Books in the genre of Short stories


A Girl and Her Dragon

Girl Between Stars

A girl lives with her dragon... and then a knight comes along.... more info

Story about: fantasy, dragons, knights

Complete 16 pages
3788 113 14

Rating: 11

#72 in Fantasy
#34 in Romantic fantasy
#27 in Short stories


The first princess of Hell

Mahnoor Khan

One Angel, One Devil, One Human. Three Individuals,One Heart. Who'd She End Up With? ... more info

Story about: fantasy, angels, heaven and earth

Complete 92 pages
10618 267 39

Rating: 26

#76 in Fantasy
#35 in Romantic fantasy
#29 in Short stories


A Royal Disguise

Ciana Frost

A prince with a choice that can determine life and death. A princess that defies everyone around her. A thief whos origins are unknown. A blind man who knows more than anyone could suspect. And a power-hungry king. But what if there was something deeper, a wicked scheme brewing beneath the surface.... more info

Story about: adventure, short story, mistaken identity

Complete 25 pages
5367 89 35

Rating: 12

#537 in Romance
#31 in Short stories


Story Of Sammy Alle

Amber M Kestner

Sammy is a talented artist in her world of fanfictions such as Trolls, Winx with Valerix Club, Prehistoric Raiders and much more. Sammy is well liked among her friends. Sammy lives in a world like the rest of us that has been deemed by tragic, heartache and loss. Join me in this book to know more ab... more info

Story about: real life, tragedy, happiness

Complete 4 pages
55 3 0

Rating: 1

#32 in Short stories
#35 in Others
#9 in Non-fiction



First one

A girl named NIVI who was a BTech student was enthusiastic to do something in life . She will meet a boy , who helps her to clear the mess in her life and makes her happy... A relationship has both happiness and sadness... it's is about the way we overcome the sadness to be happy.... more info

Story about: a girl and her life...

Ongoing: 15 Sep 55 pages
585 16 8

Rating: 6

#33 in Short stories
#76 in Young adult


Dejected (short story)


Avery Jones is your average 17 year old, teenage girl who falls for the first time in her life despite being warned by her best friend, for her cousin, Baron Williams at first sight. He loved her just like she loved him. She thought they were destined to be togther but guess the things didn't happen... more info

Story about: romance, teenage love, friendship

Complete 71 pages
1341 53 8

Rating: 5

#34 in Short stories
#583 in Romance




first part of the series "Random thoughts of a broken hearted girl". Primera parte de la serie "Pensamientos random de una chica con el corazón roto".... more info

Story about: poetry, sad love , thoughts of a broken hearted girl

Complete 8 pages
22607 123 4

Rating: 12

#35 in Short stories
#588 in Romance


Grandpa's Recipes


The story is about Violet where how her life changed after getting a old trunk of her grandfather       ... more info

Story about: life, struggle, hardships

Complete 25 pages
3261 60 37

Rating: 9

#36 in Short stories
#54 in Contemporary fiction
#12 in Urban life


Stay with Me


I met him in College and we became best friends. I don't know when I fell for him but once I did, I knew there was no one else for me but does he love me? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This short story is one of my earlier works and I am sharing it here to ... more info

Story about: college romance, first love, friendstolovers

Complete 7 pages
23 1 0

Rating: 0

#38 in Short stories
#635 in Romance


The Chosen One


A girl who is destined to sacrifice herself in order to end the war between the Vampires and Witches.... more info

Story about: the curse one

Ongoing: 16 Sep 13 pages
81 6 0

Rating: 0

#42 in Short stories

Recently Updated

New Year's Miracle


As adults, we are also waiting for the New Year's miracle, which should happen on this magical and fabulous night. Every New Year, the girl Sophia met the holiday with her a family. It was cozy and calm. But one day everything changed. She got an unusual chance, and she celebrates with other people.... more info

Story about: love, new year

Ongoing: 23 Sep 21 pages
109 19 0

Rating: 3

#833 in Romance
#51 in Short stories


Granted Wishes

Ruphina Raphael

Tim's death throws his family off balance and leaves them in a miserable state. His father is trying to put himself together and his mother is already apart. His best friend is also not in a good state. As investigations go on to find out who the killer is, a shocking revelation is revealed leaving... more info

Story about: depression, suspense and mystery, multilation

Complete 6 pages
95 8 9

Rating: 4

#56 in Short stories


Dream Eaters


A young boy named Alistair has a little sister named Esther who suffers from night terrors. Esther claims that the Dream Eaters won't leave her alone and is close to stealing her soul. When Esther mentions the Dream Eaters again one night, Alistair is determined to cure his sister of these nightmare... more info

Story about: wizard, siblings, dreams and nightmares

Complete 8 pages
164 27 13

Rating: 4

#178 in Fantasy
#57 in Short stories


My Short Story Compilation.


A compilation of short stories I have written. Hope you enjoy! *Extract from the complication:* Seconds pass before he opens the door of a dark room he placed me in and forces me to call it my ' new home'. "Come on, beauty. I hope you did not forget about our dance classes..." His deep vo... more info

Story about: romance, short stories, drama

Ongoing: 05 Sep 30 pages
528 27 2

Rating: 4

#60 in Short stories


Lost but found


Susan lost her way in her college days and with the help of her friend finds her way back... more info

Story about: lust regret

Ongoing: 08 Aug 5 pages
177 51 7

Rating: 7

#62 in Short stories


My first pet


Everyone loves pets , what happened to our first pets ? Are they still with us ? what will happen when a little girl get a stray cat ? for more read the story . Anyways this is my first story .so i apologize for the further mistakes. ... more info

Story about: pets

Complete 4 pages
49 2 4

Rating: 0

#63 in Short stories
#97 in Others


The Three Little Wolves

Samson Lawler

After informing their father that none of the three little wolves has any intentions of following in their father’s footsteps, by taking over the family business, the Three Little Wolves, with the encouragement of their parents, leave the comfort of home to make their ways in the world. Before lon... more info

Story about: humor, parody, fiction

Ongoing: 04 Aug 8 pages
26 1 0

Rating: 0

#64 in Short stories
#99 in Others
#35 in Humor



Plume Alter

Sometimes, our mind tends to wander at the distant past--revisiting events; remembering people. And when that happens, you know that you've got the only solace you have: you remember---and then you pick up your pen...... more info

Story about: short story and poetry, new adult, college

Complete 3 pages
62 10 1

Rating: 4

#66 in Short stories
#964 in Romance
#92 in New Adult & College


Friendship day

Love Heart

Friendship day is remember all cute memories ❤️... Unexpected friends meet many places bus stop, School, College, friends meet at past going world then you can just missing on friend ?.. ... more info

Story about: friendship, friends chat, friendship and love

Ongoing: 30 Jul 1 pages
50 2 0

Rating: 2

#68 in Short stories


Viable Ways to Develop your Internal Strength


Discover powerful approaches to create internal strength that will permit you to develop in each aspect of your life. In any type of challenge, internal strength is very significant coz it will give you expectations and affirmation when difficulties come toward each path. Some will surrender effect... more info

Story about: effective ways, internal stength, internal value

Ongoing: 26 Jul 4 pages
53 5 0

Rating: 1

#69 in Short stories

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