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Лилия Касмасова

Alicia, 19 years old, lives in New York and works as a baby-sitter for the kids of vampires, werewolves, extraterrestrials... She works for the Corporation, which serves for and protects all nonhumans. One day a stranger comes to Alicia - the ancient Greek god, Hermes and brings his little son-demi... more info

Story about: cool adventures, fantastic creatures, crazy heroine

Complete 258 pages
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Rating: 4

#69 in Fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy
#27 in Others
#12 in Humor



Dean Peters

My year of poetry and trying to get better at life. This is as much of an experience for me as it will be for my readers. Just keep in mind that everything that you read here will be extremely personal. A new poem will be added everyday (and hopefully by that I will teach myself persistence and how ... more info

Story about: poetry, self discovery, everyday

Ongoing: 01 Aug 90 pages
20596 75 8

Rating: 8

#28 in Others
#7 in Non-fiction
#68 in Young adult


Away from Home


Jojen Fade, a boy who lost his father on his 20 years of age, the boy who was under the tragedies of Crime, Prison, Family, Social Life and Death issues he could never forget. He tried to live a new good life in prison but it wasn't that easy when scientists kept using him as a test subject. Esp... more info

Story about: life, moral, poor

Complete 12 pages
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Rating: 7

#50 in Contemporary fiction
#10 in Urban life
#29 in Others


Outspoken: Confessions of a Devout Atheist

PJ Lowry

A collection of essays and rants, inspired and taken from a series that I have been writing for several years concerning this subject. A stirring account of how certain issues are poisoned by organized religions and why we as a society would be much better off without them.... more info

Story about: atheism, humanism, skeptic

Complete 111 pages
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Rating: 5

#30 in Others
#8 in Non-fiction



gorgeous geetanjali

'Lovers' is a collection of poems that discusses the topics of passion, self love, breakdown, childhood love, heartbreak, one side love, healing process, commitment, long distance relationship. You can find more of the author's work on Instagram @midnight__poems.... more info

Story about: poemcollection, poems about love, poetry and poems

Ongoing: 19 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 2

#31 in Others
#8 in Poetry
#526 in Romance
#124 in Contemporary Romance


The Girl Next Door


He loves the lady but she's far from reach. She's actually a neighbor next door but leaving far from his heart. Like she never care, she's always turning him down, directly or indirectly. But one thing is, she won't keep to that forever.... more info

Story about: love, pride, hatred

Ongoing: 18 Sep 2 pages
37 2 0

Rating: 1

#33 in Others
#9 in Poetry
#548 in Romance
#81 in Romantic suspense



Joanna Esther

I'm not good at this stuff so yeah. Read to find out.... more info

Story about: adventure, friendship, discovery

Ongoing: 19 Sep 5 pages
17 2 0

Rating: 1

#86 in Fantasy
#34 in Others
#13 in Humor


Story Of Sammy Alle

Amber M Kestner

Sammy is a talented artist in her world of fanfictions such as Trolls, Winx with Valerix Club, Prehistoric Raiders and much more. Sammy is well liked among her friends. Sammy lives in a world like the rest of us that has been deemed by tragic, heartache and loss. Join me in this book to know more ab... more info

Story about: real life, tragedy, happiness

Complete 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#32 in Short stories
#35 in Others
#9 in Non-fiction


Memories and life

simon 1982

These poems are something new for me and are personal to me. These are things that are not usually spoken about by me. Some are just a little fun. Some are just made up.... more info

Story about: a series of poems

Ongoing: 14 Sep 5 pages
511 36 2

Rating: 6

#36 in Others
#10 in Poetry


My Book of Quotes


♥ I know you are not perfect but our imperfections are not written on our forehead either. ♡ Jollof Rice wey dey for the bottom of pot today, go dey for top of cooler tomorrow. - No condition is permanent. ♥ If life dey show you pepper my guy make pepper soup. - Make something good out of a ... more info

Story about: a book of quotes, quotes, quote

Complete 12 pages
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Rating: 5

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#14 in Humor

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The secret file of Aladdin's true identity


discovered file from a reliable source that discusses the secret behind aladdin's hidden identity, and the very root of catastrophe that is about to come... more info

Story about: disney, bathroom, aladdin

Complete 5 pages
1057 70 3

Rating: 3

#39 in Others
#16 in Humor
#12 in Fanfiction


sectert Friendship

Bag Of Wind

A nerdy who is scared of ATTENTION happens to knows the most popular boy of her school. A school where the nerds are bullied by the popular rich kids. Drama enters her life when she has to keep her friendship but avoid attention from everyone. lets discover their drama and her experience of High sch... more info

Story about: friendship, highschool, comedy

Ongoing: 23 Sep 11 pages
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Rating: 0

#41 in Others
#17 in Humor
#620 in Romance
#64 in New Adult & College


Take me to Neverland


Dreams are the gateway to your deepest desires -Onquit,2020... more info

Story about: poem

Ongoing: 16 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#47 in Others
#15 in Poetry


If magic was easy


"Lori skywell you are the last elemental mage do best to use your powers well" the man whispered before his eyes closed in death. All these while i had thought my life stinks, but boy was i wrong not only does my life stinks but it reeks of failure as well, like good old mother Earths' turned he... more info

Story about: humor, urban fantasy, high school magic

Ongoing: 16 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#116 in Fantasy
#5 in Urban fantasy
#48 in Others
#19 in Humor


Aysha Alam

Aysha Alam

it is a short story about a boy who think he is the dumbest and a zero. ..and soon he will find out what a zero actually is... more info

Story about: first trouble, motivation, lost

Ongoing: 17 Sep 2 pages
14 1 0

Rating: 0

#51 in Others
#17 in Poetry
#21 in Humor


The Villain and Male Lead pursues Me?!


As I was reading the novel, my head hurts so I decided to take a nap. When I opened my eyes, I was in a child's body! A daughter of a count. I'm already aware that I'm inside a novel but I don't know what novel I'm in. After a few years living in my new life, I came to realize that the plot is ex... more info

Story about: reincarnation, fantasy world, transmigration

Ongoing: 12 Sep 56 pages
79 7 0

Rating: 2

#60 in Others
#22 in Humor
#127 in Fantasy
#55 in Romantic fantasy


Hello from the upside down!

Lee Khatch

It's a short episode of my life or survival, choose whatever you'd like!... more info

Story about: life, survival, funny people

Complete 3 pages
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Rating: 0

#63 in Others
#15 in Non-fiction




I don't understand life.I don't like people.I havn't love.But I have this book... more info

Story about: love, life, philosophy

Ongoing: 02 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#71 in Others
#26 in Poetry


Calm and silence

syeda salma

Read how a calm day feels like... more info

Story about: calm and scilence, uncover the beauty of earth

Ongoing: 01 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#73 in Others


Etched in the Seams


How could her eyes shine so brightly like that? Somehow it feels like home to me. Five men with different personalities seem to have one similarity - they fell for a girl whose eyes feel like home.... more info

Story about: romance, romance and friendship, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 25 Aug 3 pages
61 14 0

Rating: 0

#851 in Romance
#171 in Contemporary Romance
#79 in Others
#28 in Humor

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