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Mendacious (short Story)


"You lied to me about everything, about yourself, about her!! Why should I believe you now?" "Because I wasn't the one lying" I smiled & left him with thousands of questions running through his mind. ------------------ Three best friends & roommates. One guy & two girls, both in love with t... more info

Story about: love, teenromance, hatred

Complete 48 pages
3938 119

Rating: 16

#5802 in Romance
#654 in Others


Ancestral Wolf


The dead of winter is coming. Inhabitants of the Winter wasteland now find themselves at the center of the storm, A black lone wolf lost for four year and alone going the top of the only safe mountain alp, has finally met a wandering wolf pack. However the wolves were different of his kind. White, m... more info

Story about: fable, others, sketch story

Complete 4 pages
1269 18

Rating: 2

#652 in Others
#453 in Short stories


The biggest change

R. Diamond40

two girls are involved in a radical change of life when they are kidnapped so they have to learn to survive on their own... more info

Story about: life story, life and love, changes

Complete 109 pages
2070 18

Rating: 1

#646 in Others
#450 in Short stories


Wolf and pigs

simon 1982

What if the three little pigs planed to kill the wolf for revenge ... more info

Story about: the truth about the three little pigs

Complete 8 pages
2841 48

Rating: 16

#443 in Short stories
#640 in Others
#174 in Humor


The Apple Of My Parents' Eye

Favour Okoye

Autism is a type of disorder in both children and adults, that tampers with their brains and makes them less receptive to people around them. Autistic people are very intelligent or witty when they desire to. Otherwise, they can lock themselves up and won’t open up to people. In this story, Gab... more info

Story about: family, spiritual, autism

Complete 33 pages
4179 50

Rating: 9

#435 in Short stories
#635 in Others
#169 in Non-fiction


Not so goldilocks and the three bears

simon 1982

What I think is a possibility of what would happen if someone was to break into the three bears house ... more info

Story about: what if things went wrong for goldilocks

Complete 8 pages
1401 36

Rating: 15

#317 in Short stories
#544 in Others
#156 in Humor


By The Book

Booknet Inkslingers

Through our writer's club on Facebook - Booknet Inkslingers we offer exclusively to our members of The Writers Club a chance to have their short stories and poems to be reviewed by their fellow peers. If this is something you would like to see happen to your book, come to Facebook and make a request... more info

Story about: book reviews, short story and poetry, booknet inkslingers

Complete 46 pages
1245 15

Rating: 9

#541 in Others
#316 in Short stories


The three Billy goats rough

simon 1982

The three Billy goats gruff has always been one of my favourites. Now I am going to give it my twist with the goats ... more info

Story about: this is a rework of the clasic

Complete 7 pages
731 23

Rating: 8

#540 in Others
#153 in Humor
#314 in Short stories


Life, Love, & Loss

PJ Lowry

A collection of poetry written in a specific rhyme pattern. I hope you enjoy reading these sonnets as much as I did writing them.... more info

Story about: love, poetry, life

Ongoing: 16 Jul 14 pages
3462 152

Rating: 22

#525 in Others
#183 in Poetry


Juggernaut and Tokage

Ivan Born

Classic short LitRPG. Story about the day they met. Jaggernaut, who start the new game, and Tokage who fight there for herself. Win the Tournament for me, - she asked him. Not so easy... ... more info

Story about: adventure, action, litrpg

Complete 30 pages
756 38

Rating: 0

#85 in Science fiction
#2 in LitRPG
#520 in Others
#149 in Humor

Recently Updated

The Rise and Fall of Aaros


This is the prequel to The Awakening. The story is a creation myth about the three realms and it's creator's point of view. A story about upbringing and downfall, truth and lie, myth and legend, happiness and sorrow.... more info

Story about: paranomal

Complete 3 pages
172 24

Rating: 0

#1610 in Fantasy
#319 in Dark fantasy
#518 in Others
#179 in Poetry


My Book of Quotes


♥ I know you are not perfect but our imperfections are not written on our forehead either. ♡ Jollof Rice wey dey for the bottom of pot today, go dey for top of cooler tomorrow. - No condition is permanent. ♥ If life dey show you pepper my guy make pepper soup. - Make something good out of a ... more info

Story about: a book of quotes, quotes, quote

Complete 12 pages
1417 123

Rating: 8

#497 in Others
#143 in Humor


Writing Exercises - Prompts


This is going to be a collection of Writing Prompts I have done, that I am proud of and found fun or interesting. Any prompts are great ways to start getting the brain inspired for the bigger writing projects, and I thought that sharing my own exercises would be fun.... more info

Story about: writing prompts, fun exercises, inspiration brainstorm

Ongoing: 10 Jul 8 pages
365 23

Rating: 2

#489 in Others
#119 in Non-fiction


Overthinking things


Cami was a rich kid who liked to never listen to her dad. She knew she needed to break out of the chains that she was put in for being the top businessman's daughter. The only thing she didn't know was how much of trouble she could get in because of her writer's imagination when she decided to ditch... more info

Story about: humor, short story, inner thoughts

Complete 5 pages
2112 202

Rating: 27

#261 in Short stories
#474 in Others
#137 in Humor


A True Love Story


Nothing is as inspiring as finding "Love" Here is a collection of poems dedicated to New Love, Old Love, Finding Love, and the One I Love. ©All Rights Reserved by Author Cover and Poems by: Ruechari... more info

Story about: love poems, romantic love, love and passion

Complete 5 pages
3610 304

Rating: 50

#471 in Others
#156 in Poetry
#5312 in Romance
#292 in Inspiration romance


My first pet


Everyone loves pets , what happened to our first pets ? Are they still with us ? what will happen when a little girl get a stray cat ? for more read the story . Anyways this is my first story .so i apologize for the further mistakes. ... more info

Story about: pets

Complete 4 pages
141 6

Rating: 0

#230 in Short stories
#427 in Others


Hello from the upside down!

Lee Khatch

It's a short episode of my life or survival, choose whatever you'd like!... more info

Story about: life, survival, funny people

Complete 3 pages
102 12

Rating: 2

#393 in Others
#94 in Non-fiction


The Girl Next Door


He loves the lady but she's far from reach. She's actually a neighbor next door but leaving far from his heart. Like she never care, she's always turning him down, directly or indirectly. But one thing is, she won't keep to that forever.... more info

Story about: love, pride, hatred

Complete 13 pages
2007 45

Rating: 6

#367 in Others
#118 in Poetry
#4732 in Romance
#641 in Romantic suspense


How to Resolve Anger Permanently


Anger can be valid or dangerous. But we need to determine if our anger is holy or not!!!... more info

Story about: howto, self help

Complete 6 pages
247 29

Rating: 2

#341 in Others
#84 in Non-fiction
#238 in Contemporary fiction
#80 in Urban life


""I Can and I Will


Sometimes when we are stricken by illness, bad luck or even this pandemic. We tend to give up and be lazy not to strive for the best in life. We stay in our comfort zones even if we are lonely and unfulfilled. Why? Then, read this to know why you need to dream big, act on it and live in your amazing... more info

Story about: self help, inspirational, power of positivity

Complete 5 pages
914 36

Rating: 5

#340 in Others
#83 in Non-fiction
#237 in Contemporary fiction
#79 in Urban life

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