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Seducing the Vampire Lord.


When Flora tries to escape a stalker who broke into her apartment she gets sucked into an antique mirror she was gifted for her 19th birthday and lands into a place foreign to her and back in time and in the mercy of a dark brooding vampire who might just rip her throat out if she made the wrong mo... more info

Story about: dark romance, timetravel, possessive vampire

Ongoing: 05 Mar 30 pages
905 140 9

Rating: 22

#13 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy
#131 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance


Vampire and the Indian girl

Sanju Sanchez

Thunder storms with the rain pours its heavy drops. The rain drops fell from the sky to her eyelashes and dripped towards her lips. I can see the moisturized lip blessed with the pure water from far away. Though my body pulled me to run towards her but I can't. I can only imagine myself dragging her... more info

Story about: first and last love, vampire love and first kiss, cursed sex unrequited love

Ongoing: 01 Mar 3 pages
304 102 6

Rating: 11

#149 in Romance
#5 in Paranormal Romance
#18 in Fantasy
#10 in Romantic fantasy


His Cure

Whitney Bridge

Meet Zeron who was cursed by a witch and ended up becoming a demon who continually struggles with his darkness. Then there's Alanna, the orphan human girl who is the answer to his problems. For Zeron to be able to survive the curse that had been placed on him, he has to bond with the human girl in e... more info

Story about: magic, witches, demon and human romance

Ongoing: 06 Mar 78 pages
3033 177 15

Rating: 21

#184 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance
#20 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy


Luna Grace


Hi. My name is Tamara Grace Finely. And this is my story. I was born on the 26th of January. 4 months premature. The doctors said I wouldn't make it. But I did. That's why my parents named me Grace. My parents are devout Christians. We go to church every Sunday, pray every night before... more info

Story about: romance, werewolf alpha and luna, werewolf alpha and mate

Ongoing: 06 Mar 118 pages
59262 1435 247

Rating: 208

#188 in Romance
#8 in Paranormal Romance
#7 in Young adult


Amorous Mirage

Honey Lee Willmanson

A Vampire Lord with a Devilish persona, Ruthless towards his enemies. The only Vampire who doesn't believe in the existence or care about the importance of his destined ONE. A female secretary hired to aid the Vampire. A wise young woman with a loving heart or is she? With her diligence, benevolen... more info

Story about: vampire, romance, billionaire

Ongoing: 06 Mar 36 pages
280 59 2

Rating: 7

#245 in Romance
#10 in Paranormal Romance
#37 in Romantic suspense


The Pack Doctor

Constance Marounta

Max Kinsky is 18 training to succeed his father as the pack doctor. In contrast to his cousin and best friend,Patrick -the soon to be Alpha- he is no looking forward to a mate. Knowing his ageing process is slower and his life expectancy is much greater than that of normal humans he is not eager to ... more info

Story about: love, werewolf, soulmate

Ongoing: 07 Mar 197 pages
13770 442 78

Rating: 54

#30 in Fantasy
#262 in Romance
#12 in Paranormal Romance


Sunset Glow

JA Magno

A Completely everyday life of Emma Green has turned upside down the moment she and that guy met at the cafe, her normal life had turned, might not be the worst but also not the best. She was his soulmate, his life, his love, his erastai, his human bride. He was her protector, her bestfriend, he... more info

Story about: vampires, romantic love, vampire human romance

Ongoing: 05 Mar 68 pages
1931 106 8

Rating: 36

#31 in Fantasy
#19 in Romantic fantasy
#265 in Romance
#13 in Paranormal Romance

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A Reluctant Angel


Progressive Properties is aggressively taking over where small neighborhoods once flourished. Now Angelique's Shelter, St. Gabriel's, is under attack. Who shows up at her door to deliver the news? John McDougal, now a prominent property attorney, and once love of her life, who broke her heart into a... more info

Story about: second chance, angels, love and betrayal

Complete 247 pages
7215 851 33

Rating: 78

#288 in Romance
#9 in Inspiration romance
#14 in Paranormal Romance


When A Witch Falls In Love

Barnali Bhuiya

Mike Adler, a rude, arrogant heir of Adler enterprise. Handsome, a notorious playboy, who doesn't care about anything in the world. Angela, a 19 years old Witch. Breathtakingly gorgeous, but never been out of her little room. Mike has been saved by Angela for once and that was the first time h... more info

Story about: love at first sight, fantasy romance, witches and wizards

Ongoing: 06 Mar 37 pages
1413 117 2

Rating: 15

#319 in Romance
#15 in Paranormal Romance
#40 in Fantasy


The Beloved Beast

Shelly Roy

Neil is strong and handsome, the epitome of masculinity. He is also a dangerous Alpha werewolf carrying an ancient curse on his head. It turns him into a bloodthirsty beast. Tanya is a loner who comes from a broken home. Abused by her father, she prefers to stay away from the college crowd. When she... more info

Story about: romance between a girl and a werewolf

Ongoing: 05 Mar 47 pages
663 44 2

Rating: 6

#324 in Romance
#17 in Paranormal Romance
#42 in Fantasy
#26 in Romantic fantasy

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His Deadly Touch

Heena Kundra

Luna, a naive girl who loses her parents and lives with her aunt, meets a very different boy one day. He was completely different from the rest and amazing. After making love to him at first sight, she comes to know that her sister also loves him and that the one who they both love is a vampire. A... more info

Story about: vampire, witch, vampire and human romance

Complete 114 pages
6644 264 15

Rating: 25

#342 in Romance
#19 in Paranormal Romance
#43 in Fantasy
#27 in Romantic fantasy


His Luna Queen


Alana's world as she knows it comes crumbling at her feet as the life she has been living has been nothing but a lie. She discovers that the world she knows isn't the only world and the one man who she's fated to be with believes she is dead. Now will she embrace who she truly is or not?... more info

Story about: mates, lycans, werewolves and witches

Ongoing: 07 Mar 119 pages
3923 116 12

Rating: 18

#11 in Mystery
#3 in Supernaturals
#350 in Romance
#20 in Paranormal Romance


Way to your World

Akriti Scribbler

A beautiful 19 year girl Shreya, who likes to live her life independently and in her own way gets caught by the demon Advik who prison her in his mansion and make her feel the hatred. Will Shreya taste the freedom again? Will ever Advik realize her difficulties? @akriti_Scribbler.... more info

Story about: love, romance, demon and human romance

Ongoing: 07 Mar 57 pages
684 73 20

Rating: 25

#375 in Romance
#22 in Paranormal Romance
#47 in Fantasy


Rise of the Queen

Shana Scarlet

Alexa, a normal human girl, all her life she had mocked supernatural stories and now on her 21st birthday her life takes a 180-degree turn, thrown into the chaos among vampires, werewolves and a legend, the queen who rules them all... What'll happen when she discovers her true identity? Will she be ... more info

Story about: werewolf, paranormal romance, vampire

Complete 262 pages
29975 553 61

Rating: 77

#431 in Romance
#24 in Paranormal Romance
#60 in Fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy


Taming The Zookeeper

Lana Fox

Melena is a werewolf and one of the pack doctors of the largest pack on US soil, Feral Grove Pack. She is young, smart, and fully trained as a warrior, which is why she is considered the Alpha’s personal medic whenever he, or a member of his family travels outside the borders of Feral Grove. Becau... more info

Story about: werewolf, human mate, pack doctor

Ongoing: 03 Mar 55 pages
639 64 8

Rating: 101

#62 in Fantasy
#37 in Romantic fantasy
#444 in Romance
#25 in Paranormal Romance



Jessica Wright

When a witch and a werewolf wind up living with a human, it's not easy to keep him from figuring out what they are, especially as a romance develops with the human. Keeping it from each other is even more difficult, especially when Hunters of supernatural creatures start showing up around them. Will... more info

Story about: werewolf, witch, werewolves and witches

Complete 195 pages
4196 225 68

Rating: 106

#63 in Fantasy
#38 in Romantic fantasy
#446 in Romance
#26 in Paranormal Romance


Icicles Of Golden Blood

Aurora Bluemoon

Akshara, the human girl founds herself in the land of Witch Queen and warriors of werewolves. She wonders why she is kept alive in the witch palace among them. She always wants to escape her reality but unfortunately enters into the world of ferocious hybrid creature of Dragon-wizard. An army of sin... more info

Story about: dark fantasy with tragic romance, paranormal romance mystery thriller, hybrid dragon wizard love with human

Ongoing: 05 Mar 23 pages
607 31 4

Rating: 24

#474 in Romance
#28 in Paranormal Romance
#66 in Fantasy
#16 in Dark fantasy


The Unwilling Mate


Emma – An innocent 18-year-old human, who lost her family in a tragic accident. She is a gentle and kind soul who lives with her foster mum Grace and Grace’s boyfriend, Eric, who are both part of a werewolf clan. Although living with werewolves, Emma has remained unaware of the dangers that surr... more info

Story about: billionaire, possessive werewolf king, romance

Ongoing: 13 Feb 12 pages
4934 412 31

Rating: 74

#67 in Fantasy
#477 in Romance
#29 in Paranormal Romance


Tale As Old As Time


The forest within the quiet village of Gashea is a dangerous place. Within the trees lies something dark, cursed, and wicked. For centuries, a demon with malevolent power terrorizes the villagers of the small valley home. He had brought droughts, disease, and famine. To ensure that he will ke... more info

Story about: lgbt fairy tale, demon lord, demon and human romance

Ongoing: 03 Mar 45 pages
526 18 5

Rating: 4

#512 in Romance
#10 in LGBT
#31 in Paranormal Romance


Demon King's Precious Bride

Ananya Singh

A fantasy story about a paranormal romance between a human girl and the Demon king. Zuri Creissant disguises herself as a boy to do modeling as a part time job but ended up meeting 'Dastrik Bargeraz' a demon king disguising himself as a human who is a well known movie star. His sharp eyes saw throug... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, gender bender, demon king

Ongoing: 04 Mar 39 pages
398 44 2

Rating: 12

#534 in Romance
#72 in Romantic suspense
#32 in Paranormal Romance

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