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I don't understand life.I don't like people.I havn't love.But I have this book... more info

Story about: love, life, philosophy

Ongoing: 02 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

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Calm and silence

syeda salma

Read how a calm day feels like... more info

Story about: calm and scilence, uncover the beauty of earth

Ongoing: 01 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#80 in Others


Etched in the Seams


How could her eyes shine so brightly like that? Somehow it feels like home to me. Five men with different personalities seem to have one similarity - they fell for a girl whose eyes feel like home.... more info

Story about: romance, romance and friendship, romance and comedy

Ongoing: 25 Aug 3 pages
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Rating: 0

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#179 in Contemporary Romance
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#33 in Humor


Random musings Part-2


The followup book to "Random musings part 1" The book was completed in the third week of august 2020, please dont get misled by the booknet description. this is the case with most of my books on booknet! I hope you guys will appreciate this concluding book!... more info

Story about: thoughts, poems, life

Ongoing: 01 Sep 1 pages
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#28 in Poetry


Too young to feel the pain!

Kriti bhatia

Hello ! I am 15 . This is my first ever book! Being a teenager , I went through many emotional changes lately! So , decided to pen down my emotions in the shape of poems ! Hope y'all will like it! All my poems ,are either related to love , pain , darkness , loneliness , healing , positive vibes etc... more info

Story about: teen emotions

Ongoing: 14 Aug 1 pages
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Joyce Banda

Never give up on life there is hope for pain to live nothing is permanent , Hold still to life .... more info

Story about: a brave girl fighting un told pain

Ongoing: 13 Aug 2 pages
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#32 in Poetry


Masquerade System


This is a series of essays and shorts about our DID system and experiences. These are our opinions and thoughts. Not everyone will feel the same as we do. ... more info

Story about: dissociative identity disorder

Ongoing: 26 Aug 14 pages
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Rating: 0

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#25 in Non-fiction


Random musings- Part 1


A collection of eclectic and thoughtful,quites and poems that will make you rethink your life and help you introspect.... more info

Story about: poems, poetry and thoughts, poetry collection

Ongoing: 16 Aug 3 pages
138 5 2

Rating: 2

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#33 in Poetry


My first pet


Everyone loves pets , what happened to our first pets ? Are they still with us ? what will happen when a little girl get a stray cat ? for more read the story . Anyways this is my first story .so i apologize for the further mistakes. ... more info

Story about: pets

Complete 4 pages
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Rating: 0

#64 in Short stories
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The Three Little Wolves

Samson Lawler

After informing their father that none of the three little wolves has any intentions of following in their father’s footsteps, by taking over the family business, the Three Little Wolves, with the encouragement of their parents, leave the comfort of home to make their ways in the world. Before lon... more info

Story about: humor, parody, fiction

Ongoing: 04 Aug 8 pages
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#40 in Humor


Guardians of Gardenia


A fantasy story of Guardians of Gardenia, a beautiful calm palace... The prince and princess of two neighboring kingdom Erenia and Gardolone are reborn to take their revenge of their deaths in previous life and to protect Gardenia and it's magical powers. ... more info

Story about: a rebirth story

Ongoing: 04 Sep 6 pages
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Rating: 0

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Wanna know how i explain life in my poems... life could be cruel or perfect to us sometimes. Don't go anywhere just give a minute of your time and check my book out and i bet you won't regret!!!! "Heartbeat" brings you the the heartfelt of people in our world with the experiences of l... more info

Story about: poems from the heart.

Ongoing: 12 Aug 2 pages
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Rating: 1

#1119 in Romance
#79 in Inspiration romance
#134 in Others
#43 in Poetry


Inside & Out

Ava V C

Alice Dawson is a college student who loves her family.. But can't wait to get rid of 'em You can't blame her...her mom kissed her boyfriend before she even had the chance to. Five brothers, Her brother's best friend And wired parents She doesn't get the chance at a life she really wants... more info

Story about: love pain and humour

Ongoing: 07 Aug 41 pages
727 89 8

Rating: 8

#166 in Young adult
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#49 in Humor




Frias. An ancient, small medieval town where courtship is a timeless tradition, and selfless love of marriage is considered a sacred union. A place where families leave a lasting legacy that continues from generation to generation. But, when a brash and charming Spanish Lothario who easily cruises h... more info

Story about: selfdiscovery, newadult, love and romance

Ongoing: 01 Sep 109 pages
1441 107 4

Rating: 3

#1257 in Romance
#135 in New Adult & College
#162 in Others
#58 in Humor


Writing Exercises - Prompts


This is going to be a collection of Writing Prompts I have done, that I am proud of and found fun or interesting. Any prompts are great ways to start getting the brain inspired for the bigger writing projects, and I thought that sharing my own exercises would be fun.... more info

Story about: writing prompts, fun exercises, inspiration brainstorm

Ongoing: 17 Aug 2 pages
108 11 2

Rating: 1

#164 in Others
#39 in Non-fiction


A Big Dream

Anita Heidi

Sander Morgan (Sandy) is a dreamer of something special. He has no wishes other than fulfilling his own dream. His childhood friend, Tassy comes back to his life after a long time. She likes to become a curator out of no choice. Being reckless at work is not her cup of tea. Time comes when she has t... more info

Story about: love, friendship and one-of-a-kind endeavor

Ongoing: 23 Aug 70 pages
1941 113 5

Rating: 6

#1325 in Romance
#148 in New Adult & College
#188 in Others
#61 in Humor


The Rise and Fall of Aaros


This is the prequel to The Awakening. The story is a creation myth about the three realms and it's creator's point of view. A story about upbringing and downfall, truth and lie, myth and legend, happiness and sorrow.... more info

Story about: paranomal

Complete 3 pages
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Rating: 0

#323 in Fantasy
#65 in Dark fantasy
#191 in Others
#68 in Poetry


Juggernaut and Tokage

Ivan Born

Classic short LitRPG. Story about the day they met. Jaggernaut, who start the new game, and Tokage who fight there for herself. Win the Tournament for me, - she asked him. Not so easy... ... more info

Story about: adventure, action, litrpg

Complete 30 pages
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Rating: 0

#36 in Science fiction
#1 in LitRPG
#194 in Others
#64 in Humor


Happy Musings of my Inner Critic


I am on whole a very positive person. Most people who know me would tend to agree. However, I have a little secret. I tend to argue, debate and duke it out just about every day with that little voice we all have in our heads. I refuse to be defeated by said annoying little bugger and so I write poet... more info

Story about: inner critic, musings, pain and hope

Complete 12 pages
2451 70 40

Rating: 11

#195 in Others
#69 in Poetry

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