravel

Complete 5 pages
25 2

Rating: 1

#17 in Others
#17 in Humor
#76 in Fantasy
#76 in Romantic fantasy


Jen's Christmas Nightmare

Tony Spencer

Jennifer "Jen" Webster married Nicholas Claus "Junior" at the North Pole on Boxing Day last year, despite opposition from Junior's parents Santa (Young Nick) and Mrs Claus (Hilde). This coming December, Jen and her Dream Santa, Junior, are required to learn the Christmas business for the whole month... more info

Story about: christmas love, santasdaughter and elves, saturnalists

Ongoing: 07 Jul 38 pages
26 4

Rating: 1

#75 in Fantasy
#75 in Romantic fantasy
#16 in Others
#16 in Humor


Love Hunt

S S Katri

Jade, a professional dance choreographer finds a decades old letter in her grandmother chicken coop. Yet, whats more unusual is that the letter in name was addressed to her mother, Emberlynn from Austin, whomever he may be. Having not visited her grandparents place for ages, Jade is bored out of her... more info

Story about: romantic love letters and happy ending, small town romance, love at first sight to forevers

Ongoing: 03 Jul 11 pages
41 17

Rating: 0

#1061 in Romance
#20 in Others
#20 in Humor


Gênesis - Latim

Rex Romanorum

Creatio caeli et terrae et omni quae in eis sunt. (No use audio-book version, this is roman latin) Fonts: Greek Bible, Hebrew Bible and "ex Sebastiani Castellionis interpretatione."... more info

Story about: primum librum moises genesis appellavit

Ongoing: 06 Jul 2 pages
12 1

Rating: 0

#22 in Others


Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

All aspire to be powerful- to have the ability to solve all challenges before you- and while most still admire the struggle of life, there's no denying the occasional thought to becoming God. Draga is hardly unique in that regard, but he is at least a little in his chance to do just that. Finally... more info

Story about: magic, gods, other worlds

Complete 97 pages
10157 90

Rating: 4

#266 in Fantasy
#266 in Action fantasy
#313 in Others
#313 in Humor


The secret file of Aladdin's true identity


discovered file from a reliable source that discusses the secret behind aladdin's hidden identity, and the very root of catastrophe that is about to come... more info

Story about: disney, bathroom, aladdin

Complete 5 pages
1740 100

Rating: 3

#312 in Others
#312 in Humor
#359 in Fanfiction

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