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Treasured Moments of Life


Abhay Raichand is the kind of person who can never leave a single soul in distress; he tends to offer help to the people - even complete strangers. Manners, discipline and morals constitutes his personality. Now when he is getting bored in the airport, waiting for his flight, he unknowingly finds hi... more info

Story about: love is the easiest thing to happen, the magic in the eyes is most powerful, innocence is the new charm

Complete 29 pages
278 25 26

Rating: 13

#37 in Short stories
#227 in Romance
#44 in Contemporary Romance


Ring of sorrows

Michael romain

A short story that begins and ends with a supernatural ring. A grim tale about sacrifices. ... more info

Story about: this begins and ends with a ring

Complete 5 pages
453 7 14

Rating: 3

#166 in Short stories


Path to Crown

K.R Webber

Queen fears what might happen to her children when she dies. Little does she know that someone is plotting for her murder. A witch and power hungry people want her dead at any cost. And she can't do anything about it. Neither can the King. The conspiracy has very big consequence. From dethroning a... more info

Story about: hate, greed, brothers

Complete 24 pages
413 12 12

Rating: 10

#271 in Fantasy
#163 in Short stories


Over the Moon


What if the characters you knew in from your nursery rhymes were real people dealing with real problems in real life. How would their personalities help or hinder them especially in the matters of the heart? Come take a look at OVER THE MOON, a collection of short stories of characters you may recog... more info

Story about: romance, fairytale, newadult

Complete 108 pages
6145 186 93

Rating: 34

#216 in Short stories
#366 in Fantasy
#94 in Romantic fantasy


Hades Untold

Cherine Olivier

A myth, a legend, a story as old as time, what could possibly be told that hasn’t been heard once before? The ruler of hell, master of the underworld, sovereign to the dead, what more could there be to this being? What if Hades wasn’t the burly gruff male the myths tell of but a small feminine w... more info

Story about: greek mythology, myths, hades

Complete 23 pages
718 36 23

Rating: 15

#308 in Fantasy
#47 in Action fantasy
#186 in Short stories


The lost reflection

Qixing oochenxin

Trippy poetry ... more info

Story about: wierd, bizarre, psychedelic trippy

Ongoing: 04 Mar 2 pages
97 4 0

Rating: 1

#47 in Short stories
#33 in Contemporary fiction


My story isnt over

Elena Melanson

My thought feeling and experiences with suicide... more info

Story about: suicide, suicidal tendencies, poetry and thoughts

Ongoing: 13 Feb 2 pages
155 1 0

Rating: 0

#66 in Others
#103 in Short stories


The Winter's Tale


The Winter's Tale. This story about good witch Baba Yaga and a girl from our world, and about some magic.... more info

Story about: fairytale, magic

Complete 6 pages
222 6 2

Rating: 5

#283 in Fantasy
#177 in Short stories


Grandpa's Recipes


The story is about Violet where how her life changed after getting a old trunk of her grandfather       ... more info

Story about: life, struggle, hardships

Complete 25 pages
1494 12 35

Rating: 7

#223 in Short stories
#103 in Contemporary fiction
#19 in Urban life


You And No Other


Elizabeth would make a deal with the devil to save her animals and expansion project at the zoo. When the projects main supporter dies, funds disappear and Elizabeth is force to do just that. Only it really isn't the Devil she needs to make a deal with, but devilishly handsome Ben Styles brilliant w... more info

Story about: love, second chance, new year

Complete 14 pages
4449 306 43

Rating: 38

#108 in Romance
#2 in Short stories


Every Hour, On The Hour

J Dessarroy

How do you know who you're speaking to online? How about over SMS and MMS? In this story, the narrator is faced with a night of confusion-induced panic upon receiving bizarre messages from his sister's Facebook account. ... more info

Story about: suspense, horror fiction, technology

Ongoing: 06 Apr 8 pages
18 1 0

Rating: 1

#5 in Horror
#14 in Short stories


Lost stars

Qixing oochenxin

Growing up with the stars... more info

Story about: astronomy, coming of age, poetry and thoughts

Ongoing: 27 Feb 2 pages
130 1 0

Rating: 1

#72 in Short stories
#54 in Contemporary fiction



Holley Dovetail

Little story to read on Christmas Eve to get into Christmas Spirit.... more info

Story about: christmas, shortstory, christmas story

Complete 2 pages
117 3 1

Rating: 1

#146 in Short stories


Long Way Home.

Director West.

S.J High school, famous for bringing the girls from trips pregnant. It was that way all the time, and our parents still kept on sending us on school trips. But this time it was a different case, we were the ones going for the school trip and our story was all way scarier than the girls who got pregn... more info

Story about: teenagers, xenophobia, misunderstanding

Complete 22 pages
1083 13 5

Rating: 3

#192 in Short stories
#122 in Mystery


Lighting the world - A lost book (1689)

Aruna Reddy

Set in an Ancient fantasy world of gods the story takes you into a unique journey of adventure and emotions. This is an Epic fantasy shrunk into a short story. It is a story to read in an hour and an experience to cherish for a lifetime. ... more info

Story about: love, tragedy, sorcery

Complete 12 pages
866 24 3

Rating: 9

#479 in Fantasy
#121 in Dark fantasy
#245 in Short stories


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
2815 41 5

Rating: 6

#13 in Short stories
#33 in Fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy


First Kiss

Andre N. Baltazar

A flash fiction about that feeling between lovers during their first kiss.... more info

Story about: the first kiss, flash fiction, romance

Ongoing: 18 Mar 2 pages
194 17 1

Rating: 1

#215 in Romance
#17 in Inspiration romance
#34 in Short stories


Jp's Collection of Short Stories and Poetry

Jilecia Poyser

This is a collection of some of my work over the years, the book will consist of work I am most proud of. Please enter this book knowing that these pieces will not be of the same context. ... more info

Story about: poetry, short story, writing collection

Ongoing: 08 Mar 5 pages
178 3 0

Rating: 1

#89 in Short stories
#52 in Others


A Girl and Her Dragon

Girl Between Stars

A girl lives with her dragon... and then a knight comes along.... more info

Story about: fantasy, dragons, knights

Complete 16 pages
1720 40 14

Rating: 10

#253 in Fantasy
#61 in Romantic fantasy
#159 in Short stories


In a land long away

simon 1982

In land before men had spread around the world like rats animals ruled let's see where this goes on a distant planet... more info

Story about: animals fighting to survive

Complete 15 pages
564 14 16

Rating: 11

#52 in Science fiction
#206 in Short stories

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