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Alpha's Lethal Love

Payal Mandal

Maya had spent her entire life fighting a battle with her inner conscious that troubled her a lot. While finding a permanent solution to this agony, she met Kaiser and fell in love with him. But she had no idea that Kaiser was a werewolf, something, she never believed existed. While Kaiser had no i... more info

Story about: bound by the moon, werewolf mystery, love and destiny

Ongoing: 29 Jun 142 pages
8995 448

Rating: 107

#77 in Romance
#1 in Paranormal Romance
#5 in Mystery
#2 in Supernaturals


The Wicked Alpha

Agony Riah

Rebecca was watching the full moon from the window of her room. AND hearing the speech behind her back. She already decided to let him live here... It was not the game of mind but her heart. AND she already has given her heart to him. But the dangers that come along with him are far more dangerous t... more info

Story about: betrayal, alphaking, werewolf love

Ongoing: 29 Jun 174 pages
9707 282

Rating: 43

#17 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy
#9 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals


Bound To Break You

Godiva Gilbert

Jasmine Calvin in the guise of finding a job found her way into the life of the mysterious billionaire, Jason Halem. She is a freelance writer who plans to uncover the secret of the town's most eligible bachelor and sell the story to the highest bidder. An orphan since when she was 12, Jasmine has l... more info

Story about: werewolf romance, bound by the moon, werewolfxhuman

Ongoing: 29 Jun 178 pages
2630 126

Rating: 28

#20 in Mystery
#10 in Supernaturals
#37 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy


Aether's Claim

Kele Emmanuel

May Bard is no Alpha's daughter. Nor is she the daughter or the Beta or any other high ranking wolf. Yet, at the mating ceremony when she releases her wolf to find her mate He's there, standing with the other Alpha's with his fists balled at his sides and his eyes trained on hers. But it's ... more info

Story about: werewolves love story, mates and rejection, obstacles and challenges

Ongoing: 29 Jun 88 pages
1803 96

Rating: 15

#24 in Mystery
#11 in Supernaturals
#40 in Fantasy
#24 in Romantic fantasy


Escaping Inescapable

Hasna Hena

Aaron Black Woodward the very next alpha king of the werewolf pack after his father Ethan Bell Woodward. To Aaron, werewolves are the strongest and best creature. He just hates human and think of them as weaklings. Naira Claire, a girl of mysterious character who comes off from a tough past whi... more info

Story about: werewolf king, strange girl, rejecting mate

Complete 137 pages
87676 1217

Rating: 164

#433 in Romance
#25 in Paranormal Romance
#33 in Mystery
#15 in Supernaturals


To Protect Mate & Bond


On the one hand, a man leading the whole city of Atlanta being a billionaire businessman and also being the Alpha of the pack of werewolves hides two secrets. On the other hand, a girl who hates werewolves for some past reasons, but what can happen when she is a mate of the powerf... more info

Story about: mystery suspense thriller, alpha fighting for his mate, werewolf romantic love story

Ongoing: 27 Jun 177 pages
3444 113

Rating: 22

#31 in Mystery
#14 in Supernaturals
#412 in Romance
#56 in Romantic suspense


Come Love A Stranger

Goodness Shadrach

Mariah never thought that one day her perfect life wouldn’t be so perfect anymore. Who would have expected that her father, the King’s special adviser would one day be accused of trying to kill the king and take his place? But even though no one thought that, it happened and her family became... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, mystic being

Complete 207 pages
29530 587

Rating: 132

#34 in Mystery
#16 in Supernaturals
#62 in Fantasy
#35 in Romantic fantasy


His Hybrid Queen

Pratiksha Routray

Alexandra Garcia is a beautiful, strong and smart she wolf whose childhood was filled with heartbreaks. She was only 10years old when she lost her mother and since then she has been taking care of herself and her younger sister. She is the next in line of being an Alpha of second largest pack. H... more info

Story about: werewolf, secrets, hatelove

Ongoing: 26 Jun 57 pages
1839 77

Rating: 20

#36 in Mystery
#17 in Supernaturals
#66 in Fantasy
#19 in Dark fantasy


Warrior's Mates (completed)

Curious words

All Jia Davis ever wished was eternal love from her mate and to be a brave warrior for her pack and family. She got it too, when she found her mate in her longtime crush, the head warrior of her pack. But it was short-lived, pushing her in a pit of darkness and desolation. She was not ready to accep... more info

Story about: romance, werewolves, werewolf alpha and mate

Complete 155 pages
66507 590

Rating: 85

#69 in Fantasy
#39 in Romantic fantasy
#38 in Mystery
#18 in Supernaturals


His Himalayan Moon


What happens when the entire world of werewolves separate a pair of mate? And not just any mate…but THE FATED AND THE CHOSEN ONE. What happens when the future Alpha is told that his Mate died as an infant? Destruction…and only destruction can be brought by the wrath of the heartbroken future... more info

Story about: alpha, passionatelove, mate bond

Ongoing: 29 Jun 48 pages
218 23

Rating: 3

#72 in Fantasy
#41 in Romantic fantasy
#45 in Mystery
#21 in Supernaturals

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Conie Reigh

Amoura is a human, but being Moonkissed made her more than that. Mated to the second last living descendant of the Originals, one of Five Alphas that had been the first of the werewolf specie, it's not a surprise that fate had their tale, A mayhem written in stone. She was found by Maximus wh... more info

Story about: action romance, love and hope, werewolf and human mates

Ongoing: 29 Jun 169 pages
217 21

Rating: 4

#82 in Fantasy
#47 in Romantic fantasy
#51 in Mystery
#24 in Supernaturals


Beautiful Beast

Mari AA

A Royal Werewolf family stays at the beautiful abandoned castle. No one really cares to pay attention to the ruined castle at the outskirts of their town, it is a rather scary-looking place at night and a pack of dangerous wild wolves has taken over the place. Well, that is what it appears to the h... more info

Story about: beauty and the beast, supernatural and romance, werewolf vampire hybrid

Complete 106 pages
47500 968

Rating: 139

#43 in Young adult
#62 in Mystery
#30 in Supernaturals


Dies Irae

Nicole Armas

A society of priests simply known as The Order are called from the Vatican to exorcise a town being plagued by demonic forces. What begins as a routine assignment soon becomes a personal battle as they discover that the evil they face is far more powerful and intrusive then they first realized.... more info

Story about: demonic possession, exorcism, catholicism

Complete 268 pages
11263 166

Rating: 14

#108 in Mystery
#51 in Supernaturals
#219 in Fantasy
#62 in Dark fantasy


My Ruthless Vampire Lover

Godiva Gilbert

Clara Shawn wasn't one to regularly attend parties, she was a simple human girl that preferred to stay in and read a reasonable romance novel. However her roommate, Lydia, was quite the opposite and when she dragged Clara to this mysterious party outside campus, it brought Clara to the extremely ha... more info

Story about: vampire romance, love and romance, vampire and human

Complete 123 pages
9221 298

Rating: 37

#821 in Romance
#199 in Contemporary Romance
#72 in Mystery
#35 in Supernaturals


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

Story about: mystery, werewolf, romance

Complete 158 pages
66996 1030

Rating: 53

#115 in Mystery
#54 in Supernaturals
#43 in Romantic mystery


World Of Monsters

PJ Lowry

Living with the undead outside their walls, the possibility of other 'monsters' was always up in the air. When saved from an attack of the undead, Alyssa had to accept what she saw with her own eyes, that other monsters exist in this new world. ... more info

Story about: zombies, vampires, survival

Complete 248 pages
20957 252

Rating: 17

#10 in Horror
#9 in Paranormal
#113 in Mystery
#53 in Supernaturals


Hidden in the Shadows: Book One

Olivia Gordon Reid

Fifteen-year-old Renee Patterson lives a pretty normal life, except she can see weird things all around her. Unexplainable things. Supernatural things. When no one reacts to them, she starts to think that she's going crazy. However, when she meets two new, mysterious girls on the first day of school... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 73 pages
3273 370

Rating: 28

#217 in Fantasy
#7 in Action fantasy
#107 in Mystery
#50 in Supernaturals


My Half Demon Boyfriend

Jayc Symo

Georgina Davis, a young girl who just joined campus. She is excited about campus life and campus relationship. She falls in love with Finn Peterson who just graduated from campus, but he is taking masters programs in the same campus .Finn is a half demon and his secret is only known by Alex, his fri... more info

Story about: witches and curses, romance and crime, halfdemon and human girlfriend

Ongoing: 09 Jun 226 pages
3251 75

Rating: 22

#1215 in Romance
#179 in Romantic suspense
#96 in Mystery
#48 in Supernaturals


Gom 2 - Game On

MC Prelooker

Events take a dramatic turn and Alex Corban is forced to make a call that can take her humanity away, while she and Claire fight to stop the evil that threatens to destroy everyone and everything they love.... more info

Story about: hunters supernatural creatures, strong girls, alpha ghosts demons

Complete 241 pages
3932 69

Rating: 16

#94 in Mystery
#46 in Supernaturals
#1207 in Romance
#72 in Paranormal Romance


The Treasure of mankind


Aria was only a newborn baby when she was found by Leah and David and they promised each other to rise Aria up with love and affection that she never feels alone. What they didn't know was that she was so special, that her parents Rosalie and Jason were so shattered to give away their daughter on... more info

Story about: love, magic, royal family

Complete 61 pages
1315 62

Rating: 10

#1031 in Romance
#79 in Mystery
#39 in Supernaturals

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