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Shadow Love

Cherine Olivier

Everyone has good and evil inside of them but what if the good wasn’t your own? A prophecy, a curse and a stranger were all it took to throw her life upside down. Art school was all she ever dreamed of. With her application to a prestigious art school and the future of her career as an illustrat... more info

Story about: vampire curses, witches and magic, teenager with powers

Ongoing: 27 May 54 pages
299 48 4

Rating: 8

#18 in Fantasy
#4 in Dark fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy


The Moon We Both Share


It's easy being a monster among humans, so long as no one knows what kind of monster you can be. Alec Cross was a vampire living among the same humans he had been raised to avoid. A generation of proof that monsters can be integrated into a world not meant for them. Suppressing the need for blood wa... more info

Story about: teen romance, vampires and werewolves, society vs self

Ongoing: 27 May 126 pages
764 82 21

Rating: 17

#154 in Romance
#4 in Paranormal Romance
#19 in Fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy


For A Risk Of Darkness

N.J. Harlow

Meet Persephone, a bright, witty, nature photographer with a secret. She is the Goddess of Spring. Unknowingly to her, she has captured the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. Moody and sharp around the edges, Hades was in no mood for love, he only came to earth to look for his dog...... more info

Story about: greek mythology, mythology, modern romance

Complete 11 pages
1821 32 7

Rating: 5

#39 in Fantasy
#3 in Urban fantasy
#25 in Short stories



Лилия Касмасова

Alicia, 19 years old, lives in New York and works as a baby-sitter for the kids of vampires, werewolves, extraterrestrials... She works for the Corporation, which serves for and protects all nonhumans. One day a stranger comes to Alicia - the ancient Greek god, Hermes and brings his little son-demi... more info

Story about: cool adventures, fantastic creatures, crazy heroine

Complete 258 pages
283 27 0

Rating: 3

#41 in Fantasy
#4 in Urban fantasy
#26 in Others
#10 in Humor


Hiwaga and Alfonso

Plume Alter

Waiting can be a very painful process. Will someone endure the process of waiting in exchange for the glory of love? Discover a one of a kind mythical love story that will surely melt your heart away. ... more info

Story about: romance, mythical beings, urban fa

Complete 10 pages
396 20 23

Rating: 13

#60 in Fantasy
#5 in Urban fantasy
#32 in Short stories


Who's Gonna Drive Me Home?


This is a fiction story about an android who came to Russia to start a new life with his girlfriend. Instead, he finds a job in IT company, friends, and maybe a chance to figure out the mystery of his past. Being an android has its perks, no doubts, but Philippe feels like no one can really underst... more info

Story about: shapeshifters, itcrowd, android

Complete 67 pages
100 5 0

Rating: 1

#90 in Fantasy
#7 in Urban fantasy
#64 in Mystery
#36 in Supernaturals


The Alchemist

PJ Lowry

A man who uses magic to heal people is exposed by someone who accidentally took his medicine without knowing it...... more info

Story about: magical items, magical warfare, alchemy

Ongoing: 03 Apr 15 pages
349 30 1

Rating: 7

#221 in Fantasy
#16 in Urban fantasy
#84 in Thrillers & Suspense
#39 in Suspense


Angel's Advice

Vijay Kerji

Parvathi and Manohar, a married couple having a son Krishna, finds it difficult to meet both the ends. But everything changes in their lives when they find a treasure in their backyard. But Parvathi dreams of an angel who advises her what to do with the gold. Parvathi shares the news with her husban... more info

Story about: fairy tale, angels, once upon a time contest

Complete 22 pages
1621 14 12

Rating: 7

#195 in Short stories
#325 in Fantasy
#29 in Urban fantasy


My Mother-In-Law Is a Witch (short story)

Лилия Касмасова

A young girl is going to get married and finds out that the mother of her groom, and moreover, all the women in his family are witches! (Sorry for my english, it's not perfect. I'm russian writer.)... more info

Story about: family, witches, wedding

Complete 15 pages
508 44 9

Rating: 5

#333 in Fantasy
#80 in Romantic fantasy
#30 in Urban fantasy



Mister E

"Send the money or i'll post them." Was a threat Anna had to deal with 4 times until now, all because she wanted some love. But, her fate changed when a heavy weight boxer happened to walk by in a rather uncomfortable scene, apparently he has some unique abilities and killed the Blackmailer. S... more info

Story about: romance, vampire, boxing

Ongoing: 28 May 29 pages
773 31 2

Rating: 6

#636 in Romance
#366 in Fantasy
#32 in Urban fantasy

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Travel with the red haired witch


Travel with the red haired witch or with Baba Yaga. It was an explosion on a ship. The result of which a special agent accidentally enters to the fairy-tale world. He tries to return to his real world. The illustration is made by Ланей Нест ... more info

Story about: witch, tale world

Complete 30 pages
2046 27 11

Rating: 3

#337 in Short stories
#665 in Fantasy
#43 in Urban fantasy


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
3282 50 5

Rating: 6

#339 in Short stories
#672 in Fantasy
#45 in Urban fantasy

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