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The magician


This is a love fantasy story, what with the prince and the witch Baba Yaga are going to their little adventure. The witch Baba Yaga helped to him.... more info

Story about: love, little adventure, magic

Complete 11 pages
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Rating: 8

#454 in Fantasy
#133 in Romantic fantasy
#265 in Short stories


The Three Little Wolves

Samson Lawler

After informing their father that none of the three little wolves has any intentions of following in their father’s footsteps, by taking over the family business, the Three Little Wolves, with the encouragement of their parents, leave the comfort of home to make their ways in the world. Before lon... more info

Story about: humor, parody, fiction

Ongoing: 04 Aug 8 pages
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Rating: 0

#51 in Short stories
#45 in Others
#19 in Humor


My near death experience


My name is Racheal. I am from Nigeria. I write motivational and inspirational short stories. I also write scripts and novels. I am currently undergoing a course in Linguistics and African Languages at Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria. ... more info

Story about: an unforgettable experience

Ongoing: 01 Aug 3 pages
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Rating: 2

#13 in Short stories
#7 in Others
#1 in Non-fiction



Plume Alter

Sometimes, our mind tends to wander at the distant past--revisiting events; remembering people. And when that happens, you know that you've got the only solace you have: you remember---and then you pick up your pen...... more info

Story about: short story and poetry, new adult, college

Ongoing: 31 Jul 3 pages
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Rating: 2

#35 in Short stories
#378 in Romance
#55 in New Adult & College


Friendship day

Love Heart

Friendship day is remember all cute memories ❤️... Unexpected friends meet many places bus stop, School, College, friends meet at past going world then you can just missing on friend ?.. ... more info

Story about: friendship, friends chat, friendship and love

Ongoing: 30 Jul 1 pages
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Rating: 2

#36 in Short stories


Without You...

Shana G

a short love story Who says even death can do you apart? There are some stories that continues even after death. ... more info

Story about: ghoststory, romance, tragedy

Complete 3 pages
51 16 4

Rating: 6

#12 in Short stories
#237 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance


The first princess of Hell

Mahnoor Khan

One Angel, One Devil, One Human. Three Individuals,One Heart. Who'd She End Up With? ... more info

Story about: fantasy, angels, heaven and earth

Complete 92 pages
8309 177 39

Rating: 22

#33 in Fantasy
#18 in Romantic fantasy
#19 in Short stories


Exchange Date With My Bad Boy

Sapna Sarkar

Every girl wanted their dream guy to just appear out of nowhere.. and ofcourse ask her out on a date. But what if something bad happens on your first date-- worst-- with your dream guy- - more worst-- And what if he just run away, Leaving you to pay the bill, with yo... more info

Story about: date crush love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 34 pages
1432 171 15

Rating: 16

#7 in Short stories
#202 in Romance
#30 in New Adult & College


By The Book

Booknet Authors

Through our writer's club on Facebook - Booknet Authors we offer exclusively to our members of The Writers Club a chance to have their short stories and poems to be reviewed by their fellow peers. If this is something you would like to see happen to your book, come to Facebook and make a request to ... more info

Story about: book reviews, booknet authors, short story and poetry

Ongoing: 27 Jul 44 pages
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Rating: 8

#147 in Others
#127 in Short stories


A New Beginning

Emma Swan

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asl... more info

Story about: love and happiness, love and acceptance

Complete 10 pages
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Rating: 37

#1 in Short stories
#44 in Romance


Viable Ways to Develop your Internal Strength


Discover powerful approaches to create internal strength that will permit you to develop in each aspect of your life. In any type of challenge, internal strength is very significant coz it will give you expectations and affirmation when difficulties come toward each path. Some will surrender effect... more info

Story about: effective ways, internal stength, internal value

Ongoing: 26 Jul 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#42 in Short stories


The Little Puddle Tales


Once upon a time there lived a puddle. Everyone around loved her and called her affectionately Little Puddle. She was very neat and always looked after herself. She refused water to no one – neither a thirsty stray dog nor sparrows in need of a bath – any time! The puddle asked all the birds to ... more info

Story about: alive puddle, natural phenomena, animals and birds

Ongoing: 25 Jul 3 pages
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Rating: 0

#54 in Short stories
#52 in Others


The Joy of Serving in Bad times


We will find how Derek made a disorderly life and why he acted strangely. He accomplished something that nearly takes his life. We are trusting that our little move will some way or another transform him.... more info

Story about: inspirational, tough times, serving

Ongoing: 26 Jul 6 pages
51 14 2

Rating: 3

#57 in Short stories



First one

A girl named NIVI who was a BTech student was enthusiastic to do something in life . She will meet a boy , who helps her to clear the mess in her life and makes her happy... A relationship has both happiness and sadness... it's is about the way we overcome the sadness to be happy.... more info

Story about: a girl and her life...

Ongoing: 30 Jul 37 pages
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Rating: 4

#70 in Short stories
#112 in Young adult


When Did Being A Black Become My Crime?


|Societal issues series| Book 1. "I can't breathe", he said. In memory of George Floyd. PS: The aim of this book is not to create or promote any ill feeling towards America! I love AMERICA! But I say NO TO RACISM! ... more info

Story about: racism, blacks, africans

Ongoing: 30 Jul 2 pages
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Rating: 1

#58 in Short stories


The Sweet Series

Hallie Schlauch

Multiple excerpts that tell a story of true love. When a raccoon falls in love with a peach. Because of him, I learned what it's like to be loved.... more info

Story about: romance, friendship, friendship and romance

Ongoing: 02 Aug 15 pages
577 64 2

Rating: 3

#522 in Romance
#65 in Short stories


The Journey

Tanaka Mbudzi

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body", they always told me...... didn't b... more info

Story about: based on a true story, death and loss, memoir

Ongoing: 25 Jul 5 pages
57 7 1

Rating: 1

#93 in Young adult
#59 in Short stories


Awakening and other short stories

simon 1982

A range of short stories from fantasy to horror to humor I hope you like the range... more info

Story about: a range of short stories

Ongoing: 10 Jul 28 pages
259 9 0

Rating: 10

#11 in Horror
#49 in Short stories



Inane Grimson

This is about a kid confused about life. It's simple as that.... more info

Story about: a kid discovering life

Ongoing: 13 Jul 30 pages
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Rating: 0

#67 in Short stories
#74 in Others


Magical Hour Glass


A little magical owl named Holly gets trapped because an old wizzard named Windo lost his magic so he trapes Holly in a magic hour glass to suck all the magic out of her.... more info

Story about: a magical owl named holly.

Ongoing: 08 Jul 0 pages
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Rating: 1

#96 in Short stories

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