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Kissed by Mistake

Niharika Nafisa

Her eyes shot up, gawking at the guy who was consuming her lips in the middle of the football court, surrounded by more than a thousand people. Before she could feel the kiss, she grasped the consequences of it. ~~~~~~~ Impregnated by an Alpha and mated to another Alpha could be the reasons for Ha... more info

Story about: werewolf, mate, campusromance

Ongoing: 29 Jul 6 pages
149 61

Rating: 32

#30 in Fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy
#320 in Romance
#21 in New Adult & College


Rise of the Queen

Shana Scarlet

Alexa, a normal human girl, all her life she had mocked supernatural stories and now on her 21st birthday her life takes a 180-degree turn, thrown into the chaos among vampires, werewolves and a legend, the queen who rules them all... What'll happen when she discovers her true identity? Will she be ... more info

Story about: werewolf, paranormal romance, vampire

Complete 274 pages
59279 732

Rating: 120

#644 in Romance
#22 in Paranormal Romance
#94 in Fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy


Corona & His Wife

Author Vanshika

He had one cure to all his problem, his wife. And the world had one solution for its problem and that was the mercy from the great ruler, Corona. Join Corona and Coroe in their beautiful life! Just five chapters and beautiful love story... ♤Completed!... more info

Story about: love and pain, lost, dominant

Complete 16 pages
790 67

Rating: 12

#1011 in Romance
#46 in Inspiration romance
#168 in Fantasy
#8 in Urban fantasy


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
6042 101

Rating: 9

#583 in Short stories
#2167 in Fantasy
#90 in Urban fantasy


Travel with the red haired witch


Travel with the red haired witch or with Baba Yaga. It was an explosion on a ship. The result of which a special agent accidentally enters to the fairy-tale world. He tries to return to his real world. The illustration is made by Ланей Нест ... more info

Story about: witch, tale world

Complete 30 pages
3711 57

Rating: 5

#581 in Short stories
#2161 in Fantasy
#88 in Urban fantasy


My Mother-In-Law Is a Witch (short story)

Лилия Касмасова

A young girl is going to get married and finds out that the mother of her groom, and moreover, all the women in his family are witches! (Sorry for my english, it's not perfect. I'm russian writer.)... more info

Story about: family, witches, wedding

Complete 15 pages
1707 90

Rating: 5

#1852 in Fantasy
#781 in Romantic fantasy
#76 in Urban fantasy


Angel's Advice

Vijay Kerji

Parvathi and Manohar, a married couple having a son Krishna, finds it difficult to meet both the ends. But everything changes in their lives when they find a treasure in their backyard. But Parvathi dreams of an angel who advises her what to do with the gold. Parvathi shares the news with her husban... more info

Story about: fairy tale, angels, once upon a time contest

Complete 22 pages
3595 39

Rating: 10

#439 in Short stories
#1845 in Fantasy
#75 in Urban fantasy


Hiwaga and Alfonso

Plume Alter

Waiting can be a very painful process. Will someone endure the process of waiting in exchange for the glory of love? Discover a one of a kind mythical love story that will surely melt your heart away. ... more info

Story about: romance, mythical beings, urban fa

Complete 8 pages
1274 48

Rating: 23

#1825 in Fantasy
#72 in Urban fantasy
#434 in Short stories


For A Risk Of Darkness

N.J. Harlow

Meet Persephone, a bright, witty, nature photographer with a secret. She is the Goddess of Spring. Unknowingly to her, she has captured the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. Moody and sharp around the edges, Hades was in no mood for love, he only came to earth to look for his dog...... more info

Story about: greek mythology, mythology, modern romance

Complete 11 pages
8086 116

Rating: 10

#1812 in Fantasy
#70 in Urban fantasy
#429 in Short stories


Who's Gonna Drive Me Home?


This is a fiction story about an android who came to Russia to start a new life with his girlfriend. Instead, he finds a job in IT company, friends, and maybe a chance to figure out the mystery of his past. Being an android has its perks, no doubts, but Philippe feels like no one can really underst... more info

Story about: shapeshifters, itcrowd, android

Complete 67 pages
485 34

Rating: 1

#1616 in Fantasy
#57 in Urban fantasy
#622 in Mystery
#336 in Supernaturals

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My Mystic Life (draft)

Beryl Chemtai

This isn't your typical high school story. With werewolves, mages, varsities and a bit of drama. Looks like this is gonna be a blast.... more info

Story about: magic, fantasy, modern fantasy

Complete 3 pages
428 31

Rating: 6

#1571 in Fantasy
#52 in Urban fantasy
#614 in Young adult
#302 in School


Meeting with Aliens Or The Aliens Around Us

Vladimir Bagirov

Meeting with people from a parallel world. The reader will learn to recognise aliens, discover their characteristics, and learn how to fight against them.... more info

Story about: parallel world, resistance to aliens, methods of dealing with aliens

Complete 7 pages
280 32

Rating: 311

#3 in Science fiction
#199 in Fantasy
#9 in Urban fantasy


Who Kill Cats Nine Times - Book 1

Samuel Gray Del Rosario

In the city of Illemore, there live cats who each have nine lives. However, none of them expected that someone would want those snuffed out in an instant by a mysterious killer. Nini, one of the cats, now seeks out the help of his childhood friend, Ryne, a cat-turned-human, after witnessing on... more info

Story about: cat murder mystery, forgotten legends, forgotten magic

Complete 107 pages
396 11

Rating: 2

#1009 in Fantasy
#36 in Urban fantasy
#337 in Mystery
#184 in Supernaturals



Ally JK

Aled Jay, a twenty-three-year-old billionaire, a young man with all the luxuries a man of his age could enjoy. His life was perfect until his father's mysterious death when he met a very strange woman in the station. This mysteriously attractive woman brought a storm into his life. He discovered he ... more info

Story about: love between a witch and a man, magic and sorcery, magic and love

Complete 32 pages
713 18

Rating: 5

#2774 in Romance
#424 in Paranormal Romance
#966 in Fantasy
#34 in Urban fantasy

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The Wizard's Slave

Honey Sison

Ages ago, witches and wizards were hunted by humans. Some were burned, hanged, or beheaded. 200 years ago, they came back to avenge their kin and took over the world. 100 years ago, they agreed to stop the bloodshed and live with humans in harmony. Since then, even though we lived in peace,... more info

Story about: romance, witch and human, witch

Complete 147 pages
13388 161

Rating: 38

#2671 in Romance
#374 in Paranormal Romance
#883 in Fantasy
#31 in Urban fantasy


Rey Ashford - The Heart of a Good Witch


Born with the power of good, and evil; Rey Ashford was a beautiful, kind-hearted witch who was touched by the hand of heaven, that no evil, no evil not even the great Mist, ruler of the under verse could touch her. She was so powerful that the underworld quiver at her very presence. The people of... more info

Story about: tragedy, heaven and earth, demons and magics

Complete 32 pages
296 24

Rating: 27

#337 in Fantasy
#17 in Urban fantasy
#68 in Short stories



Taylor Black

Mikael Kane has lived for decades and has died every night of his twenty- fourth birthday as a result of a curse that had been placed upon him because of his decision to cherish his heart's desire, Blair who is the daughter of a human and the ancient Greek god, Zeus. Each year, he meets Blair and th... more info

Story about: love, reincarnation, curses and prophecies

Ongoing: 03 Jun 16 pages
149 13

Rating: 14

#334 in Fantasy
#16 in Urban fantasy
#1616 in Romance
#108 in Paranormal Romance


The Kult of Salom'sileyu

Zachael Presgrove

An attack from an ancient god, a government determined to cover it up, and a heartbroken elfan maiden certain to find answers, embark on a journey of mystery, terror, and strange magic as Ayela navigates her aching heart and the cosmic powers at work behind a series of strange events. What will she ... more info

Story about: fantasy, fantasy world, fantasy love lgbt

Complete 112 pages
35 1

Rating: 0

#283 in Fantasy
#15 in Urban fantasy
#1469 in Romance
#62 in LGBT


Masquerade Of Destiny

Aurora Bluemoon

A heart wrecked of past love, Karen – the Alpha werewolf wants to escape his reality of being the king to the human realm to explore new possibilities of human sustainability through his Nanoscience and technology knowledge. A vampire princess comes to the human world to save her community from... more info

Story about: love triangle, vampireromance love, werewolf king in love with a human

Ongoing: 23 Jul 22 pages
48 6

Rating: 5

#131 in Thrillers & Suspense
#239 in Fantasy
#13 in Urban fantasy

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