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Jp's Collection of Short Stories and Poetry

Jilecia Poyser

This is a collection of some of my work over the years, the book will consist of work I am most proud of. Please enter this book knowing that these pieces will not be of the same context. ... more info

Story about: poetry, short story, writing collection

Ongoing: 08 Mar 5 pages
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Rating: 1

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The Apple Of My Parents' Eye

Favour Okoye

Autism is a type of disorder in both children and adults, that tampers with their brains and makes them less receptive to people around them. Autistic people are very intelligent or witty when they desire to. Otherwise, they can lock themselves up and won’t open up to people. In this story, Gab... more info

Story about: family, spiritual, autism

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Rating: 7

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Catholic - Best Prayer Habits


There are habits we need to consider when praying. For it is in those habits we are able to determine if our prayers are effectively done and not about when will it become effective in a way that we are concerned if it will work or not? There are habits we need consider applying in our prayer routin... more info

Story about: prayer, habits, prayer habits

Ongoing: 23 Mar 15 pages
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Off angels and ghosts

Elena Melanson

poetry about ghosts and being clairvoyant. ... more info

Story about: poetry and thoughts, ghosts, paranormal

Ongoing: 13 Feb 2 pages
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Swan lake is the beautiful garden where princess Odette lives with her animals, white swans, and unexpected flightless mallard. One morning, Odette went to the center of the lake to give her animals a song. But it was cut by a cry of a brown mallard. That the swans dislike. Will Odette stop the comm... more info

Story about: princess, magic, fairy tale

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Rating: 9

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Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

All aspire to be powerful- to have the ability to solve all challenges before you- and while most still admire the struggle of life, there's no denying the occasional thought to becoming God. Draga is hardly unique in that regard, but he is at least a little in his chance to do just that. Finally... more info

Story about: magic, gods, other worlds

Complete 97 pages
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Rating: 4

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Sunflower Heart

Robbie Massey

A make believe story of childhood sweethearts as next door neighbors. An adopted child Raffey Mass and Sheena Bree becomes secret boyfriend and girlfriend. They text each other in their opportunity they have. They playhouse together acting as husband and wife. Sheena has two baby dolls as their ch... more info

Story about: childhood sweethearts

Ongoing: 01 Apr 0 pages
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Leo counts to ten


a shy little lion called Leo learns to count... more info

Story about: counting, animals

Ongoing: 07 Feb 1 pages
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Rating: 2

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#25 in Non-fiction


A Friend for a Funeral

PJ Lowry

Adam is sent overseas by his father to conduct business for the company he works for. While at the airport, he meets this amazing woman named Fiona and romance blossoms, in Paris of all places.... more info

Story about: romance, paris, humorous

Ongoing: 03 Apr 47 pages
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Rating: 11

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Non -Duality - Alexis Karpouzos

alexis karpouzos

We need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own dignity and independence and of the lo... more info

Story about: chaos, entropy and complexity

Ongoing: 03 Mar 9 pages
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Rating: 2

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Home For The Holidays

PJ Lowry

All Artie Jackson wanted was the whole family to be home for Christmas. He was about to learn the hard way that one must be careful of what they wish for... ... more info

Story about: christmas, family drama, trickery

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Rating: 1

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UNEDITED. Once upon a time, Sandra and Raymond dated and, although difficult, things seemed well and happy on the surface. Nonetheless, that came to an abrupt and unannounced end that left Sandra bitter and heartbroken. Now, years after, life will bring Sandra and Ray face to face again for a... more info

Story about: humor, love sucks, romance suspense heartbreak

Ongoing: 31 Mar 235 pages
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Rating: 18

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My story isnt over

Elena Melanson

My thought feeling and experiences with suicide... more info

Story about: suicide, suicidal tendencies, poetry and thoughts

Ongoing: 13 Feb 2 pages
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Mendacious (short Story)


"You lied to me about everything, about yourself, about her!! Why should I believe you now?" "Because I wasn't the one lying" I smiled & left him with thousands of questions running through his mind. ------------------ Three best friends & roommates. One guy & two girls, both in love with t... more info

Story about: love, teenromance, hatred

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Rating: 7

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There Is War In Nigeria

Poetry & Fictional African Story

There Is War In Nigeria by Joshua Eze My Boy, We must fight and Win We must let Lady Nigeria know My Religion should not define Where I live, settle and do business... more info

Story about: nationalism, war, ethnicity

Complete 1 pages
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Rating: 4

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Wordcraft: Spells & Verses

Aeoald Serne Reuel

Wordcraft Volume 1 is a collection of poems (sc. spells and verses) that tries to paint - in words - the eccentric colours and the flavours that spice up the gay side of what we call life. You may not be the addressee and you may not be the persona of each poem in the collection but you definitely a... more info

Story about: poetry collection, homoeroticism, gay love

Ongoing: 02 Apr 3 pages
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Rating: 2

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Keep you in safeeety

Elena Melanson

poems about Chechnya being peaceful..... not all Chechens are terrorists. as i am part chechen and i have wronged no one. this is my words protect my people from Islamic extremism and terrorism. ... more info

Story about: humanism, poetry and thoughts, chechnya

Ongoing: 05 Feb 3 pages
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Blogging on a Budget


Setting up a blog can be intimidating when you have no idea what you're doing. Once you decide you are going to take the leap, but there are some challenges standing in your way. For instance, you don't have the money to pay someone to design your website, but you want to get things started. In this... more info

Story about: this is a story about setting up a blog

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Rating: 3

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By The Book

Booknet Authors

Through our writer's club on Facebook - Booknet Authors we offer exclusively to our members of The Writers Club a chance to have their short stories and poems to be reviewed by their fellow peers. If this is something you would like to see happen to your book, come to Facebook and make a request to ... more info

Story about: book reviews, booknet authors, short story and poetry

Ongoing: 21 Mar 32 pages
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Rating: 8

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