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Their First Fight | тrυтн ιѕ wнaт тнey wanтed тo нear


They've been close friends for more than a year. Doesn't matter for whatever reason they first met, they just knew how much they actually mean to each other. And while he thinks being her friend is everything she wants, she thinks different in that being his friend is the only thing he wants from... more info

Story about: happy ending, unrequitedlove, friendstolovers

Complete 12 pages
1626 253 16

Rating: 19

#2945 in Romance
#439 in Contemporary Romance



Pratiksha Routray

A girl with a terrible childhood. She lost her mother when she was a kid and since then she lived her life in loneliness. The chubby and bubbly girl was far away gone only a broken girl lived.After years of hardship she became a hard working doctor and a ruthless businesswoman. She is scared to f... more info

Story about: betrayal, secret, lovehate

Ongoing: 18 Jan 6 pages
124 20 2

Rating: 1

#2958 in Romance
#402 in Romantic suspense
#1592 in Billionaires


Forever Yours: Red Strings Tied


Synopsis: How will Catherine Rose Obelia survive the grasp of Matthew Grey Kingsley, a man of power and fame? Will Catherine twist it to her favor? Grey will never let Catherine go. She came to him and she will not leave without his permission. Please comment, like and rate! ;3... more info

Story about: first love, rivalry, doting lover

Ongoing: 06 Dec 43 pages
1029 153 4

Rating: 17

#2972 in Romance
#1600 in Billionaires
#259 in New Adult & College


One in a billion

Beryl Chemtai

Gail Harper is a workaholic on vacation in Miami where she meets the Derek Lial, a mysterious, intriguing man who seems to appear everywhere she is. When she goes back to her life in New York, will her life go back to normal? Will she be able to suppress her feelings for Derek and move on? Or will s... more info

Story about: billionare, steamy romance, past life

Ongoing: 01 Dec 32 pages
2101 127 4

Rating: 6

#2984 in Romance
#1602 in Billionaires
#444 in Contemporary Romance


By helicopter or high water

simon 1982

Billionaire Duncan likes things his way. Sharon lives for her job in fortnightly her job doesn't live for her. One day Duncan is out with Sharon and things go a little bit wrong. Please enjoy seeing where there journey will take them.... more info

Story about: a billionaire and his p.a.

Ongoing: 20 Jan 86 pages
2240 43 10

Rating: 16

#2986 in Romance
#1603 in Billionaires

1.99 USD

The Wrong Brother

Angela Lynn Carver

Millie Brown is a high school senior who had many suitors in her school, yet, she never went out on a date with anyone in the hopes of winning one boy's heart. Her best friend's older brother, Zack Myers. There was only one problem, Zack only sees her as a little sister! She almost started to gi... more info

Story about: love is selfless giving and reveiving, first love, teenfiction

Complete 101 pages
30604 329 40

Rating: 60

#3014 in Romance
#449 in Contemporary Romance
#145 in Contemporary fiction
#72 in ChickLit


Twist of Fate


«Verily, after every difficulty is ease». «I plan, You plan, We all plan but Allah's plan is the best». ~**~ "Yeah, I know. I was your wife before but now I'm my husband's wife. And if you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go a long time ago. If you re... more info

Story about: muslim, muslimlovestory, spiritual love

Ongoing: 25 Dec 62 pages
1435 61 3

Rating: 6

#3024 in Romance
#450 in Contemporary Romance


Promising Droplets


They have been together for 16 years. Both were your typical childhood friends, sweet with each other, caring to each other, and loving with each other. But one of them wanted more than being together. During their graduation in highschool, before he leaves to live off with a relative at canada, he ... more info

Story about: school, childhood friends, shortstory

Complete 23 pages
1165 69 4

Rating: 4

#299 in Young adult
#160 in School
#3032 in Romance


Longing For Love


A girl who is not a normal girl. In her whole life she is searching for someone who will love her, cherish her,take her out of this painful life in which she is living and fill her life with the happiness that she surely deserves. And like god heard her wish as she meets him and immediately fall in ... more info

Story about: a love story

Ongoing: 23 Dec 36 pages
735 46 33

Rating: 19

#3041 in Romance
#413 in Romantic suspense


Cynthia my love

Anne Adefesobi

They started walking toward the front section of the hall - walking toward where the woman had pointed and I wondered who they were going to meet. They reached a table and stood in front of it. The guy's mouth moved before turning into a smile. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a girl in a pink and bl... more info

Story about: love, dream, romance

Complete 56 pages
2203 136 7

Rating: 10

#3148 in Romance
#626 in Fantasy
#294 in Romantic fantasy

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Purple you


What can you do if your best friend prapose you and you don't have any choice you can't even say yes or no , if you say yes then he will die and if you say no then you will die ..... I wish you all like this book thanks for choosing my book to read . Just imagine this character of book is you a... more info

Story about: hatred to love and big mystery

Ongoing: 11 Dec 19 pages
1104 111 22

Rating: 9

#3162 in Romance
#279 in New Adult & College


Something between us

gorgeous geetanjali

The simple event pushes harshal to claim his love for gayatri and both find themselves craving for each other. After claiming her once, harshal wanted to get rid of her but she decides to free herself with the drinks and ends up in front of harshal's house explaining her view of the past. His heart ... more info

Story about: relationships, passion and blind love, past heartbreak

Complete 198 pages
29828 789 12

Rating: 48

#3171 in Romance
#1644 in Billionaires
#431 in Romantic suspense


Somethin' missing Is it love in pain or pain in love?


College life is one of the best times to gather memories. But what if the memories get mixed with pain and love. Diya was a girl who came with dreams to enjoy college life to the fullest with her best friend. Life is full of miracles they say and that became true for her when she encountered him! Ev... more info

Story about: friendship, pain of love, college romance and music

Complete 93 pages
2167 170 7

Rating: 6

#3189 in Romance
#433 in Romantic suspense
#287 in New Adult & College


the promise

gorgeous geetanjali

After attending an interview with his wife,advait knew his wife had not moved on from her past. Somewhere she was still dragging the incident to the present with the thought advait would leave her like her parents. Advait tries everything but she stays firm with her decision about not telling him.He... more info

Story about: obsession, past life, rape attempt

Complete 154 pages
9514 476 2

Rating: 28

#3202 in Romance
#1649 in Billionaires


Good agriculture

muthulakshmi G

Good agriculture ?? Vinod Kumar, a good farmer. His wife Lakshmi and their agriculture, their love story and marriage story will be mixed. Six months later, Lakshmi approached the doctor immediately after getting pregnant. Then Vinod and his family were all happy. Vinod did more care and favo... more info

Story about: love marriage, farmer

Complete 4 pages
134 9 0

Rating: 5

#167 in Short stories
#3282 in Romance


A True Love Story


Nothing is as inspiring as finding "Love" Here is a collection of poems dedicated to New Love, Old Love, Finding Love, and the One I Love. ©All Rights Reserved by Author Cover and Poems by: Ruechari... more info

Story about: love poems, romantic love, love and passion

Complete 5 pages
2771 270 12

Rating: 46

#305 in Others
#105 in Poetry
#3292 in Romance
#202 in Inspiration romance


Becoming Me (gxg)


It only took her a day to replace me and a month longer to erase me completely. She was the protagonist of my story. She was the soulmate of my girlfriend. She was a better friend to my best friends. She did all this without trying. She did this to show me that I had never been me, to begin with...... more info

Story about: friendship, lgbt, selflove

Complete 33 pages
1230 183 3

Rating: 9

#3304 in Romance
#161 in LGBT
#169 in Short stories




Deceit: the act of making a person believe something that is not true. 26 year old charming bachelor named Giovanni De Luca struggles to find true love due to people failing to see past his wealth and status, but what if all that disappeared in a blink of an eye. Rosalie Raveloson is a 21 ye... more info

Story about: deception

Ongoing: 13 Dec 27 pages
665 92 2

Rating: 9

#3314 in Romance
#1674 in Billionaires


My Perfect Place

Ruphina Raphael

After a meeting at a fair in South Africa, Andrea Ruebens and Annalia Anthony friendship sparkled blossoming into something beautiful. Andrea was a troubled young teenager with severe anger issues and made some mistakes that she always wished that she could change. Annalia had always thought that... more info

Story about: love, bestfriends, school and friendships

Ongoing: 27 Nov 104 pages
2613 147 56

Rating: 26

#3388 in Romance
#317 in New Adult & College


Promise Me Tomorrow


At least the view was nice. After struggling with after effects of being outed by his brother, Jensen Joy had come to terms with his end. What he didn't account for was being stopped by an intriguing stranger with the same motive. Not wanting to leave knowing what the stranger would do, he makes hi... more info

Story about: mentalhealth, boyxboy, unlikely relationship

Ongoing: 06 Jan 55 pages
1872 128 44

Rating: 15

#3399 in Romance
#170 in LGBT
#509 in Contemporary Romance

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