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The Joy of Serving in Bad times


We will find how Derek made a disorderly life and why he acted strangely. He accomplished something that nearly takes his life. We are trusting that our little move will some way or another transform him.... more info

Story about: inspirational, tough times, serving

Ongoing: 26 Jul 6 pages
51 14 2

Rating: 3

#57 in Short stories


When Did Being A Black Become My Crime?


|Societal issues series| Book 1. "I can't breathe", he said. In memory of George Floyd. PS: The aim of this book is not to create or promote any ill feeling towards America! I love AMERICA! But I say NO TO RACISM! ... more info

Story about: racism, blacks, africans

Ongoing: 30 Jul 2 pages
51 2 0

Rating: 1

#58 in Short stories


The Journey

Tanaka Mbudzi

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body", they always told me...... didn't b... more info

Story about: based on a true story, death and loss, memoir

Ongoing: 25 Jul 5 pages
57 7 1

Rating: 1

#93 in Young adult
#59 in Short stories


The Sweet Series

Hallie Schlauch

Multiple excerpts that tell a story of true love. When a raccoon falls in love with a peach. Because of him, I learned what it's like to be loved.... more info

Story about: romance, friendship, friendship and romance

Ongoing: 02 Aug 15 pages
577 64 2

Rating: 3

#523 in Romance
#65 in Short stories



Inane Grimson

This is about a kid confused about life. It's simple as that.... more info

Story about: a kid discovering life

Ongoing: 13 Jul 30 pages
109 4 0

Rating: 0

#67 in Short stories
#74 in Others


19th Winter


Every day, Every time of the howling hours of midnight--Izha is told of warning by her mother "never go into the woods." For there is a monster, a horrible creature who kills for blood. Hear it? The cries, the wails, the howling of his victims is making my skin crawl. Izha...Every day, and every ... more info

Story about: darkfantasy, dark fantasy adventure, adventure

Complete 19 pages
182 7 0

Rating: 0

#69 in Short stories
#148 in Fantasy



First one

A girl named NIVI who was a BTech student was enthusiastic to do something in life . She will meet a boy , who helps her to clear the mess in her life and makes her happy... A relationship has both happiness and sadness... it's is about the way we overcome the sadness to be happy.... more info

Story about: a girl and her life...

Ongoing: 30 Jul 37 pages
263 12 0

Rating: 4

#70 in Short stories
#112 in Young adult


Soul in Poems

Volk V A

Dedicated to all those who sometimes find it difficult.... more info

Story about: love and pain, good and fear, memories

Complete 11 pages
251 7 0

Rating: 3

#78 in Others
#72 in Short stories


Overthinking things


Cami was a rich kid who liked to never listen to her dad. She knew she needed to break out of the chains that she was put in for being the top businessman's daughter. The only thing she didn't know was how much of trouble she could get in because of her writer's imagination when she decided to ditch... more info

Story about: humor, short story, inner thoughts

Complete 5 pages
434 94 16

Rating: 13

#74 in Short stories
#85 in Others
#32 in Humor


Becoming Me (gxg)


It only took her a day to replace me and a month longer to erase me completely. She was the protagonist of my story. She was the soulmate of my girlfriend. She was a better friend to my best friends. She did all this without trying. She did this to show me that I had never been me, to begin with...... more info

Story about: friendship, lgbt, selflove

Complete 33 pages
621 137 1

Rating: 6

#608 in Romance
#39 in LGBT
#75 in Short stories

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Two Jolly Friends

Princewill POP

This storybook explores the virtues of humility and arrogance. It teaches that it is good to be humble and that it does not pay to be arrogant. Enjoy it!... more info

Story about: humility arrogance humbleness

Ongoing: 08 Jun 2 pages
105 5 2

Rating: 1

#76 in Short stories
#99 in Mystery
#48 in Supernaturals


Ant Song

Volk V A

The little ant got lost. On the way to the house, he was bold and friendly. Let's find out if he returned home together.... more info

Story about: a fairy tale for children, friendship between animals, adventures of a little ant

Complete 2 pages
43 3 0

Rating: 1

#78 in Short stories
#91 in Others



Brad Emshwiller

A glimpse of the dark.... more info

Story about: a spiritual dissertation

Ongoing: 06 Jun 4 pages
103 5 8

Rating: 4

#80 in Short stories
#25 in Horror


Just Me


hope and Dylan have gone through alot hope thinks that she's going through all these things bye her self when will she realize it's not just her? and some people love her and aren't trying to hurt her.... more info

Story about: a love story, just me, fighing your feelings

Complete 30 pages
1496 127 3

Rating: 4

#130 in Young adult
#59 in School
#81 in Short stories


Covid-19 (virus vs Virus)

Aruna Reddy

A Short story trying to explore the causes of this pandemic from a writer's point of view via a dystopian setup. What if ... more info

Story about: flash fiction, covid19, human intervention

Complete 1 pages
203 39 0

Rating: 6

#92 in Short stories
#142 in Young adult
#5 in Dystopia



PJ Lowry

A place to store all the short stories that are written online for any reason whether it be inspiration of the day, contests, etc. This is where those stories will be stashed.... more info

Story about: shortstory, collection, tales

Ongoing: 06 Jul 45 pages
164 8 0

Rating: 0

#93 in Short stories


Dejected (short story)


Avery Jones is your average 17 year old, teenage girl who falls for the first time in her life despite being warned by her best friend, for her cousin, Baron Williams at first sight. He loved her just like she loved him. She thought they were destined to be togther but guess the things didn't happen... more info

Story about: romance, teenage love, friendship

Complete 71 pages
861 42 2

Rating: 3

#94 in Short stories
#681 in Romance


Magical Hour Glass


A little magical owl named Holly gets trapped because an old wizzard named Windo lost his magic so he trapes Holly in a magic hour glass to suck all the magic out of her.... more info

Story about: a magical owl named holly.

Ongoing: 08 Jul 0 pages
1 0 1

Rating: 1

#96 in Short stories


At the Dock

Sasha Nehoda

A short story about young love and dreaded loss. He is sick and doesn't have much time left in this world with her. She worries and hopes every day, and loves him more with every breath she takes. What will happen when she must let go?... more info

Story about: old school romance, death and loss, seaside

Complete 1 pages
67 4 0

Rating: 0

#737 in Romance
#106 in Short stories

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