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My Angel In The Broken Armor


I wanted to know what would this painter think when he/she paints. I wondered how could painting tell you the story. When people go crazy about paintings and say the paintings tell you the story, I laughed at them. I laughed at them until I saw a painting. A painting of a girl in her bridal gown. T... more info

Story about: billionaire, love, romance

Ongoing: 14 Dec 15 pages
86 7 0

Rating: 2

#2280 in Romance
#1197 in Billionaires
#341 in Contemporary Romance


The Alpha's Mate


This is my first ever book that i have published before and i started this book when i was 14 years old, so if you don't like it comment in the comments giving me advice on what i should change about it. I'm only going to post a chapter a page because im in school right now and i don't have the pap... more info

Story about: alpha wolf inlove with a human, alphas mate, runaway alpha daughter

Complete 19 pages
2784 222 9

Rating: 16

#2312 in Romance
#99 in Paranormal Romance
#326 in Romantic suspense


Billionaire Lover


Meeting unexpectedly, two souls became as one, join Light and Sarah go through the norms and pressure to be together finally. ... more info

Story about: sarah and light love story

Ongoing: 11 Jan 5 pages
114 7 0

Rating: 2

#2321 in Romance
#1225 in Billionaires
#351 in Contemporary Romance


Mergers & Acquisitions


Vera Therese Verde is known as the perfect daughter. Being the sole heiress to one of the biggest conglomerate in the country, she was expected to excel in everything. The only thing she isn't allowed to do is to fall in love because her family follows a tradition of marriage for convenience to pres... more info

Story about: college romance, billionaire families, marriage of convenience

Ongoing: 06 Jan 98 pages
1397 60 2

Rating: 7

#2328 in Romance
#1230 in Billionaires
#217 in New Adult & College


Hustle In Love

Afreen Sheriff

Cade is a rich and successful owner of one of the biggest Magazine brand which is famous for reporting the spiciest gossip about the hottest people in town. Kathy is a very talented and sneaky journalist , known in the industry for getting the best of the worst out from her respondents. Cade... more info

Story about: billionaire love, humour and drama, the rich and fun life

Ongoing: 31 Dec 20 pages
656 37 0

Rating: 7

#2357 in Romance
#1252 in Billionaires


Stir My Love

Elvira Timibra

After battling to break free from her Love addiction to her fiance, Julia never knew she would fall head over heels so quickly with a stranger she met during the vacation she took to get her previous engagement out of her mind. Despite her plans to keep love and relationship away from her heart f... more info

Story about: family feud, romance with billonaire, love addiction

Ongoing: 30 Dec 83 pages
1547 90 4

Rating: 14

#2394 in Romance
#1276 in Billionaires


Meet Me in the Middle


A romance between fame and anonymity is founded on shaky ground. It would take a long and valiant effort in order for the two of contrasting nature to fall in love. That is what exactly did happen, yet one big hurdle remains... Oliver, the only son of the Greywood family: touted as the ones who s... more info

Story about: romance with billonaire, love and money, college love

Ongoing: 26 Nov 186 pages
2374 60 0

Rating: 26

#2428 in Romance
#1299 in Billionaires


Billionaire, my love

Zheng faxing

The story of xheng faxian a child wanted to become a warrior like his sister. He sees his sister as a warrior who used to save world no matter they are enemey or friend. But the death of mother at very short age he grew up with the disease. His sister would do every thing to treat his brother and... more info

Story about: zheng faxian, li miao, sister yanli and secretory hoon

Complete 9 pages
435 39 0

Rating: 1

#2432 in Romance
#1302 in Billionaires
#339 in Romantic suspense


Love`s Stories

Priscila Serrano

Can there be love between musical notes? These stories show that music and love go hand in hand. And it is that when the feeling is experienced between frictions, looks and a beautiful song in the background, everything flows with more intensity. Four stories full of love. Four couples loving each o... more info

Story about: romance drama, romance juvenil, romance novelist

Complete 15 pages
226 42 0

Rating: 5

#2498 in Romance
#227 in New Adult & College
#110 in LGBT



Hestia Signe

Two childhood friends seperate by time reunites. Leonardo Kenan Gray now a renowned CEO of a widely known conglomerate has now arrived the peak of life. He had everything a man could possibly want. Money, looks, and brains. But there is one thing missing—Salem. Salem Tiberious Carson had fa... more info

Story about: billionaire, bxb

Ongoing: 17 Jan 82 pages
357 16 2

Rating: 3

#2581 in Romance
#1394 in Billionaires

Recently Updated

Through it all


Amanda the first child of her parents and the love of Richard's life, sought to give her siblings the best life after the demise of her parents but life had other plans for her. You are not the rich I met and fell in love with. Your heart has turned to stone, since you are... more info

Story about: love betrayal and forgiveness

Ongoing: 30 Nov 127 pages
1018 33 4

Rating: 8

#2585 in Romance
#143 in Inspiration romance




A story replete with life's inspiration as the girl journeys through life's thick and thin wherein the only strength that she had is the love that she received from those that cared for her. She mourned as she faces death but unknowingly regained the lost love as she visit the convergence, the meeti... more info

Story about: an inspirational story of courage

Ongoing: 02 Dec 59 pages
215 11 8

Rating: 8

#2634 in Romance
#152 in Inspiration romance
#236 in New Adult & College


A Fortunate Meeting

Vennela Shreeja

"You declare that you don't have time for girls but your diary says otherwise because it clearly states that you got a kink for women in the wedding dress? How weird?" Jordan Dean was completely flustered over the words that just left the elder's mouth. "I probably wrote it when I was drunk!" He tr... more info

Story about: a deadly yet magical revenge!

Ongoing: 04 Jan 25 pages
324 13 0

Rating: 2

#240 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2661 in Romance


The power of Love

Sumaiya Qamar

A story between a Muslim true lover name ADAM who is a doctor by profession falls in love with a very stubborn Muslim girl named JULIA. The most hatred thing for her is to get in relationship with opposite gender especially the billionaire. The story take place in FINLAND. Due to some bad experience... more info

Story about: loyal lover, stubborn girl, blood war

Ongoing: 17 Jan 32 pages
384 17 0

Rating: 0

#2674 in Romance
#1443 in Billionaires
#155 in Inspiration romance


Stay with Me


I met him in College and we became best friends. I don't know when I fell for him but once I did, I knew there was no one else for me but does he love me? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This short story is one of my earlier works and I am sharing it here to ... more info

Story about: college romance, first love, friendstolovers

Complete 7 pages
339 18 0

Rating: 1

#117 in Short stories
#2685 in Romance


The Girl Next Door


He loves the lady but she's far from reach. She's actually a neighbor next door but leaving far from his heart. Like she never care, she's always turning him down, directly or indirectly. But one thing is, she won't keep to that forever.... more info

Story about: love, pride, hatred

Complete 13 pages
525 9 0

Rating: 4

#202 in Others
#68 in Poetry
#2734 in Romance
#374 in Romantic suspense


My sole Hope is you

Eizel Arra

How would it be like , if you find out that your dead beloved one is still alive ? "who the hell is she?" ---"Elisabeth rosalia dilenhart. My newly found sister " How would it feel like , if the memories you've made with them, and have cherished dearly like a tresor in your heart ,is no where to b... more info

Story about: romance, fantasy, r18

Ongoing: 23 Dec 63 pages
282 33 0

Rating: 0

#2877 in Romance
#424 in Contemporary Romance
#523 in Fantasy
#248 in Romantic fantasy


Crippled At Heart !!


It is story of Bashak Fatim and her life. Few incidents in life happens in such a way that made her crippled not physically but at heart. Will Bashak be able to conquer her fears and will she give herself a chance? Join Bashak in her life struggles and see her overcome it....... more info

Story about: brokenheart, inspirational romance

Ongoing: 01 Jan 8 pages
131 16 0

Rating: 2

#2918 in Romance
#393 in Romantic suspense
#227 in Mystery
#81 in Romantic mystery


Do Us Part


Circumstance forces an ex couple, Sam Sanderson and Natalie Bryce to reunite after eleven years of seperatio , after Natalie is aappointed to work in Sam's office. At first, they both tried to be civil to each other, clearly showing the other they have moved on from the past. However, certain situat... more info

Story about: billionaireromance, billionaire hatred and love, mybillionairemylove

Ongoing: 23 Dec 50 pages
2234 123 7

Rating: 14

#2919 in Romance
#1578 in Billionaires
#434 in Contemporary Romance


New Year's Miracle


As adults, we are also waiting for the New Year's miracle, which should happen on this magical and fabulous night. Every New Year, the young woman Sophia met the holiday with her a family. It was cozy and calm. But one day everything changed. She got an unusual chance, and she celebrates with other ... more info

Story about: love, new year

Complete 41 pages
625 45 0

Rating: 3

#2942 in Romance
#437 in Contemporary Romance
#130 in Short stories

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