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Vow to Hate you


“Are you sure about this, Kabir?” Ayaan asked. “Yes.” “Dad won’t be happy if he gets a hint of what you are doing,” he said again. “He won’t be happy with me anyway,” Kabir said, taking a long drag aof his cigarette before crushing it under his shoes. His emerald orbs bu... more info

Story about: hatred, loveatfirstsight, revenge

Ongoing: 06 Mar 58 pages
32966 1827 457

Rating: 475

#5 in Romance
#1 in Romantic suspense
#3 in Billionaires


The Billionaire's Captive Wife

Zati Zairiazhar (Scarlet01)

When 19-year-old Layla Rose Inaaya is left in the clutches of her posh ‘men’s club’ owner stepfather after her mother’s death, she is informed to start earning her keep by stepping into sexy stilettos and taking her clothes off – that means giving her first lap dance to Daniel, a 27-year-o... more info

Story about: abusive relationship, a billionaire, a young woman

Ongoing: 05 Mar 337 pages
745193 10032 1567

Rating: 1581

#18 in Romance
#12 in Billionaires
#3 in Romantic suspense


My Mute Wife


Shehnaaz a girl who lost her mother and her voice on the same day. On that day everything changed upside down. Her loving father changed after her mother's dismissal. A lady she thought who gave her motherly love changes into a meanest stepmother. A business contract changed her life upside down. ... more info

Story about: a girl who cant talk, a ruthless man, falling for each other

Ongoing: 05 Mar 122 pages
48807 864 286

Rating: 219

#24 in Romance
#6 in Romantic suspense
#1 in Fanfiction
#1 in Movies Fanfiction


Let me Hate you


Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Ama... more info

Story about: forcedmarriage, hate to love, cold hearted billionaire

Complete 144 pages
269807 3718 262

Rating: 886

#28 in Romance
#19 in Billionaires
#7 in Romantic suspense


The Billionaire's secret Love

Manogyna Marthi

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin but at the end of the battle it is always LOVE that wins. Yet when there is faint peek of revenge added, would there still be a victory of passion in the tussle? Augustus Martin - a billionaire heartthrob, cold hearted business tycoon, CEO of Sunrise In... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, hot billionaire, arrogant girl

Complete 172 pages
264793 3003 326

Rating: 423

#53 in Romance
#38 in Billionaires
#8 in Romantic suspense


Her Silent Scream

Hasna Hena

You know what is the worst battle within oneself ? The battle between what you know and what you feel. So what would you do when your heart gets to conflict with your mind very badly and don't let you decide what to you follow... Khushi's life is full of battles between her mind and h... more info

Story about: family and relationships, billionaire hatred and love

Ongoing: 05 Mar 88 pages
19088 708 81

Rating: 107

#65 in Romance
#44 in Billionaires
#9 in Romantic suspense


Melissa:a tainted innocence


For friendship's sake, Joshua agrees to marry Raymond's "blind" girlfriend Julia inorder to buy him time to get out of his arranged marriage. But what if he mistakenly falls inlove with her too?Just saying...... more info

Story about: blind girl marrried to an assassin

Complete 210 pages
25090 509 59

Rating: 83

#83 in Romance
#12 in Romantic suspense
#6 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Action thriller


The sweetest warm marriage

Souheir Benadis

An arranged marriage between two families, they bound two strangers. How much it will least ? forever..?. Will love grow between them or their hearts already occupied?. “sir , ma’am want divorce” the man put down the papers on his hand and glanced at the re-engraved bun next to him “your m... more info

Story about: arraged marraige, romance, suspence

Ongoing: 06 Mar 111 pages
8103 377 50

Rating: 40

#92 in Romance
#58 in Billionaires
#13 in Romantic suspense


If Wishes Were Kisses

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

It was the last year of college and Ryker Pierce could safely say he had an awesome year. His hot looks were almost illegal and he was born into wealth. His grades were more than great, he was a star athlete and had more than his share of beautiful girls on campus. Went through them like a pack of c... more info

Story about: holiday, college romance, opposites attract

Ongoing: 06 Mar 149 pages
12191 392 42

Rating: 45

#100 in Romance
#7 in New Adult & College
#15 in Romantic suspense



Tilda Morte

Courtney A normal girl but she was bullied when she was in school but had learnt to see life in a different perspective. She was never the girl who liked money or luxury and believed in helping others. Her father was rich but that didn't get into her head. Jason Son of a billionaire. Has t... more info

Story about: billionaire hatred and love, past heartbreak, murder

Ongoing: 05 Mar 32 pages
3856 290 41

Rating: 81

#114 in Romance
#18 in Romantic suspense
#73 in Billionaires

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Imperfect Strangers

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Wanting to rant about her bad breakup to her bestie, Oaklynn Turner mistakenly dials a wrong number and a cocky, feisty bad boy answers instead. They begin texting each other everyday and she can't help but fall for the feisty stranger. Obviously, curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to ... more info

Story about: love confession, intern, heartthrob

Complete 154 pages
392805 5157 263

Rating: 453

#142 in Romance
#23 in Romantic suspense
#10 in New Adult & College

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Animal Instinct

Gegi Mei

On the day of her wedding, Ariana Montenero found her husband sleeping with another woman in their newlywed bedroom. When she ran out of the room in a daze, she was caught by a mysterious man and had a gun held to her head. Before she could grasp what was happening to her, a group of gunmen ambush... more info

Story about: kidnapped, toxic relationship, mafia romance

Complete 165 pages
21768 606 73

Rating: 139

#22 in Thrillers & Suspense
#194 in Romance
#28 in Romantic suspense

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My journey

Srishti Choudhary

Sneha Choudhary, a bright student of J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai living a simple life until she met a ruthless and arrogant mafia leader 'Czar' who hides his true identity as a CEO of Oberoi International Pvt Ltd. Will it really change their lives or will it pass like a cool breeze. If ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, businessman, mafialove

Complete 188 pages
40932 565 134

Rating: 142

#221 in Romance
#132 in Billionaires
#31 in Romantic suspense


From the Ashes


Chambermaid? Juliana was in disbelief of Lady Catherine's demand. To be reduced to serve Richard in such a fashion was a humiliation she did not know she could endure, but what choice did she have? Lord Richard Bentley was returning home from the war a hero, his one thought was Juliana Wadsworth... more info

Story about: regency romance, romance and mystery, true love never end

Complete 271 pages
120257 2455 132

Rating: 300

#232 in Romance
#5 in Historical Romance
#33 in Romantic suspense


My Lily


He hate her. He hate everything about her. " let me go..." let me go..." please.... I beg you... please...." what...why are you doing this... I.. l don't before she could complete.. Enough! He roar then slap at her face, then walk out from her room. ... more info

Story about: revenge, love and hate

Ongoing: 05 Mar 22 pages
2220 138 4

Rating: 23

#241 in Romance
#143 in Billionaires
#35 in Romantic suspense



Akriti Scribbler

Siya was connected with her father's teacher so much that she calls him DADU.... She was happy in her life and was ready to forget Aditya... When a Strom came in her life the billionaire Rythem Mehra, grand son of DADU. Dadu wanted both of them to get married. Siya who was already in love with s... more info

Story about: love, billionare, unexpected wedding

Complete 149 pages
41419 691 138

Rating: 176

#243 in Romance
#145 in Billionaires
#36 in Romantic suspense


Amorous Mirage

Honey Lee Willmanson

A Vampire Lord with a Devilish persona, Ruthless towards his enemies. The only Vampire who doesn't believe in the existence or care about the importance of his destined ONE. A female secretary hired to aid the Vampire. A wise young woman with a loving heart or is she? With her diligence, benevolen... more info

Story about: vampire, romance, billionaire

Ongoing: 06 Mar 36 pages
280 59 2

Rating: 7

#247 in Romance
#10 in Paranormal Romance
#37 in Romantic suspense



Payal Mandal

Rukhsar- The son of a poor security guard fell in love with her at the age of 18. But she ended up falling in love and marrying a billionaire at the age of 25.... more info

Story about: life of poverty, love, rags to riches

Ongoing: 07 Mar 29 pages
2013 183 19

Rating: 28

#12 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in Urban life
#257 in Romance
#40 in Romantic suspense


Deal with a Billionaire


Jasmine Tolentino is the new employee of a popular magazine; as for her debut article she was appointed to create an article regarding Viel Salvador, a famous bachelor billionaire, while following Viel, the bachelor done something unexpected which resulted for them to become a couple in the eyes of ... more info

Story about: amnesia, biliionaire, romance drama

Complete 123 pages
23692 645 49

Rating: 62

#272 in Romance
#161 in Billionaires
#42 in Romantic suspense


Irresistible Invitations

S. S. Sahoo

On the day of her marriage, Juliette Swanson's fiance was shot and she was abducted by her abductor and was forcefully married off to her abductor. On this ride, she gets to know that her abductor lives two lives. One as a successful businessman and when it turns dark, he is in mafia and into illega... more info

Story about: love, mafia, mafia leader

Complete 502 pages
370645 2903 301

Rating: 568

#277 in Romance
#165 in Billionaires
#44 in Romantic suspense

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