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Book cover "Arranged marriage"
A women in her twenties have long smooth hair which is upto her waist with fair skin , big doe eyes entered the hospital in hurry and went directly into operation theater. Her kindness has no limits..... she is a goddess to the patients... A handsome man of 28 years with silky hair , black eye bal...
134 228
In progress: 22 May
207 pp.
Book cover "Marriage With My Ex Fiance "
"We shouldn't Share the same room" "We are married" "But it's a contract marriage" "And there is no rule" Laura and Chris had an arranged marriage since little but Laura wasn't in support of her mother's idea to marry a poor man and got herself a boyfriend. Her father's betrayal and her mother's goi...
19 186
243 pp.
Book cover "Abandoned Wife "
She wasn't just his wife but the abandoned wife whom he used according to his needs and left like a piece of shit. She was broken, she was shattered, she was abducted and died. While he was living a happy family life with his son and a wife. Will God still keep him in his grace? Or the cards...
26 403
310 pp.
Book cover "Billionaire's Indian Wife"
"Six months, you want a wife for six months?" She wasn't surprised but somewhere feeling terrible for the woman who will be his wife as he doesn't seem like a man who will stay loyal to her as she can see the marriage isn't something he sees as a significant part of his life, it's just a word and...
107 574
345 pp.
Book cover "Royal Ceo"
Randomly, he would gesture at any girl. Every girl would get ready to come and bow down to him, and do whatever he would demand. He's gorgeous with a supermodel look. There was only one percent hope that his marriage would work. But he booked a separate room on their wedding nigh...
152 694
147 pp.
Book cover "Left at the Altar"
“You can’t do this with me. Jason!” I knocked on his door only for his mother to appear behind my back. “He isn’t here.” “Aunt Clara! Why? Why is he doing this?” “You and your uncle brought it on you! You two are nothing but liars.” “I didn’t know anything about it. Pleas...
77 041
406 pp.
Book cover "Let me Hate you"
Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Ama...
1 946
736 751
144 pp.
Book cover "Nice To Meet You Again "
Sonya is a simple brilliant who wants nothing more than to find out the truth about her mother's death and her father leaving them, she stays with her cousin, Simon who helps her a lot. Going to country X to celebrate her birthday made her come in contact with Maxwell, a very rich billionaire who j...
Story about: love at first sight, campus
5 778
261 pp.
Book cover "Innocent Heart"
He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." "What change" she asked. She was not getting good vibes from him. "It is true that today I am getting married but not with Mahi but with yo...
158 447
In progress: 20 May
667 pp.
Book cover "Love Hate Relationship"
"Three rules: Don't talk to me, Don't touch me, Stay out of my business." Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage. Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha cou...
Story about: love, romance, marriage
2 210
810 664
153 pp.
Book cover "Sebastian's Obsession "
"Please don't do this , I don't want to marry you" pleaded the girl , "You don't have choice but to obey me , my flower" announced Sebastian. "But you are......... Sebastian who's obsessed with his friends daughter, wants to protect her , wants her to his side forever....... Sebastian D'Angelo a...
451 195
121 pp.
Book cover "The Beloved Beast"
Neil is strong and handsome, the epitome of masculinity. He is also a dangerous Alpha werewolf carrying an ancient curse on his head. It turns him into a bloodthirsty beast. Tanya is a loner who comes from a broken home. Abused by her father, she prefers to stay away from the college crowd. When she...
46 475
126 pp.
Book cover "His Triantafyllo"
Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decide...
343 652
In progress: 18 May
858 pp.
Book cover "The Traitor's Daughter"
Zena's father had been accused of betraying his country, Zorbia. They were at war with the neighboring kingdom of Valeria and her father had gone missing. The guards were looking for her, and she had been forced into hiding. Compelled by circumstances, she embarks on a journey to clear her father's ...
8 508
In progress: 29 May
182 pp.
Book cover "Cruel Love of My Baby Daddy"
"Why don't you just go and die already, can you stop forcing yourself on him, he will never love you, you're so pathetic! " His mistress spat in disdain and hatred. Aurora James thought she married the love of her life, but he turned out to be her greatest nightmare. When he forced her to bear anot...
315 797
272 pp.
Book cover "Married to Mr. Mafia"
He pinned me to the wall his face were inch away from mine , I turn my face because of smell of alcohol suffocating my breath " you are disgusted with me aren't you ? " He asked in his deep husky voice . Tears filled my eyes , I press my lips together trying not to utter any word . " ANS...
197 181
248 pp.
Book cover "Unconsummated Marriage (allison and Joseph story)"
What happens when two polar opposites meet? He with a cold, arrogant and calculating look, She with a tender, warm and innocent look. This is the story of Allison and Joseph, they did NOT know each other, there was NOT anything between them, but suddenly a secret brought them together. Will they be ...
40 080
121 pp.
Book cover "His Heart"
She was his from the moment he saw her. For her, he was her everything. She was a delicate flower while he was the thorn that protected her. He was a ferral beast but for her he was a harmless puppy... "Why do you care if I date him or not" she spat furiously trying to control herself from cryi...
181 694
185 pp.
Book cover "Checkmate"
"I will play with you, destroy you, taint you, do whatever I want with you, and you won't have a say in it. You will be owned by Aditya Singh Shekhawat." The only people Miral Chandravanshi hated were the Shekhawats, but when tragedy hit, it brought her to the oldest son of the Shekhawat family, Ad...
18 903
208 pp.
Book cover "Her silence made me crazy "
No, Cripsy , just focus on your dreams, don't distract yourself, don't let yourself to love anyone, gooo forward....... You are mine from now..your each and everything will be mine,...I can't let you go so easily damn.....
51 671
In progress: 24 May
112 pp.

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