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Only Blue

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Summary When Blue showed up unexpectedly on prom night, Corbyn thought they could finally be together. But after she presents him with a proposition that he turned down with uncompromising resistance. As much as they love each other, she’s not backing down and he isn’t either. With their de... more info

Story about: music, love after heartbreak, college love

Ongoing: 03 Mar 26 pages
1113 152 19

Rating: 21

#9 in Young adult
#264 in Romance
#18 in New Adult & College


Secrets Of The Rich

Thëê Qúéën

The world has different type of people, the rich and the poor, the ones who pretend to be and the ones who embrace what they have. Meet different families where they learn a few things. Things like betrayal exist and how they handle them is all that matters Hope you enjoy... more info

Story about: murder, secrets revealed, friendship loyalty betrayal and revenge

Ongoing: 02 Mar 91 pages
557 53 2

Rating: 7

#38 in Young adult
#13 in School
#63 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Crime fiction




Nothing ... more info

Story about: n

Ongoing: 02 Mar 1 pages
5 0 0

Rating: 0

#114 in Young adult
#4 in Sports


Trust in Love


To live a quiet life away from high society, 14-year old Alex left home & created a new identity. She changed her name as well as her gender.  The catch? She'd lose it all if anyone found out. To prevent this, Alex stayed in the side lines & avoided unnecessary interactions. Her cold deme... more info

Story about: gender bender, comedy, coming of age

Ongoing: 02 Mar 295 pages
2116 25 12

Rating: 4

#906 in Romance
#179 in Contemporary Romance
#69 in Young adult
#27 in School


Once Upon A Stepbrother


Annabelle Davis loves fairytales, they are her escape from reality. But then again, not all fairytales have a happily ever after. ⭒⭒⭒ He was my stepbrother. My best friend. My family. Nothing more. That is, until one stupid night changed everything, and I couldn’t stop thinking ab... more info

Story about: romance, highschool, stepbrother

Ongoing: 02 Mar 80 pages
11091 499 115

Rating: 95

#6 in Young adult
#2 in School


Tee Shirt

Gegi Mei

Hazel Williams is a sweet affable 16-year-old who just started high school. When the people closest to her started dating, she felt left out and alone. Watching her crush with his girlfriend every day wasn't helping either, especially when Theo is her brother's best friend since kindergarten whom... more info

Story about: friendship, coming of age, teenage love

Ongoing: 03 Mar 51 pages
2958 173 46

Rating: 34

#4 in Young adult
#1 in School
#1 in Others
#1 in Humor


Cruel Sacrifices

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien

After committing a murder with her friends, Andrea's only now regretting it. The others don't feel guilty, and they all agree that the crime would never be solved, so they put it all behind them but not for long. A stranger from cyberspace reaches out to Andrea, and her nightmare escalates. A s... more info

Story about: high school drama, serial killers, coming of age

Complete 140 pages
247 15 0

Rating: 0

#133 in Young adult
#74 in Contemporary fiction



Abbas Pen

Find out what happens to Rema in this intriguing book... more info

Story about: rape and justice

Ongoing: 01 Mar 1 pages
7 0 0

Rating: 1

#94 in Young adult
#35 in School


Man Hunter


She is every boys dream. The typical sexy, pretty, rich girl. But, having boys as her friends is not she wanted. Is there someone who have the courage to be friend with her, an opposite sex? How come she hunts men, but she don't like them? Men hunts her and she hunts them. Ready to hunt Ms. Devi Eli... more info

Story about: a girl who is toughen by her situation, friendship and love, fathers absence

Ongoing: 01 Mar 62 pages
445 22 0

Rating: 2

#975 in Romance
#88 in New Adult & College
#73 in Young adult
#30 in School


She's my sister


She's my sister (My twin sister) author - Eniola Prologue My life is such a mess how can someone be this heartless by kidnapping my twin brother in the sake of protecting her marriage Now we are both in love with each other We are twin but got separated by fate but this fate brought u... more info

Story about: college romance

Ongoing: 01 Mar 3 pages
22 1 0

Rating: 1

#58 in Young adult
#23 in School
#150 in Fantasy
#76 in Romantic fantasy


Until the Beautiful Sunset


When it's gone, you know what a gift love is. Astraea Celestine Foreswift loves her family so much, she never decide things on her own. But things got different when she graduated from Arts and design track and started to take a different path far from her family. Out of her comfort zone, she discov... more info

Story about: romance, romance with billionnaire, band gigs

Ongoing: 27 Feb 5 pages
16 1 0

Rating: 0

#1212 in Romance
#119 in Young adult


Don't Touch


Michael spent five years dealing with his disorder: haphephobia. Afraid to be touch. Afraid of stepping out of his home to enjoy a normal life. After moving to a new school, Michael has to challenge himself again from the beginning, but now with help from his new friend Elliot. (Update on Monday and... more info

Story about: mental health, lgbtq, high school

Ongoing: 27 Feb 423 pages
1469 75 3

Rating: 6

#36 in Young adult
#585 in Romance
#16 in LGBT


The diary of a broken girl


Imagine if everything in your life went wrong. that, in a nutshell, is the life of Aileen Taylor. every single bad thing that ever happened to you is just a 4th of what Aileen goes through on a daily basis. beaten and abused ever since she was 6. she never got the chance to know what love is or how... more info

Story about: abuse, finding happiness

Ongoing: 01 Mar 109 pages
39202 907 83

Rating: 105

#10 in Young adult
#3 in School
#296 in Romance
#9 in Inspiration romance


The Angel In Me

Jules Lamptey

Thaliana is a young lady whose birth has been known to have brought tragedy since her mum died during labor. Her dad was believed to have died during a riot five months before her birth and has to endure the tag of a cursed child while she lived in an orphanage. She escaped from the orphanage at the... more info

Story about: billionaire romance and betrayals, lovehate relationship with billionaire, heartbreak forgiveness romance

Ongoing: 28 Feb 88 pages
3897 172 36

Rating: 32

#202 in Romance
#30 in Romantic suspense
#7 in Young adult



Hallie Schlauch

In this modern-day love story, Mae Parsons a rising YouTuber that gets shipped with everyone she collaborates with. When she does the unthinkable and collaborates with a hater, Nikolai Ambrose, it gets a million views. The most views she’s ever gotten. What started out as a not-so-innocent collab ... more info

Story about: romance, enemiestolovers, romance and friendship

Ongoing: 27 Feb 8 pages
50 3 0

Rating: 1

#813 in Romance
#68 in New Adult & College
#59 in Young adult



Sherehan Gamal

The story follows a young woman who’s grown up in a world where acting based on rational thinking isn’t an option. People only do what they love, and makes them happy. Sounds like perfection, doesn’t it? You work the job you love. You pursue your artistic dream freely. You have your loved o... more info

Story about: logic doesn't play a part in this story, a world run by love hate anger

Ongoing: 22 Feb 11 pages
28 6 0

Rating: 1

#1079 in Romance
#204 in Contemporary Romance
#98 in Young adult
#5 in Dystopia


A journey in the train

Avishka Harrish

What happens when a Teenage girl comes face to face with harsh realities of life in the most unexpected situations and with the most unexpected people. Rashi is the only child of her parents . She is bestowed everything , brains , riches . She is a confident strong headed girl who does... more info

Story about: strong girl poverty a victim

Ongoing: 22 Feb 2 pages
23 3 0

Rating: 1

#60 in Young adult
#3 in Dystopia
#19 in Others
#3 in Non-fiction


Alice in Mapleland

Наталия Арчер

Author_Natalia Archer ❤️ First love can come at any time. Especially when you are not looking for it. Alice was not following a white rabbit in a forest, but she was lucky to meet a nice guy in a white sweater, wearing plush reindeer antlers. He can bring her to a real fairytale. Or a nightm... more info

Story about: first love, teen romance, first kiss

Ongoing: 01 Mar 56 pages
1232 33 56

Rating: 30

#35 in Young adult
#8 in Others
#8 in Humor


The Broken Girl

Rameen Rayha

Meet Lucy. A sweet and passionate girl who is traumatized about her past and unable to move on from it. Suffering from depression to panic attacks, she trusts no one after the incident that took place in her life, she isn’t as close to anyone, not even her family because she thinks they wouldn... more info

Story about: family betrayal, lonely

Ongoing: 26 Feb 25 pages
308 11 10

Rating: 1

#174 in Young adult


Bonded by Love


Are Promises always kept ? Is life always the way you dream ? No! things happen when you don't expect but if you believe in love ,they always be there for you. Even if you don't wont them to. Read this story to find out. This is my first book hope you enjoy it.... more info

Story about: first love, hatred to love, heartbreak

Ongoing: 18 Feb 12 pages
241 18 0

Rating: 4

#66 in Young adult
#25 in School
#879 in Romance
#79 in New Adult & College

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