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Curse's End (kamali: Book 3)

Jessica Wright

Ariel knows the truth of what happened to his parents and has to deal with the consequences of that information. Meanwhile, Simon gives the group shocking news as Felicity falls ill. Olive and Ariel fight to protect each other while trying to find a way to break the curse. Everything comes to a head... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 228 pages
54504 185 58

Rating: 25

#49 in Young adult
#18 in School
#43 in Fantasy
#10 in Dark fantasy



Jessica Wright

"Go out with me". It's hard to believe that four simple words could change someone's whole life, but, ever since Amy's best friend said them to her, her life took turns she could never have expected. How do you go from childhood playmates to being in a romantic relationship? How does that work when ... more info

Story about: romance, teen, friendship

Ongoing: 10 Jul 104 pages
3240 269 36

Rating: 55

#50 in Young adult
#19 in School
#308 in Romance
#72 in Contemporary Romance


Was That Love

GD Abigail

Every story doesn't have a happy ending at least not so easily. Loving someone comes with a cost and we all have to pay it in one way or another , sometimes it takes things to such a level that we begin to doubt our virtues and all the rules we have set for ourselves . I always believed in the brig... more info

Story about: love, heartbreak, jealousy

Ongoing: 17 Jul 49 pages
674 88 12

Rating: 7

#51 in Young adult
#20 in School
#320 in Romance
#58 in Romantic suspense


Lies, Deceit and Romance

Beryl Chemtai

Twins Lauren and Katie raised in Seattle by their single mom must leave their home and move to California due to their mother's job offer. New town, new life, new people. They were excited but that was short-lived. As they were finally adjusting and leaving the past behind, old flames begin to reki... more info

Story about: romance, suspense, family secrets

Ongoing: 04 Aug 21 pages
210 22 5

Rating: 4

#331 in Romance
#59 in Romantic suspense
#52 in Young adult
#21 in School



Tizi Windster

She didn't want this and neither did he. Two stubborn teenagers forced to hanged out with each other. A story between a sarcastic girl and a boy who can't get enough of breaking hearts.... more info

Story about: two teens that fell in love

Ongoing: 20 Jul 96 pages
4796 243 12

Rating: 14

#341 in Romance
#53 in Young adult


The Amateur Love Part 3 : The Travel Diary


The day Vishal talked to Somi about moving on, he finally felt a bit stronger and after a few days, his holidays started. And this time he had a very SPECIAL plan of spending them. He decided to go to Punjab and meet all his friends there. It was a great opportunity for him to relive the memories he... more info

Story about: love, teen fiction, younglove

Complete 23 pages
730 50 2

Rating: 6

#342 in Romance
#54 in Young adult


Mark The Marks


Story that deals with the students living in metropolitan cities. The story revolves around four students Alex, Zack, John and Mason. There school life and the politics that goes around into the class and into the school. ... more info

Story about: school, student life, school life

Ongoing: 02 Aug 82 pages
5189 107 29

Rating: 7

#40 in Contemporary fiction
#10 in Urban life
#55 in Young adult
#22 in School


On The Ledge


15 year-old Sam Robinson has it all. A cool girlfriend, nice family, expensive house with a pool, popularity at school. All of those things matter to him until the day he meets Bradley who turns his entire life upside down. Sam comes face to face with his greatest fears. The fear of not being accept... more info

Story about: boy next door, coming of age, lgbt

Complete 130 pages
20397 192 15

Rating: 13

#371 in Romance
#57 in Young adult


Rise of the wolves


About Madisyn Jones... more info

Story about: school dark fantasy

Ongoing: 25 Jul 1 pages
57 18 4

Rating: 3

#59 in Young adult
#24 in School
#71 in Fantasy
#17 in Dark fantasy


A Wolf's Bane


On Spirit Moon Island, Karin Fang is a witch that uses haiku spells to cast magic and she and her mother live next door to a pack of werewolves. Radley Baines is the Alpha's son and he can't seem to get along with his inner wolf unlike most werewolves his age. He doesn't have the privilege in follow... more info

Story about: magic, family drama, witches and werewolves

Ongoing: 04 Jul 50 pages
378 119 6

Rating: 4

#60 in Young adult
#380 in Romance
#14 in Paranormal Romance

Recently Updated


Boakye D. Alpha

Do you believe in love at first sight? You know...that out-of-earth experience where two strangers see each other at a place then there's an on-the-spot emotional bond, an irresistible spark, and instantly they know they are each other's Orpheus and Eurydice, Cupid and Psyche or Ramses II and Nefert... more info

Story about: sciencefiction, scifi, romance drama

Ongoing: 27 Jul 2 pages
61 1 1

Rating: 1

#5 in Science fiction
#62 in Young adult



Lytiia Perumal

So here's to new memories, new adventures, continuous laughter, happy times, bad days, arguments, celebrations and accomplishments. There'll be times where we take losses and go through struggles but if we have each other, the possibilities are endless.... more info

Story about: self discovery, adventure, romance

Ongoing: 22 Jun 65 pages
536 52 0

Rating: 4

#402 in Romance
#29 in Inspiration romance
#63 in Young adult
#25 in School


Untold Story


Eva Storms, the lovely girl goes to Quezon city to change her life. To achieve her dreams. But her meeting with Bella Addington changes her life. Secrets and friendship. What will happen between the best friends...?!... more info

Story about: pain, life, whats life without friends

Ongoing: 16 Jun 17 pages
2844 45 10

Rating: 4

#43 in Others
#11 in Non-fiction
#69 in Young adult
#28 in School


Suicide Love Letters

Fortress Meadow

I decided to write this letter for you because, if I ever die, I want at least a single person to completely know what my secrets are. And I’m choosing you.... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, love letters

Complete 56 pages
6673 190 41

Rating: 20

#70 in Young adult
#64 in Mystery
#19 in Romantic mystery


Poisoned love


This is the story of a Liliana Bread and Ryder Tumblr. Liliana a full of life , a badass girl who love to experience everything . Ryder a handsome, sexy 19 years college hottie who have everything. Liliana is the girl who love challenge and same goes to Ryder. What happened when they cross path ... more info

Story about: heartbreak, guilt, painful love

Ongoing: 20 Jul 1 pages
25 2 0

Rating: 2

#115 in Fantasy
#85 in Young adult


The Perfect 10


Freedom. Just that seven letter word kept Wendy Hilton going every day. She wrapped herself in her mantra, the perfect 10 every day of her life. She wants to live by it, needs her life to be least to the satisfaction of her father. If she could she would be in her garden, engulfe... more info

Story about: family drama, trust, pain

Ongoing: 23 Jul 10 pages
70 17 9

Rating: 2

#89 in Young adult
#38 in School
#479 in Romance
#64 in New Adult & College


Tales Of Fikayo

Mary Open

Fikayo is a Yoruba girl. Read to know her experiences as she goes through the rough phases of her life ... more info

Story about: highschoollove, highschool betrayal secret, teen fiction

Ongoing: 14 Jul 7 pages
37 22 1

Rating: 1

#90 in Young adult
#39 in School
#491 in Romance
#65 in New Adult & College


The Messages Between

Hallie Schlauch

The messages between Alice Maine and Parker Mik during their first meeting to the day they fell in love with each other.... more info

Story about: texting romance, young adult romance, young lovers

Ongoing: 13 Jul 2 pages
290 12 0

Rating: 2

#92 in Young adult


The Journey

Tanaka Mbudzi

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body", they always told me...... didn't b... more info

Story about: based on a true story, death and loss, memoir

Ongoing: 25 Jul 5 pages
57 7 1

Rating: 1

#93 in Young adult
#59 in Short stories


Claire & Ivy


Struggling with adolescence, two friends try and figure out life, love and happiness with the pressure of their future closing in.... more info

Story about: coming of age, drama, romance

Ongoing: 21 Jul 13 pages
127 13 0

Rating: 2

#503 in Romance
#69 in New Adult & College
#94 in Young adult

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